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when in Argentina, sing as the Argentines don't, Chicago Sun-Times,
10/26/81, 10
Local celebs, Chicago Tribune, 10/26/81,
Local celebs, Chicago Tribune, 2/8/82
Petrulis "spoofs" reality, Berwyn Life, 5/19/82
Petrulis, Kaspa shows on Metrovision, Berwyn Life, 7/4/82
Petrulis has diverse ends seeking meaning, The Life, 9/8/82, 4
the villagers, OL
astronomy and the world of comedy

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an astronomer tackles the music software marketplace, Upbeat magazine, 9/89, 45
Ravinia places Chicago on map for jazz fans, Northwest Leader, 8/3/94
the rockets' red glare proves GALA's still there, OL, 7/3/96, 7
Who is Les Golden?, (full-length feature story) WJ, 4/2/97, 29
Golden memories, (cover story) OL, 7/2/97, p. B3
bombs bursting in air, WJ, 7/7/99, 4
leader of the band helped raise cash (guest essay), OL,
Golden tradition comes to end (article), 7-2-03 OL p. 7
The silence will be Goldens' at this year's 4th of July, 7-2-03 WJ p. 35

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improvising your way to success, Spring magazine, Sept. 1982, 34
the boss is never wrong, Screen magazine, 10/1/84, 19
the perfect cast, Screen magazine, 6/3/91, 12
a film career far (but not removed) from Tinseltown, Compuserve magazine,
8/94, 55
Who is Les Golden?, (full-length feature story) WJ, 4/2/97, 29
subject Les Golden tells more of story (guess essay), WJ, 4/23/97, 24
hoping Les Golden will contribute to Oak Park, WJ, 5/14/97, 21
the Clone Ranger divides again, WJ, 4/1/98, 52
review of Ten Little Indians
review of Stage Struck
review of Taming of the Shrew
Suggestions for Helping Oak Park Festival Theater, WJ

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HUMOR (all at humor articles)

Bring Back the Snowball Fights, WJ, March 27, 2002
Oak Park's Contribution to Elvis' Career, WJ, December 25, 2002
A Holiday for the Rest of Us, Chicago Tribune, March 27, 2002
Little Leslie Asks Tom Why, Chicago Tribune, January 17, 2001
A Millennium Greeting, Chicago Tribune, January 1, 2000
Gavel Travels, WJ, December 6, 2000
Calling Mom From Berts, WJ, September 4, 2002
Understanding Your Property Assessment, WJ, August 14, 2002
Working for the IRS, WJ, February 13, 2002
New School Slate Sounds Like a Hoax, WJ, August 9, 1995
Is Running Bear Really "Cut the Taxes," OL, August 23, 1995
Why we lost (submitted by Bruce, using the pseudonym of B. Rosenbaum), 10-17-03 Chicago Tribune p. 28, section 1
The Clone Ranger divides again (article), 4-1-1998, WJ p. 51
What property is shared by the following words? 10-19-03 Parade Magazine, p. 8
Reader's Choice Awards (favorite candidate for state representative; most widely read columnist/letter-writer), 12-25-02 WJ p. 43

