Places of Arcadia Township,
Lapeer County, Michigan

Past and Present


Arcadia is made up of nearly 3000 acres of state land, part of the land coming from the old Vernor Estate. There are a few lakes for public fishing and woodlands for hunting. There is a golf course in Lum. Children who live in Arcadia go to Lapeer, North Branch or Imlay schools.

  • -- The first settler in the town was Thomas HASKILL (buried in Bahel Cemetery) who came in 1839 and for several years ran a hotel in sec 31. The town was organized in 1857, with John B WILSON as its first supervisor. Major K HASKILL became the first postmaster, the post office being located in sec 30, on July 22, 1857. The office closed June 26, 1860. Nothing remains in the area except for the abandoned Bahel Cemetery to the east on Bearinger north of Haines and the abandoned "Pendleton" Cemetery just north of Daley on Five Lakes. The old Bearinger School was located south of Daley on Five Lakes, never at the present day Bearinger Church (which has always been a church).

  • -- Located at Bowers and Youngs. Not to be confused with Arcadia. Named for the township of Arcadia, it's first postmaster was Edward P STONE on Oct 30, 1882, operating until Oct 22, 1891. Nothing is left of this little place, not even the school.

  • -- Located on Lake Pleasant Road. Formed around the grist mill and saw mill of Harvey KING and also a station on the PO&PA Railroad, the post office operating from Dec 4, 1883 to Feb 15, 1934. Long time party store known as Smitty's Market, later Colt's market, closed after a tragic burglary. The store was bought in 2005 and will reopen soon. The schoolhouse remains.

  • -- A gathering place for Detroiters in the early 1900's. Later purchased by James VERNOR II and became known as the Vernor Estate. See Vernor.

  • LUM 48412
  • -- Used to have it's own zip code, but was recently absorbed by the Attica Post Office. Township government still located here including the fire department, a church, golf course and a party store. There's also the storage building with a mannequin in the window to greet you at the four-way stop. Run the sign and the town officer will greet you as well! Large, old and active cemetery just west of town, called Arcadia Twp Cemetery.

  • -- Taking up about 1/4 of the township is a place to hunt and fish as well as a wildlife preserve. Much of the land was part of the old Vernor Estate, which is long gone. Only the pumphouse, stone walls lining the hillside and the stone foundation remain. I do have photos. A small DNR ranger's station is located here on Vernor Road.

  • -- A place owned by Detroiter James VERNOR II, the son of the creator of Vernor's soda pop, in the early 1900's. James VERNOR Sr was making his gingery drink and left his project behind while he served in the Civil War, enlisting in the infamous 4th Michigan Calvary. When he came back he found his drink aged to perfection by complete accident, a tradition continued today. Vernors is our nation's oldest soda. James Vernor II inheirited the company and bought the land in Lapeer County. He died in the 1950's after selling the land to the State of Michigan. The Vernor "Castle" burned. For more info and photos click here.

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