• Clark (see Green Oaks)

  • Green Oaks - sec 19 Baldwin Road, east side, north of Newark, small, fenced in, mowed

  • Harris - sec 26 Cedar Hollow, off Broker Road, south of Newark, must cross private property from the private drive, property owner not friendly USE CAUTION, very small, sad condition, Harris and Gardner family, under 10 burials

  • Higley - sec 10 Winn Lake Road, west side of Winn's Pond, south of Peppermill, overgrown and well hidden, small Higley Family Cemetery

  • Hunters Creek - sec 33 Clark Road, south of Hunters Creek Road half mile, fenced, well cared for, well researched by LCGS member John Schlaud, small but growing cem

  • Lapeer State Home - sec 7 south of tracks, south of bridge on Demille Boulevard, west of creek, hard to access, I can take people back here upon request (dry season only), very serene, most markers have only numbers, very few stones left, complete reading is with the LCGS, burial ground for the patients and residents of the Home, said to be 420 burials, had many epidemics, the Home had many functions: hospital for terminally ill and mentally ill, acted as the poor house when it closed and as an orphanage. Here's a link for more information on the Lapeer State Home - a Yahoo Group that requires membership. The membership's main purpose is to keep those researching The Home connected as getting information is difficult at best.

  • Mount Hope - sec 5 City of Lapeer, a couple blocks north of Nepessing Street (main street to downtown) and a couple blocks west of M-24 (North Main), there's a sign, very large cemetery with mausoleums, burials for former Gov John T Rich, Lapeer's founding fathers and a babyland.

  • Oakdale (see Lapeer State Home)
  • Schuneman - sec 33 Sutton Road, east of Metamora Road, back of farm, take old rail bed north about quarter mile, cem near fence, on private property, very small, overgrown but can be seen from Metamora Road when crops are small.

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