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“Count on Les: The Advantages Of Playing Blackjack Online,” Gambling.com , November/December, p. 30-32, 2006.
“Count on Les: The Quantum-Mechanical and Hyper-Probabilistic Canonical Game Theory of Recursive Flatulant Binomial Kwxz-Conjunctivitis,” Gambling.com , January/February, p. 30-33, 2007.
“Count on Les: How Card Counters Decide to Split Pairs,” Gambling.com , March/April, p. 30-32, 2007.
“Double, Double, Toil and Trouble: How Card Counters Decide to Double Down,” Gambling.com , May/June, p. 38-40, 2007.
“Systems That Don’t Work,” Gambling.com , September/October, p. 38-41, 2007.
“Chicago,” Gambling.com , September/October, p. 80-84, 2007.
“Introducing Dumbo Craps: The Newest, Hottest Game in Town,” Gambling.com , January/February, p. 25-29, 2008.
“Card Counter Camouflage: Relativistic and Quantum Mechanical High-Tech Devices in Card Counting,” Gambling.com , March/April, p. 27-31, 2008.
“The Saga of Les and Moe,” Gambling.com , May/June, p. 24-27, 2008.
“The Statistical Approach to Wall Street Bingo and Other Casino Games,” Bluff Europe , November, p. 84-85, 2008.
“Hybrids Aren't Just for Sissies Anymore,” Bluff Europe , February, p. 84-85, 2009.
“Loaded Dice and Other Inebriates You May Meet at Bars,” Bluff Europe , March, p. 86-87, 2009.
“Loaded Dice. Quality Control in Vegas Basements,” Bluff Europe , April, p. 88-89, 2009.
“Loaded Dice. Now Playing: Central Limit Theorem Battles Loaded Dice!,” Bluff Europe , May, p. 86-87, 2009.
“Teeming With Teams,” Bluff Europe , June, p. 82-84, 2009.
“Of Parities and Pies,” Bluff Europe , July, p. 84-85, 2009.
“What’s This Fly Doing In My Vodka? -- Team Blackjack Part 3,” Bluff Europe , August, p. 94-95, 2009.
“The Basics of Blackjack,” Gambling Online , August, p. 64-65, 2009.
“Ancient Secrets of Blackjack Discovered,” Gambling Online , September, pg 70, 2009.
“Room With A Rue: How To Detect A Crooked Roulette Wheel,” Bluff Europe , September, p. 86-87, 2009.
“Einstein’s Least Favorite Casino Game,” Bluff Europe , October, p. 84-85, 2009.
“Vodka Can Make You Tilt: How You Can Win At Roulette,” Bluff Europe , November, p. 90-92, 2009.
“With The Tips In This Article You’ll Become Wealthy Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!,” Bluff Europe , December, p. 90-92, 2009.
“Beginners in the Casino: Camouflaging Team Roulette,” Bluff Europe , January, p. 90-9, 2010.
“Systems, Bluffs, and Golfers in the Rough,” Bluff Europe , February, p. 90-9, 2010.
“Why The World Needs A 6-Dimensional Roulette Wheel,” Bluff Europe , March, p. 86-87, 2010.
“Venusian Casino Junkets,” Bluff Europe , April, p. 86-87, 2010.
“Why Counters Don’t Like Shoes,” Bluff Europe , May, p. 88-89, 2010.
“Countering the Casino Countering of Counters: The Golden Diagram to the Rescue,” Bluff Europe , June, p. 84-85, 2010.
“Check Out My Camouflaged Abs,” Bluff Europe , July, p. 92-93, 2010.
“The Great Shuffle-Up Caper,” Bluff Europe , August, p. 88-89, 2010.
“I’ll Show You My System If You Show Me Yours,” Bluff Europe , September, p. 90-91, 2010.
“So, Do You Feel Lucky, Punk. Well, Do ‘Ya? ,” Bluff Europe , October, p. 88-89, 2010.
“Yonder Lies the Castle of my Fodder,” Bluff Europe , November, p. 90-91, 2010.
“The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain”: Camouflage by Status,” Bluff Europe , December, p. 90-91, 2010.
“Quick Counting to Quick Profits,” Bluff Europe , January, p. 90-91, 2011.
“Practice Makes Perfet,” Bluff Europe , February, p. 90-91, 2011.
“Trust Me: An Undetectable Winning System For Blackjack! ,” Bluff Europe , March, p. 94-95, 2011.
“Stepping Out With My Baby: The Stepwise Betting Strategy,” Bluff Europe , April, p. 92-93, 2011.
“These Foolish Swings Remind Me of ... ,” Bluff Europe , May, p. 92-93, 2011.

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Some of Les' Editorial Cartoons
editorial cartoon: Your new Oak Park library, 9-24-03 WJ p. 25
editorial cartoon: Candidate Forum, 3-17-03 WJ p. 32

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Re search Publications
Rosary prof makes stars come to life for "ET" class, Suburban Sun-Times,
7/1/83, West 14
people focuses on fellow who makes ETs his specialty, WJ, 11/16/83
Halley's comet, alien life highlight astronomer's talk, Harlem-Irving
Times, 3/12/84, 3
a close look at some way-out ETs, Weekend World, 12/20/85, 2
comet explored, OL, 5/7/86,
near-earth asteroid project, Astronomy magazine, , 2
CB as a channel for discovery, Compuserve magazine, 18
Hale Bopp in OL
Physics sails the world as a shipboard professor, UIC NEWS, 4/30/97
Who is Les Golden?, (full-length feature story) WJ, 4/2/97, 29

