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Welcome to the Class of '71 web site. It has been created so that those in the class can easily access and distribute information among ourselves from any location around the world.  Please log in with an e-mail when you are finished, so that we may know how many people have been reached.  It may take a moment for four photos to load.

30 year reunion photos

Thanks to Carl Davaz

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Melissa Etheridge
For those people looking for information on the singer, she was a mere 10 years old in 1971.  However, her father, John, taught and coached many people in this class. 
Her web site is the best place for information.
There have been four reunions since graduation;  in 1981, 1991, 1996, and 2001.   We started a database of addresses some years ago with the combined list of students from the graduation night program and the yearbook, a total of 419 people.  We have maintained the database over the years, but is has become less accurate with each passing year.  Many people have moved, but we have had no way to be informed. 
To send information for reunions, the most recent address known at the time was used.  Many times mail was sent to parents or siblings,  in hopes of making a connection.  Often, mail was returned as undeliverable without a forwarding address, and we had no way to update information. The cost of postage has become expensive to send mail to incorrect locations, only to be returned.   Now, with this web site and searches available on the internet,  we hope to find lost classmates, and keep the database updated for this reunion. This central site should allow the opportunity to easily notify someone of a new address.

Currently, this site has three sections.  The first is a listing of students that we have an address for. These were used for the 30 year reunion.   I will not post mailing addresses or phone numbers to this site, because of privacy issues.  However, I would like to link to your e-mail or web page so your friends may contact you.  Notify me of your e-mail address and I will create the link. Do you want the address of someone specific?  E-mail me and I will send it, if you identify yourself.  If you did not receive mail for the 30 year reunion we do not have your address on file.   Should you wish to confirm we have the right one, contact me.  What is the picture??  H.G. Wells time machine.
The last section contains pictures from the 10 year, 20 year, 25 year, and 30 year reunions.

No doubt, the web address will change some day.  Regardless of URL, the keyword will always be "Leavenworth High School", and is now in the Infoseek,Lycos, Yahoo, and Alta Vista search engines.  Also, it is linked in the Leavenworth web site.  Because of anticipated future changes, check occasionally to find new items. Also, please pass along your comments and suggestions.  Finally, because there is no way to advertise this site other than what is being done, tell those you know about it.

We have an address for these people:

Ala Eva L
Alexander Barbara A
Alexander Deborah
Allen Catherine (Kaki) G
Allison Joan E
Anderson Carol L
Arnold Pamela G
Arnold Gail E
Arnold Paul N
Asher Danny
Ault Mark W
Baeuchle Paul H
Baker Susan M
Ballou DeForrest
Bartholdt Mardi B
Bass Vickie
Bauereis David L
Baugher David R
Beil Steve J
Bender Tommy W
Bennetts Paul S
Berry Barbara E
Biddle Sadie M
Biggs Bryan E
Boeppler Jan  L
Bogner Paul
Bogner Mike A
Boyer Susan
Boyer Jenny A
Boyle Bernard W
Bradley Gary E
Breeden Randy K
Brown Tom E
Brown Keith A
Brown Dorothy E
Brundy Mike J
Bruno Mary
Bryan Paula
Buff David S
Burgess Annie
Cade Norman C
Chartier David L
Clark John W
Collins Ralph
Conkey Anna M
Cotton C Brenda
Cox Judy  L
Crabtree J Jolene
Cune Stuart R
Cune Pamela J
Damon Jackie O
Davaz Carl G
Delaney Kathy M
Denney Bill E
Denny Barbara L
DeVilbiss Melvin L
Doerr Robert E
Dolsberry Debra J
Donahue Sharron D
Douglas Daytha D
Drews Gary L
Dunlap Jerry
Edwards Tamara B
Evans Gary R
Ford Karen R
French Roberta J
Frishman Susan L
Fryman Lawrence
 Garsow Tom F
Gaskins Sharon K
Gassen Kevin J
Gauger Gregory A
Gillespie Robert
Goodwin Debra K

Gomes Anna
Green Shirley A
Greenwood Vickie L
Grieshaber Cynthia A
Gurss Janet M
Gwartney Sharon L
Hancock Susie M
Hardeman Pat K
Hawkins Arthur E
Hein Eileen V
Heincker Linda L
Heintzelman James L
Helmlinger Teresa A
Hendrix Charles C
Henley Bill R
Henry Cindy
Henshaw Jerry L
Hensler Mystie Z
Hill Robin L
Holloway Bruce
Howard Danny L
Howard Timmy L
Hughes Robert A
Huhn Mary Ann
Hutchinson Gary L
Hyde Matthew
Jackson Phyllis S
Jaster Nancy T
Jenkins Christine
Jenkins Paul W
Jetter Ann M
Jobe Steven J
Johnson Beatrice A
Johnson Jerry
Jones Karilyn  K
Joyce Deborah L
Kasson Michael L

