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All this following information might be way off base, as most of it is what I've been able to put together from the little bits of info that Cyan's released.

Mudpie is what Cyan has codenamed their most recent undertaking.

I've heard the official codename is Parable, but they want the public to continue knowing it as Mudpie.

Mudpie/Parable will be a broadband (ex. Cable, ADSL, Satellite) internet-based world of D'ni.

It appears that a Mudpie/Parable server program will be installed on one of Cyan's internet servers. From what I've collected, players will buy a client program to install on their own computer and, with their cable internet, connect into the server program. The benefit of this, is that Cyan will be able to keep the worlds ever-changing! Since it's server based to start with, they're going to implement a multiplayer capability. So you can see another player walking around! And there will also be the capability for voice chat, along with the option for text chat!

Mudpie will be like any other multiplayer internet roleplaying game, with the need for the users to pay a monthly subscription. (Which is perfectly understandable... they need the stream of money to keep the servers online and the programmers paid.) They said that they want to keep the fee as low as it can be, while making them money. So if they had to hire an extra team to monitor avatars (see below), then the price would go up. (And we, the end-users, don’t want that now do we? :-) So I, personally, will be content with a limited selection of clothing.)

Cyan wants the players to be able to make your own avatars (the person that other players see in the game as you). But they’re concerned about what texture map the user might use for clothing (or lack of clothing). There was a discussion about how Cyan would go about checking the avatars to make sure they were fit for all viewers... and the only way they could keep an eye out for them, was to hire a seperate team just to go through the hundreds of thousands of avatars. Perhaps they’ll have a selection of “clothing” to choose from... of which I don’t have a problem with. Because you can be sure that the clothing that Cyan makes is okay for any age.

There's been a rumor that was circulated that told people that anyone with 3D Studio Max could create their own Ages for Cyan to put in MudPie/Parable. I asked Rawa about that, to see if it was true or not. He said as of now, there is no plans for that to happen and don't hold your breath for anything like that to happen in the future.

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