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GEPARD GPR 3D from OKM – Germany is a new type of 3D ground scanners with unique technology and powerful features and performance for all detection applications.

GEPARD GPR use a powerful ground penetrating radar technology that offer great scan depth range that may reach up to 40 meters underground.

GEPARD GPR 3D with its features set, offer for the professional prospectors or even companies or organizations, many practical uses for the detection of underground objects like pipelines, cavities, cables, conduits, tunnels, bunkers and metals.




Gold Star 3D Scanner is a multi-system and multi-purpose metal detector for multiple uses

and applications for beginner and professional prospectors and treasure hunters.

It is the latest release in 2021 from Mega Detection a German company specialized in metal detection devices,

that includes the latest technologies and innovations in the field of metal detection, gold prospecting

and archaeological treasure detection.


EXP 4500 Light is a powerful 3D ground scanner and metal detector with professional features

and great performance in finding all buried archaeological treasures and relics underground.

EXP 4500 Light is a lighter edition in EXP 4500 series but with enough features that meet all needs

and requirements of users from different levels starting from entry-level prospectors to experienced

and professional treasure hunters.

EXP 4500 use a powerful 3D ground scan technology from OKM incorporated into measurement probe (scan sensor)

enabling the user for deep scanning of the ground up to depths that can’t be reached by common metal detectors, also

main benefit for the prospector is a 3D visualization of scan data directly on its screen or it may transfer data

to a computer for in-depth analysis using Visualizer 3D software.


Metal Detectors

Gold Detectors


Bionic X4 OKM gold & metal detector a unique device with

two built-in detection methods to find gold treasures

also precious metals from long distances.

Bionic X4 first detection method is Bionic Detection Method

used to detect all type of buried golden objects independent

of the age of the gold.


Today we are witnessing a real revolution in the world of metal detection, as it is no longer just a hobby for some people, but rather has become a real profession through which a person can achieve many financial gains. But have you ever thought about how this all started? And who made the first metal detector? Today we will take you on a tour through history to discover the development of metal detection through the ages.