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Lewis Krauthamer (b. 1982) is a North American composer. Studies in composition at the New England Conservatory with Malcolm Peyton and the Longy School of Music with John Morrison were followed by graduate studies in France. During his time in Europe Lewis Krauthamer studied independently with minimalist composer Tom Johnson. Upon completion of his master's thesis in 2009, entitled "Expression politique dans la musique de Christian Wolff", Lewis Krauthamer obtained a master's degree in musicology at the Université Jean Monnet of Saint Etienne.
Lewis Krauthamer's music has been performed by various soloists and ensembles throughout America and Europe. His music is often inspired by other music of varying genres, particularly North and South American folk and popular musics, often touching upon political and social themes. In this spirit, his scores are not treated as an ultimate ideal, but rather as a point of departure for a collaborative creative process.
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