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Love of the Goddess

Love of the Goddess

poems dedicated to the love and beauty of the Goddess

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What do I See

When I look into the many hues and shades of green
enhanced with tones of gray and brown sprinkled round
what do I see in that special part of me
that feels the throb of life when my feet touch soft ground?

As I gaze into the changing shades of blue
decorated softly with cottony white shards of feathery cloud
what do I hear in that special part of me
that breathes sweet air to freshen a heart that beats proud?

When I walk into the green and blue tones
and feel the water’s comforting embrace
what do I feel that brings such joy
deep within that very special place?

When I revel at the beauty and love of the Sun’s
life giving fire reflected from the loving face of the Moon
what do I know in that deep mystical place
that generates pure love as I recline in nature’s commune?

I see a beauty and grace possible only of the Great Creator,
hear sounds of love that could be made by no other and
feel the love of my dear Goddess
that I know to be my Mother.


Arenmetia by Jessica Calbreth
Celtic Goddess Collection
Arenmetia - Celtic Goddess of Healing Waters
Jessica Galbreth

-------- My Sister

Come My Sister
----- Come run with me
Across wide green meadows
----- Wild and free
Beneath a clear blue sky!

Come My Sister
----- Let your laughter fill the air
So that all of us
----- Around you can share
Your escape from the lie!

Be Ye bound to no one
----- Like so much chattel
Your body used for breeding
----- Like the rest of his cattle
Maybe to become his prize possession bye and bye!

Your body belongs to The Mother
----- She left it in your care
You make the choice
----- Of with whom to share
Not a jealous God on high!

Come My Sister
----- Come with me
In the silver moonlight
----- You and I to be
With the Queen of Earth and Sky!
------------------------------------------ angel

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