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residents want students to pull weeds in parks, OL, 5/29/91, 8
"dandelion dig" idea blooming, WJ, 5/29/91, 7
parks ban pesticides for 1991, WJ, 4/24/91, 1
weed free parks (editorial), OL, 5/29/91,
parks lead on pesticides, WJ, 5/29/91, 16
Kudos to Park Board for Reforms
CARE Party Majority Bans Pesticides in Parks
CARE President Les Golden Suggests Weed Pulling Alternative to Pesticides
hey Sylvestri, save our furry and feathered friends (letter) WJ, 10/25/00, p. 34
it's not easy being green, but here are a few ideas (letter) WJ, 4/11/01, p. 40
Trailside needs a champion (editorial), WJ, 11/1/00, p.32
Les "Cut the Roadkill" Golden says slows down! (letter), WJ, 4/19/00, p.25
Silvestri responds to Golden, Trailside (column), WJ, 11/1/00, p.2
Les Golden and the Mann School dumpster (column), WJ, 11/1/00, p.2
How You can Stop Dog Fighting
What to Do If You Find an Injured or Orphaned Animal -- Contact List
Les' Campaign to Reform Trailside Museum
How You Can Stop Roadkill
Build Fences BEFORE Construction to Prevent Roadkill
How You Can Stop Roadkill
How to Help the Environment and our Wildlife
"Reunion" show: not just infantile, but eco-unfriendly, WJ, 1/29/2003, p. 27
Slow down and save wildlife, 10-1-03 OL p. 21
Saving wildlife would be easier with a real dog park, 7-23-03 WJ p. 25

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(all at
Letters to the Editor about Les)
Graham: another political hack doing what she's told, 10-2-02 WJ p. 38
William Shafer, WJ, October 9, 2002: Golden Has By Far the Best Credentials
Joyce Porter (Festival Theater), WJ, October 16, 2002: Applauds Golden's Arts Center Proposal
Diana Maduros,WJ, October 16, 2002: Don't Hold the Republican Label Against Golden
Miss Mexico-Chicago, WJ, October 23, 2002: Les a Concerned UIC Professor of Physics
Susan Helfer, WJ, October 23, 2002: Golden Has the Ability to Lead the 78th
Lynn Totzke, WJ, October 30, 2002: Electing Les Will Mean a Golden Era for OP/RF
Cal Greene, WJ, October 30, 2002: This Democrat is Voting for Les Golden
Carla Saravia, WJ, October 30, 2002: A Golden Poem to the Editor
Jackie & Art Skwerski, WJ, October 30, 2002: Vote for Cut the Taxes - He'll Do Just That
Scott Drews, WJ, October 30, 2002: Why I Don't Trust Les Golden's Opponent
Corey Gimbel, November 6, 2002: Les Would Be An Extremely Articulate Voice for OP/RF

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wide range of political interests on CARE board, WJ, 9/30/87, 3
200 turn out at CARE tax forum, WJ, 10/7/87
CARE tax forum adds speakers, WJ, 9/9/87, 9
Who CAREs? Oak Park's grassroots withering (opinion), WJ, 11/30/88, 4
CARE rejects dist. 97 hikes as too costly, WJ, 3/8/89, 7
CARE tax fight angers realty board, WJ, 3/22/89, 9
VOTE back pedals on house sale figures, OL, 3/22/89, 5
CARE joins school board fray, WJ, 7/31/89, 1
CARE tries to seek new identity, OL, 10/11/89, 7
CARE endorsements have defeat the "incumbent" goal (guest essay), WJ,
10/31/90, 21
CARE challenges shake up village races, WJ, 2/6/91, 1
CARE: a party in search of an image, OL, 8/14/91, 8
CARE offers "snake oil" not real school solutions, WJ, 9/4/91, 19
CARE party makes a case for recognition (guest essay), WJ, 12/11/91, 36
big holiday gift, WJ, 12/4/91, 22
CARE party plans full April slate, WJ, 8/26/92, 3
citing "time for change," CARE elects new leaders, WJ, 1/13/93, 11
CARE tells plan to trim deficit, OL, 2/24/93, 9
from videotapes to faxes, groups trying to win over the voters, Chicago
Tribune, 11/4/91, Chicagoland, 1
CARE just resting, WJ, 2/8/95, 7
Who is Les Golden?, (full-length feature story) WJ, 4/2/97, 29

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Park hike taxes as public complains, WJ, 9/9/87,
circus (editorial), OL

