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Archive.org Tutorial 2.0
By Matthew "Darkgreen" Lieberman of the Lieberman Bros.

Here's my quick tutorial for using the wonderous website archive.org. For those of you who do not know what archive.org does, it is a very generous website on which you can store and distribute various files FREE of charge. The file type that mainly concerns us, Brickfilmers, is open source movies, which is exactly what this tutorial was intended for. For more information about Archive.org and what the people there do, check out their forums, their home page, or try contacting them.

Before begining it is recomeded you read through Archive's terms of use, privacy policy, and copyright policy.

1) Click here and get your free library card/account if you have not already done so. Be sure to write down your information (most inportantly your password seeing as it will be needed in the future). Also, for some of these links to work, you must be signed in.

2) Great! You are now a proud member of archive.org. To upload your films there are two different ways; The first, and simpler way, is good ol' fashioned web based upload. Click here and click the browse button on the right. Select the file you wish to upload and press the upload button.

The second choice and the more complex way to upload your films is by using a FTP client, for is neccessary to have one for this choice of uploading. If you do not have a FTP client, please feel free to download this easy to use and FREE unliscensed version of this FTP client, called "Smart FTP" from smartftp.com.

Once you have your FTP client open and ready to go connect to movies-uploads.archive.org on port 21. Enter your Internet Archive username (your email address: yourname@yourmail.com) and password to log in. Make sure the client is in BINARY mode (or at least in automatic mode). Every FTP client is different, but usually this setting is in the connection settings. You now can begin uploading your films and creating directories (folders) for them, which allows multiple file versions on one page. To create a new folder, simply right click and select new > folder. You then can upload your films by also right clicking and selecting upload > direct > select files.

Make sure every movie you upload has a good name. A good name would be something descriptive and unique. Please ensure that an extension is affixed to the file (.mpg, .avi, .mov). Also, make sure that, if you create subdirectories, each file in the directory starts with the same name as the directory (e.g. if your directory is named movie1, make sure the files are called movie1.mpg, movie1.asf, or movie1_256kb.mov). Please note, that the file name can only contain the following characters: A-Z, 0-9, ., and _.

3) Once your uploads are complete, you should process the movie files. Provided your uploads pass initial checks (the file is recognized as a valid movie file), you will be able to import the movies. Importing the movie consists of supplying metadata such as the title, producer, year of production, and other information. Once you submit the form, your movie will be queued for automatic processing. After the processing is complete, your movie will be examined by a curator. When a curator "signs off" on your import, the movie will be moved automatically to its final destination and the movie will be made available to internet users around the world. Please be patient with this, for it may take a few hours, possibly even days, before a curator can get a chance to view for film.

4) To check the status of your uploads, please go to your contributions page.

I appoligize if this tutorial is not perfect, but it will be improved as more is learned about archive.org and suggestions are sent in. If you find any errors or mistakes or don't understand something or have any comments in/about this tutorial please let me know by emailing me at darkgreen99@hotmail.com

Parts of this tutorial are from www.archive.org, Archive.org is to be given full credit for those parts.

Everything else is by Matthew "Darkgreen" Lieberman

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