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A single linked motor to the net moves several apparels appliances for magnetic induction without use of threads.




     Above they are two drawings of a same kitchen table, a single motor is set up below of this table, he/she doesn't appear, it is hidden below of the lid of the table or of a kitchen counter.

     This motor is linked in the electric net, the thread doesn't also appear.

     A single motor transmits, for magnetic induction, rotation for the most varied types of put appliances tops of the table, not having physical contact.

     In the first illustration the motor is moving a blender, in the second it represents the same motor a squeezer of fruits is working.

     The operation of the system is very simple, it is represented in the illustration below, where a longitudinal cut of the lid of the table is seen, or of a kitchen counter, it is also shown the motor and the base of a blender.

     In the axis of the motor it is mounted a disk that contains eletromagnetos, they are fed by brushes and mounted collectors in the axis of the motor that you/they are not shown in the explanatory drawing of the operation.

     When these eletromagnetos are linked, they attract for magnetic induction the mounted permanent magnets in a disk in the bottom of the appliances.  These disks with the magnets are mounted in the axes that move the helixes of the blenders.

     This positions the appliance exactly it tops firmly of the disk of the motor arresting him to the table.

     When the motor is linked, his/her disk with the eletromagnetos rotates, for magnetic induction he/she will make to also rotate the disk of the appliance that contains the permanent magnets.

     When the motor is turned off, and they are also turned off the eletromagnetos, the blender can be solitary from the table.

     The disk of the motor doesn't appear, therefore he is covered again by a fine material film no magnetic.


      Doesn't also appear the disk with the magnets in the bottom of the appliance, because as display the illustration below, everything is covered again by a fine material film no magnetic.


      Haul of improving the aesthetics of the apparels appliances, without hung threads, it turns them the proof of water, facilitating his/her cleaning, because that the electric part is tightly closed, without holes for buttons, keys, threads and raisin-threads.

      The great evolution of the system is to allow that only one motor moves several apparels.

       The system should be equipped with an enough motor to work the apparel to request larger potency and being endowed with a potency control for apparels of smaller potencies.


HENRIQUE LAVIGNEE-MAIL : [email protected]                                              TEL: 55-24-2647-4766


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