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teacher retention poor despite good pay (guest essay), WJ, 6/6/90, 37
dist. 97 overspends - but never on kids (guest essay), WJ, 8/12/92, 21
put administrators in school buildings (guess essay), OL, 6/16/99, 25
Here's why Oak Park should retain the legacy of Emerson, 11-20-02 WJ p. 46

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"Express" line remedy, Chicago Tribune, 6/17/84, Perspective, 2
MB church should help Austin community first, WJ, 1/27/88, 17
what's next? the ultimate newsletter (guest essay), WJ, 6/29/88, 34
the main issues are human dignity and AIDS (guest essay), WJ, 12/13/89,
monkey business, Times, 1/9/92
voters questions 911 expenditure proposal, WJ, 10/31/90, 9
Philbin should lead on Triton (guest essay), OL, 6/17/92, 23
Oak Park subsidizing other library systems: CARE, WJ, 10/14/92, 8
Oak Parkers debate gay mates' rights, Chicago Sun-Times, 4/19/94, 6
getting around, Chicago Tribune, 3/7/94, Chicagoland, 1
loud protest trails quiet passage of tax cap bill, Kane County Chronicle,
7/7/95, 1
Who is Les Golden?, (full-length feature story) WJ, 4/2/97, 29
Where are all the candidates?, WJ, 9/3/97, 4
officially "Cut-the-Taxes," WJ, 3/11/98, 35
hey buddy, you got a license for that?, WJ, 12/16/98, 4
opposition to board in retreat, WJ, 2/10/99, 1
letter about Mann school diversion
Dan Haley concerning CURE party (TURF)and Les Golden
it wouldn't cost that much to plow sidewalks (letter) WJ, 1/17/01, p. 28
let the township use the library space (letter) WJ, 2/21/01, p. 31
a holiday for the rest of use (letter) Chicago Tribune, 2/21/01, 22
Hail to Oak Park's chiefs, WJ, 11/27/02, p. 23
Berkshire one-way is major problem, 7-30-03 OL p. 21
Honor the greats among us while they're still among us, 6-19-02 WJ p. 34

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Journal sugar coats property tax pain to villagers (guest essay), WJ, 9/27/89, p. 35
high taxes in Oak Park help outs our businesses (guest essay), WJ, 12/12/90, p.36
Why cut the taxes, Les, when you can do it even more? (letter by another writer), 11-5-03 WJ p. 23
The cost of quality of life? Just look at your tax bill (letter from another writer), 10-8-03 WJ p.33
Petition seeks to have voters decide on District 97 bond (article), 7-30-03 OL p. 11
Bond sale petition drive falls short (article), 8-6-03 OL p. 7
"$10,000 Club" likely to grow with taxes, 8-10-03 OL p. 21
Taxpayers should come to village hall Thursday night, 9-24-03 WJ p. 25
Experts offer free help on lowering taxes, (article) 9-24-03 OL p. 8
Tax protest set for Thursday (article), 9-24-03 OL p. 32
Oak Park's rising taxes challenged, 9-29-03 Chicago Tribune p.3 Metro Section
What can you do with drunken-sailor spending? 10-8-03 WJ p. 43
Repealing home rule would limit village's taxing power, 11-5-03 WJ p. 30
Fifty cents right now could reduce your taxes later on, 10-15-03 WJ p. 37
Property tax rally draws 150 homeowners (article), 10-1-03 OL p. 5, (cover story)
Be afraid. Be very afraid, 10-29-03 WJ p. 41
Property taxes spook residents, Les B. Holden, 10-29-03 WJ p. 42
If only they had seen what was coming (column by Ken Trainor), 10-29-03 WJ p. 43

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turn Stankus Hole into garden center (guest essay), OL
Fill Stankus Hole with restaurants (guess essay), OL 5/16/84, p.21
Stankus Hole
fill the Stankus Hole with public's gardens (guest essay), WJ, 3/28/84
for the future, a restaurant park for the Stankus Hole (guest essay), WJ, 4/11/84
Pleasant Home (guest essay), OL, 7/31/91, p. 21
Pleasant Home: here's a worthwhile gamble (guest essay), OL 7/31/92, p. 21
casino gambling? maybe, but not at Pleasant Home, WJ, 5/24/95, p. 31
odds against a casino plan for Pleasant Home, WJ, 5/10/95, p. 4
restau rant park suggested for Holley Court, OL
apartm ent complex not only suggestion for Holley site, WJ
villag e studies Holley proposals, OL, 10/30/02
Les Golden's restaurant park among competing Holley proposals, WJ, 11/6/02

