Dragonheart's Den

Merry Meet to all those who have come to my site.

(6/26/03)I have added Dark ANKH finally to the Stories section.
(7/04/03)Added more pics to my friends gallery.

This page is dedicated to my friends and family. They have been there for me through thick and thin. Without their support I would not be where I am today. I hope all of you enjoy it.

Ok, here's the rundown of what's here. First and most important to me is Jay's Memorial. This is of course dedicated to my dear father who passed away on January 14th 2000. It'll be about him and his life,(what I know), and some pics. Then there will be a section on Paganism and a BOS and some neat Pagan links. This being a dragon lover's site I will of course have some neat Dragon Stuff. Then will be my favorite link. Pictures of those I love, my friends, (old and new), and my family. Next will be my Stories and Writings where I shall put stuff I have created over the years and poems from friends. I also added Mindless Ramblings section, which basically is just a bunch of funny and cool quotes from books, movies, bumper stickers, songs, and tee shirts that I like alot. And what would a web site be without the ever-present Cool Sites link, sign my Guestbooklink, or just see what people have to Say., and of course the E-Mail me link. I really hope you all enjoy this site and all that it contains. Thank-you for coming and Blessed Be.

Merry Part. Dragonheart.

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