These all the "good" Lain links I have found on the net so far. I just like to point out that i have spent HOURS sifting through the shitty one to bring only the best (Well the goodest)(And yes i know goodest is not a word Everytime I come across a new one I will post it here. If you have a website dedicated to Lain and her series, Email me and i will put it on my page.
AB's CG Homepage Yoshitoshi ABe (serial experiments lain original character designer)(Japanese)
Serial Experiments Lain on TechTV's "Anime Unleashed" website
serial experiments lain - unofficial homepage in the wired contains scripts for all 13 episodes
The Easter Egg Archive : Serial Experiments Lain - how to access the easter eggs on the domestic lain DVDs
Serial Experiments Lain: Root - This site has some AWSOME images that I've not found anywhere else... yet.
UFO Dreams -NieA Under 7 Shrine - not too much to do with Lain but worth noting
FanFiction.Net (Lain section) fanfic archive - These are stories created by fans(?) about Lain. I never even heard of it till i found it. Diffrent...
"Serial Experiments Lain" Song Lyrics and Translations
- like 5. Good if you need to know the words of the songs. But how often does that happen??
CANAL+ - LAIN (French) - I wish I could read french. Very nice Inro.
Lab for Serial Experiments on Lain (Chinese and English)
Experiment 9 - I have nothing bad to say about it. Not too much there... maybe it's under construction like mine.
Accela Distributorette - Good for a quick laugh. The site is very small andSinned-Innocence claims to sell the drug "Acella"
Bludstone's Image Gallery - Not very good, but i did find an image i've never seen before.
: - click the link under the picture. Lain ********
Anime Inn - Serial Experiment Lain Image Archive - Images from the series.
Lain's Navi - I am gonna be straight. I thought this place was gonna suck, but I was wrong. I has alot of things i didn't expect to find on a MSN group website. Has wav.'s, Winamp Skins + more...
Who is Lain?
- Nothing special
Serial Experiments Lain
- .........
Neomythos Experiments Lain - Not updated anymore
The Wired Lain
- Cute little site
Dragonstarr's Lain page
- This page has the opening theme song in the background. and a cool little clothing change gif. You'll see......... it's not perverted...
Closer to Midnight - Has a fanfic post
Sinned-Innocence - Some poems and lain stuff.
~Serial Experiments~ lain's Realm - Under Construction. Looks interseting. Keep Checking it.
Lady Tenka's Lain

The Blurred Line Between - Good site Design
Crazy Raven OTW - Nice wallpapers. (I am using one now)
Have You Ever Seen The Lain?

Come And Join Us
2: Knowledge
- Cool looking site, good info.
Animeparadice - Not too bad
Lain - Alive In Cyberspace
- also not too bad. (maybe better)
Serial Experiments Lain - Needs a more descriptive name. But it's actually a GOOD site!

Pioneer Animation - Pioneer's American lain page
serial experiments lain features a report on the "lain talk live" event held in "Loft-Plus-One", Shinjuku, Japan (English and Japanese)
Fantastic Site !!! GO HERE!!!
Click on the game snapshots for lain!!!
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