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All Shrubtown strips featuring Moe Silver

Shrubtown, WJ, 7/24/91,
Shrubtown, WJ, 8/14/91,
Shrubtown, WJ, 8/21/91,
Shrubtown, WJ, 8/28/91,
Shrubtown, WJ, 8/11/93, 22
Shrubtown, WJ, 8/12/92, 24
Shrubtown, WJ, 7/31/91,
Shrubtown, WJ, 8/ /91

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CARE's Golden in GOP primary, OL, 2/5/92, 9
Golden, Saviano spar on issues, OL, 3/4/92, 8
CARE chair battles Leyden supervisor for GOP 77th House District
nomination, WJ, 3/4/92, 9


when it comes to running for OPRF school board, silence must be Golden, WJ,
8/23/95, 4
is Runningbear really "Cut the Taxes"?, OL, 8/23/95, 13
Golden makes it 11 vying for OPRF board, WJ, 8/30/95, 11
Golden's high school board candidacy challenged, WJ, 9/6/95, 1
two OPRF board candidacies theatened, WJ, 9/13/95, 3
decision due Thursday on District 200 challenge, OL, 9/13/95, 13
Avers off OPRF ballot; Golden's fate in the balance, WJ, 9/20/95, 9
Avers knocked off ballot; decision today on Golden, OL, 9/20/95, 13
silence not Golden: aspiring local politico a man of many names, faces, WJ, 9/20/95, 4
"Cut the Taxes" bounced off OPRF board, WJ, 9/27/95, 3
petition battles sour elections (editorial), WJ, 9/27/95, 30
Golden tossed off ballot on "Cut the Taxes" handle, OL, 9/27/95, 14
inaccuracy, inaccuracy, everywhere's innaccuracy, WJ, 10/18/95, 26
Les "Cut the Taxes" Golden booted off school ballot, Tax News, Fall 1995, 9
Eric Zorn -- This candidate is a "Cut the Taxes" above the rest, Chicago Tribune, 10/3/95, Metrowest, 1
just what OPRF needs - a clown campaign, WJ, 10/4/95, 35
Golden files suit to get back on high school board ballot, WJ, 10/4/95, 5
a tax story that's golden, WJ, 11/1/95, 35


"Cut the Taxes" seizes a golden opportunity to run for Congress, WJ, 12/20/95, 12
who's who for Congress (editorial), OL, 12/27/95, 16
four Oak Parkers among Congressional hopefuls, OL, 12/20/95, 11
Golden appeals ballot ruling, OL, 3/6/96, 11


GOP slates Golden to run for State Rep, OL, 7/3/96, 10
meet the 8th House candidates, OL, 10/9/96, 8
Giles to face absent candidate Nov. 5, OL, 10/9/96, 8


fight brewing over library board ballots, WJ, 1/29/97, 11
"Cut the Taxes" returns so do petition challenge, OL, 2/5/97, 14
"binder check" eyed in OP library board race, WJ, 2/5/97, 13
Golden gets the boot from library board ballot, WJ, 2/12/97, 8
Golden to run as write-in, OL, 3/19/97, 9
legislature re school funding


Special election or not, taxpayers will pay (article), 7-31-02 WJ p. 11 Cut the Taxes is Back, WJ
Cook County Clerk Fights "Cut the Taxes" Nickname Ruling, OL, October 16, 2002
Will Cut-the-Taxes Make the Cut?, WJ, October 16, 2002
Candidates Win Ballot Name Game, Chicago Tribune, October 23, 2002
"Cut the Taxes" Omission No Reason to Throw Out Ballots, WJ, November 6, 2002
Habla Usted Espanol? -- Les Golden Does, WJ, October 9, 2002
My Victory is One for Our Constitution, WJ, October 30, 2002

(all at parks articles)

Les Golden mulls run, maybe park board,maybe village board, maybe nothing, WJ, 1/8/2003, p. 6 Golden will run for park board, WJ, 1/22/2003, p. 11
Les for park board (column by Jack Crowe), WJ, 1/29/2003, p. 26
Nickname recognition, WJ, 1/29/2003, p.2
Challenge to C.T.T. on the ballot, WJ, 2/5/2003
Challenge to C.T.T. on the ballot, OL, 2/5/2003
Golden's middle name suits ballot to a "C" (article), 2-26-03 WJ p. 19
How to turn the Barrie negative into a positive, 2-26-03 WJ p. 23

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