"WCVT" Towson radio 89.7 FM 10.000 watts


Station History

In 1971 WVTS signed on the air only to the College Center or Student Union Building on the campus of Towson State University. (I went to Towson from September - December 1972 taking a music course and music lessons). The first general manager and key founder was Jack Freeburger (now deceased). His first program director was Domonic LaPonzina... who became the second general manager in Fall 1972 (when I was there)  Jay Harrison succeeded LaPonzina as GM followed by Paul Dorwin, then Mike Silvert. Mike got the monies from the Student Government once we got the FCC license for 89.7. Gary Michael started in November 1973 and was program director at the time the switch was made from WVTS to WCVT in 1975. Last show where WVTS was uttered was the Roberta Cowan show, first show to say WCVT was Babs Levedahl who followed Roberta on the air. 

In the late 70's and early 80's there was only one place for Progressive Rock in Baltimore and that was Towson State's rock and roll renegade WCVT- FM. It was run totally by students and cranked out programming 21 hours a day and all weekend long. WCVT is gone now but its memories live on. Do not confuse the current WCVT that is on the air today with the WCVT of old, at first they changed formats in December 2004 and I found the station interesting in its music selection. I love the show Musical Starstreams which played Ambient selections Sunday nights at 11 pm. However the show has since been taken off the musical diversity is ok, I no longer listen to the station as it has become a rotation playlist station. 

WCVT touched a lot of people in ways no other Baltimore radio station could and students learned how to run a radio station. Today the students don't have that privilege anymore since the station was taken over by paid administrators and the format changed. Maybe CVT had its time and then had to end.  

WCVT DJ's Fall 1980

Brice Freeman

Paul DePasquale

Snoopy Crowder

Bill Logan

Jeff Dugan

John Johnson

Jim Carter

Bruce Eiler


Kevin Estis

Spiro Morakas

Jerry Toulas

Larry Steinbeck

Hank Witthauer

Rod Misey

Tim Dawson

Rick Snader


Debbie White

Roberta Cowan

Babs Levedahl 

Kimberly Laxton

Plus These Shows

Import Show

Backwoods Bluegrass

Polka Shop

Test of Time

WCVT Management 1980

David Sullivan- General Manager

Ted Dively- Program Director

Joel Vasquez -Public Affairs Coordinator

Dave Johnson - Operations Director

Skizz- Music Director

Jenny Morris - Promotions Director

Dave Johnson - PSA Director

Pete Moe - Production Coordinator

Mike Shank (AM) Program Director

Jenny Morris - Newsletter Editor

WCVT Selected Playlist September 1989

1.Ed's Redeeming Qualities - Ed's Day

2.Ramones - Brain Drain

3. Tin Machine - UT

4. Mary My Hopes - Museum

5. Pixies - Doolittle


6.The Cost of Living - Comic Book Page

7. Lemonheads (with Danielle Dax) Lick- Taang

8. Dead Milkmen - Smokin' Banana Peels

9. 24-7 Spyz- Harder Than You

10. Tom Tom Club - Boom Boom Chi Boom






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