Kennedy E Vicky
Kinworthy Mitchell
Kisker Steve E
Koch Sylvia A
Kolb Therese J
Kozak Kate G
Kroll John
Kukuk Susan L
LaCicero Joe M
Lallier Steve E
Lancaster JoRene
Larkin Barbara
Lee William L
Lee James
Leffingwell Laurie L
Liebeno Laurie A
Lohman Dennis
Ludwig Kathryn A
Marsh David A
Martens Cindy J
Masterson Lisa J
Mathis Rosemary
Maxwell Sandy M
McClaughlin Debbie
McGee Mary Beth
McGuire Marc B
McLeod Barry L
Mensch Steve D
Merritt Dick C
Meyer Doug C
Miller Debbie J
Mitchell Melinda J
Mitchell Melissa J
Munson Sally
Meyer Janelle
Meyers Robert A
Millener Steve C
Miller Anita  M
Mustard Neal M
Needham Jeff R
Nelson Karen J
Nelson Lawrence S
Nietzke Paul K
Oliver Lou Ann
Overfield Garold W
 Pentecost Terry E
Philbrook Dick L
Pike Janet M
Polley David J
Potter Joan
Potts Wesley F
Powers David H
Pursell Jenny E
Rawlings Mike
Rickett William R
Rodgers Jessie M
Rodriquez Sandra L
Scarborough Tom E
Schermbeck Robert H
Schimke Todd T
Schultz Mary Ann
Shaver Dena M
Sievers Sue Ann
Simpson Robert A
Smith Dale M
Smith Chuck C
Spenser Richard W
Spindler Jayna L
Stafford Christy L
Staley Sally  L
Sullivan Dennis W
Summers Gary R
Theel Gwen  M
Thomas J Harold
Thorpe Constance
Thurber Lori F
Tripp Ken L
Turner Patsy D
Urban Jeanne
Van Horn Mike O
Vandruff William G
Vandruff Keith
Waite Michael J
Wallace Marva D
Watkins Jane S
Watts Chris H
Weathers Torsha L
Weathers Nathaniel
Welch Teresa F
Wells Marilyn M
 Weyer Paul A
Wiley Kevin D
Williams Therese L
Williford David J
Winfield Jim R
Winstead Wally  K
Wise Rhonda S
Wiseman Donald E
Wiseman Larry D
Yinger Stanley M
Young Deborah A

We don't know how to contact these individuals:

Aaron Linda A
Abreu A. Roberto
Adaif Alan
Adams Kevin J
Adams Wanda K
Allan Kristine

Anderson Vernon
Armstrong Debbie
Bear David A
Bice Martha A
Blaser Jack E
Bogner Mary M
Borst Debra L
Bovetz Viola K
Bradley Debra R
Brooks Harry C
Brushwood Penny L
Burnett Harry
Butler Mark  E
Cain Rhonda F
Caldwell Annabelle
Cannon Pamela O
Carmichael C Gary
Carnoali Martha J
Cassell Clifford K
Cenac David M
Chapman Dennis K
Chapman David W
Christenson Mary A
Clark Bruce E
Clevenger Roy  E
Clough Doris A
Coleman Carolyn K
Colon Douglas
Colston Hosea L
Combs Candi
Constance Douglas H
Cook Charles R
Correa Alberto
Crompton William B
Cunningham David B
Dancer Delores R
Daniel Dave T
Dawson Jill D
DeBlois Barbara A
Dillon Patricia A
Donahue Charles M

