The Truth About the Second Vatican Council

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Vatican II council hijacked by Freemasons, communists and Modernists.

Vatican II - Christopher Ferrara
Second Vatican Council: "John XXIII shocked the world when he announced in 1959 that a council would convene."
Pope John XXIII Regretted Vatican II? Before dying, his last words were: "Stop the council!" [reported by Jean Guitton]
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• Fr. Hesse: Truth about Second Vatican Council *

Pope John XXIII

Revolution and Counter-Revolution, by Atila S. Guimaraes
Explains how conservatives and counter-revolutionaries can work together, in order to fight the evil in the world and in the Catholic Church.

Second Vatican Council • Second Vatican Council: 1962--1965


Liberalism Is A Sin, by Don Felix Sarda y Salvany
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Pascendi Dominici Gregis. Encyclical of Pope Pius X on the Doctrines of the Modernists

Descent of Modernists . . Life Offering -- To the Sacred Heart. A Call to be a Quiet Modern Apostle.

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