CSN 1975 Concerts

Compiled by Dean A. "Doc" Dunn from:
  • "Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Visual Documentary," by Johnny Rogan (1996), Omnibus Press
  • "Ghosts on the Road," by Pete Long (1996), The Old Homestead Press
  • "Neil Young, The Visual Documentary," by John Robertson (1994), Omnibus Press
  • The Crosby/Nash Website

    Date: Venue: City:
    1975 Crosby/Nash Acoustic Tour
    August 14 Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, CA
    15 Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, CA
    16 Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, CA
    17 Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, CA
    26 Tower Theater Philadelphia, PA
    27 Tower Theater Philadelphia, PA
    29 Tanglewood Music Center Lenox, MA
    30 Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia, MD
    September 1 Pine Knob Troy, MI
    2 Blossom Center Akron, OH
    3 Chicago Auditorium Theater Chicago, IL
    5 Garden State Music Center Holmdel, NJ
    7 Beacon Theater New York City
    8 Beacon Theater New York City
    October 13 Greek Theater Berkeley, CA
    14 County Bowl Santa Barbara, CA
    Crosby/Nash Electric Tour
    October 10 Wiliam and Mary College Williamsburg, VA
    11 Georgetown University Washington, DC
    12 Georgetown University Washington, DC
    15 Western Illinois University Macomb, IL
    17 University of Illinois Champaign, IL
    18 Ohio University Oxford, OH
    21 Boston Music Hall Boston, MA
    22 Civic Center Springfield, MA
    24 Purdue University Lafayette, IN
    25 Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL
    28 Moody College Dallas, TX
    29 Houston, TX
    31 Jai Alai Fronton Miami, FL
    November 1 St. Petersburg, FL
    2 University of Florida Gainesville, FL
    5 Atlanta, GA
    7 Erie, PA
    8 Notre Dame University South Bend, IN
    9 Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, MI
    11 Carnegie-Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA
    13 Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, OH
    14 Central Michigan University Mt. Pleasant, MI
    15 Wings Stadium Kalamazoo, MI
    21 Zellerbach Auditorium Berkeley, CA
    22 Zellerbach Auditorium Berkeley, CA
    23 Zellerbach Auditorium Berkeley, CA
    24 Zellerbach Auditorium Berkeley, CA
    26 with Carole King
    Anaheim Convention Center
    Anaheim, CA

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