Donoho Dave
Dorsey Helen L
Drury Kathleen A
Ebel Debra J
Edmonds Kathy A
Edwards B Michelle
Elcock Paul
Emler Sandra L
Enloe Craig
Esher R Mark
Floria Margaret C
Forsberg Debbie M
Fouts John A
Fraker Stephanie D
Fulk Danny L
Gallagher Daniel G
Gartz Gail M
Gatewood Mary R
Gauger Debra K
Geddes Jody
Giles Charles A
Gloor Charles M
Gulick Bill C
Hall Christine
Hermann Patricia A
Highfill George E
Hill Steve
Hill Tommy A
Himes Karen J
Hofstra David C
Howell Darcy L
James Bonnie
Jenanyan Sheila K
Jones Elizabeth M
Kelly Barbara E
Kenyon Marty L
Kessler Karen L
King Joyce M
Kinney Michelle A
Kloster Vickie P
Kopp Deborah S
Kosakowski Rita J
Kreutzer Ralph R
Krueger Debbie J
Lamb Wayne A
Lamb Frank I
Land Linda S
Lang Margarita
Lange Gary A
Layne Lamont
Leao Maria A
Ledet Blair J
Leu Christopher J
Leu Mike A
Link Thomas H
Loar Therese A
Long Donna
Lott Pamela
Mandersheid Kathy
Marshall Gayle M
Martin Joanne
Mathis Vincenta
Mayhugh Donald W
McCarthy Ann D
McCrea Terry Y
McLeod Ricky L
McNett Phyllis E
Messinger Richard E
Miller David E
Mitchell Dwayne F
Mohan Joann
Morrison Cindy M
Mulvaney Mary E
Mundt Stephen D
Nichols Jerry L
Noll Joyce K
Oatney David M
ODonnell Jerry L
Olson Gary G
Page Kenneth L
Parks Nancy Jane
Parr Mary Ann
Parsons Kathy L
Payne Ann F
Perrin Joyce A
Perry Lorenzo R
Peterson Brad
Quinn Don
Pizzini Anna M
Polczyski Richard L
Proietto Randy A
Raub David A
Raymond Victoria C
Rhoades Candance M
Riggs Jeanette M
Roberts Cathy L
Rogacki Mary
Rousseau D Charmaine
Russell Karl
Saulter Larry D
Schultz Debra S
Schultz Richard
Scott Linda K
Senfft Oscar E
Shelton Mary L
Simmons Vicky A
Simpson Judy J
Skaggs Sandy N
Sloan Debbie M
Smith Claudia J
Smith Douglas L
Smith Mary J
Smith Ricky L
Sowter Michael S
Stoudemire James M
Stroble C Pat
Swann Sarah A
Swisher Donna M
Taylor Eleanor K
Taylor Matthew E
Teymoori Ellahe
Thomas Larry D
Thomas L Marty
Tingle Patricia A
Tolbert Pamela D
Tolbert Marilyn
Tripp Linda
Umsheid Sam A
Upchurch Mike E
Vanderstaay James L
VanNorsdall Danalee
Vanwey Bob A
Varner Annetta M
Visser Joel
Wahler Randy
Wallace Diane
Wallace Sharon F
Ward Michelle D
Wardlaw Susan W
Watt Bruce D
Wehking Patricia
Welday Alan
Wenzel Woods Jack
Westenberger Melvin T
Williams Charles
Williams Michael
Williams Nile E
Williams Ruth A
Winkler Lynn
Wolfe Susan
Zia Shahriar
Zink Billy Jan



30 Year Reunion

Front l to r: unk, Denny, Philbrook, unk, Bryan, unk, Turner, Brundy.
Kneeling:  Mitchell, unk, Jenkins
Standing :  Damon, unk, Arnold, unk, Potts, Summers, Gwartney, Beauchle, Hancock, unk, Miller, Burgessl, Mitchell, Nelson, Maxwell, Greenwood., Wiseman
Rear : Unk,  Parr, Henshaw, VanHorn, Buff, Asher, Polz, Brown, Arnold, Davaz, Lallier

25 Year Reunion


20 Year Reunion


10 Year Reunion


[email protected]

Persons graduating in years other than 1971 have asked me to do a web site for them.  Although I can't do that,  I can act as a clearinghouse for names to be passed on.  If you want your name listed here, send your nameand year of graduation.  If you can help find someone else, please pass the information along.  And this site is free!!

James Schroeder
Neal B Spence
1965 1966 1969
John Nelson
Bob Perry
Monica Perry Moles Patti Sheeds Wilson
1970 1972 1973
Cheryl Bath
Howard Dew
Mauricio Gomes
Bruce Harrod
Lois Jackson
Earl King
Doug Ratcliff
Bill Munson
Carrie J Sheridan

Jay Battenburg
Christine McLaurin-Tatum
Gary Robinson
Paul Hutchins
Lesli Overfield
Luis Quiles
Doug Sprowls
Rose-Marlene Whorton Lytle
Kristin Weeks
Paula Willet
 Chris Kasson Berres
Mark Klotz
Betty LaCicero
Sam Oliver
Kay Winfield
Beverly Smith Womack
Lori Miller
Rosemary Lee Thrailkill
Gabriela Brown
Andrew Brown
Leslie McArdle
Karen Elcock
Don Jenkins
John Myrah
Peter Trexlor
Cathy Davis White
 Monica Trexler
Lisa Hedrick
Gwendolyn R Perry
Lucy Hedrick Wells
 Leah Robinson
Jeff Gerleman
Martha Jenkins
Kathy Berke Salzsieder
Susan Leonhard
Laura Singer Sather
Dieter Naf
Karen Johnson Depreist
Marilyn H. Jenkins
Clay Leonhard
 Steve Simpson 
 Holly Sheborn Whitlock
Class info
Joey Fink
 Brian White

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