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Welcome to Lau Brothers' Homepage!
Through this website, we wish to share with you some of our music experiences and tips of making music. We hope you will find this great benefit and useful. We also look forward to your future visits and supports.;)

~My 10" Mini VARI-PITCH
Cocktail Drum ~

by Peter Lau - 13/03/2007 updated

Just want to share my new drum photo with all of you. This drum was completed on 12-04-2005. As I always wanted a "Vari-Pitch" Cocktail drum. Finally, my dream come true!The main drum is 10" Roto (Snare). Sometimes, I'll attached a 8" small tom.

Also sharing with you the the video clips here: Video1 and Video2

vari-Pitch drum1

vari-Pitch drum2

vari-Pitch drum3


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