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You can be ordinary and still do outstanding work


In 2015 when I heard about Karimul Hak and his work from a friend of mine, I felt an urge to meet this person. One day, I went on to meet him in his village much before he received Padma Shri and much before he became a well-known figure. But I, at once, got hooked to this simple man who did such great work. What amazed me was that despite being a tea garden labourer, he did such an incredible work to help his fellow villagers without thinking much about his own family. After that I started working with him to serve the poor. I made him the brand ambassador of my school which I started in Cooch Behar in 2017. I felt people all over the world should know the story of Karimul Hak which is a living proof that you don’t have to be an extraordinary person to do extraordinary work. You can be ordinary and still do outstanding work for people. His life is an inspiration for all of us. When a tea garden labourer with a meagre monthly salary can undertake such a pathbreaking journey, we all are capable of doing wonders. I began by talking to him, his family members, his close associates, his fellow villagers and other people who knew him well. I also read many newspaper reports about his work and him in the last 10 years. Finally, satisfied with my research on Karimul, that I started writing about the man whom I consider a living legend. It was a tremendous experience getting to know him even closely. To be in contact with a man like him is an honour and a privilege. Working with him was a huge joy and an equally great learning experience. Talking to him and watching him was enriching. You are sure to be moved by this great man when you listen to his stories of serving the poor, his vision and his secular nature.

You can be ordinary and still do outstanding work

It took me 30 years to become a hero


It is never too easy to step out from a larger-than-life character like Lord Ram in a television serial that has been liked and loved by audiences not only in India but in foreign shores too. But one person who has successfully excelled in doing it is From the moment I entered the industry, I have been clear that come whatever may, I’ll only do quality work with talented people from the industry. But then it so happens that when you want to work with creative and best people, it takes some time. I expect 2021 to go great as one of my movies, which we finished it during the lockdown period, from Zee Studio stable, , releases in March. Then there are a couple of independent songs about which I am super-excited though I can’t divulge much details about them right now. Sung by reputed singers and directed by equally talented directors, these too will hit screens in the near future. I have finalised two other projects which will soon set rolling too. In this industry, one needs to keep working to send a me (2008) as a 24-year-old as my maiden project, the writers started thinking about me in the same mold as it happens in most cases. For me as an actor, it was a challenge to come out of this larger-than-life character. I knew I had to keep experimenting and be different in every other project, something which I managed doing in which garnered loads of TRPs. I remember reading an article back then that Debina and I are perhaps the only two actors who haven’t got typecast after playing mythological characters. The reason is that I held bac

took 30 years to become hero