Oberon's Beginnings

By FCapt. Diana Morgan (Late)

"Some men look at things as they are and ask, 'why?': I dream of things that never were and ask, 'why not?'" - Robert F. Kennedy

The idea to first form what was later to become the Oberon, was originated and developed over many long drives between Sacramento and Fairfield. I should have known from the onset that putting Renee and I together on the tedious drive was bound to create something. Although we enjoyed the company of our comrades on the USS Simonov, we both longed to explore our own interests closer to home. And thus it all began.

We found later that we had approached the whole thing slightly different than the norm. Most clubs begin when a group meets over a period of time, then decides to make things formal. We did the opposite. The structure of the Oberon was built, it's mission and goals outlined and it's name endowed before the membership was sought. That is not to say that we did not follow Starfleet guidelines - because we did.

Most of that first group of interested parties is still around, still boldly going, and have taken on leadership roles within the club. As our membership grew we took on more and more causes and responsibilities within the community, and weathered some interesting space-storms in the Fleet. Each new challenge made us stronger and wiser.

We have gone from a convention volunteer crew of two (guess who) to the ability to staff and entire convention with trained volunteers. Utilizing the strength of experienced members, convention training classes are held prior to conventions for new members. The resulting professionalism and convention problem-solving has earned the Oberon a respected reputation.

Within the community, our commitment to pro-active involvement has allowed us to raise over $600 cash for various charities, and provide well over 3,200 volunteer-hours. Our causes have been varied; ranging from the national organization such as Comic Relief and the American Red Cross, to local theatre companies and organizations providing help for the homeless. All this in our first year.

Looking back, I don't think I could have envisioned the journeys we have taken. People who hear about us, and listen to my "pitch" continually comment on how much we have accomplished. Many are amazed that our membership is only the size that it is. The boundless energy of the enthusiastic crew leaves some shaking their heads. This is true not only in the Reno convention, a convention-goer was heard to remark, "What do you mean there are only five of them? There has to be more. I've been seeing blue shirts (our shuttle Oberon color was blue) all over the place!"

So, between charity work too extensive to list here and convention work, we have exceeded my fondest hopes this year. As our membership grows and as new crew members bring in new interests and ideas there is no telling what positive contributions we will be making in the future...

Who knows? Nothing we do surprises me anymore.

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