Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union (LPRYU)

The Lao People’s Revolutionary Youth Union is a mass organisation under the direct supervision of the party and the government. 

      Background of Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union Central Committee  
      The Lao People's Democratic Republic or Lao PDR located in Indochina Peninsula has a total area of 236,800 sq km. Its population has 5,370,000 people (projection in 2001 from national statistic center). The capital is Vientiane. Lao PDR was established on 2 December,1975.

Since the late 18th century, Laos has been a foreign colony, the Lao People have been brutally exploited, their rights violated. Economy, Culture and Society were not developed but also were destroyed, Therefore, the Lao people had fought and joined the national liberation revolutionary movement under party leadership with youths as been the backing force.

To greatly mobilise the people forces especially the youth force in the National Liberation movement Lao People's Revolutionary Party decided to set up a "battle youth association" within the arms force on April 14, 1955 and soon after the "patriotic youth association" was set up for civilian youth. After that the two youth organisations worked together to liberate the country.

To increasingly lift the youth revolutionary spirits and make them become the main force for taking power and keeping the revolutionary achievement, the Lao People's Revolutionary Party decided to combine the two youth organisations as one organisation named the "Lao people's Revolutionary Youth Board" which had its first congress on 22-29 April, 1983. In 14 April, 1955 the battle youth association day in the past was adopted as the day of the Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union.

The organisational structure of Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union has 4 levels: Central, Provincial, District and Grassroot levels. The congress is held every five years for Central, provincial and district levels but the congress at the grassroot level is held twice a year. LPRYU has its own regulation that is revised in each congress and more than 200,000 youth are now members of the youth organization, 80,000 of whom are young women.

Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union has its own flag, logo and uniforms.



The roles and objectives of Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union

Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union (LPRYU) is a special political organization of Lao People's Democratic Republic and functions under Lao laws and constitution.

LPRYU is the social political organization of the Lao Youth, a patriotic education place, and agency of youth interest in areas such as: Political, Economic, Cultural and Health concerns, while young pioneers and juveniles are also looked after by LPRYU

      The objectives of LPRYU are as follows:  
      - Keep solidarity among youth and children.  

Mobilise youth to implement national development goals based on state and party policy guidelines


Encourage youth to contribute to safeguard national and construction issues aimed at developing Laos toward peace, independence, democracy, unity and prosperity.

LPRYU has cooperative relations with friendly youth organisations and many international youth organisations such as:

- A member of World Federation of Democratic Youth.
- A member of International Students Federation.
- Actively contribute to activities of youth in the region and in the world based on building Solidarity, Peace, Friendship and Cooperation.
- LPRYU has opportunities to cooperate and receive assistance from international organisations especially in the field of development because Lao Party and Government provides the facility. LPRYU has strong networks, our members have the knowledge, abilities and resources to successfully implement their jobs

Main policies of Lao PRYU

1. Education of political ideology  
    2. Personnel affairs  
    3. Empowerment of youth in national protection, social economic development, youth-children development  
    4. Pioneer affairs  
    5. International Relations  
    6. Revenue creation  

Major Youth Programmes

1. To educate youths and children in political ideology, socialism ideal and revolutionary discipline  
    2. To strongly improve the structure of youth committees on political ideology and administration  
    3. To encourage youths and children to upgrade themselves in comprehensive education  
    4. To provide youths with vocational training so as to improve their vocational skills and abilities  
    5. To raise awareness for youth and children about physical and mental health  
    6. To develop young pioneers and children who can reinforce the power of youth and the descendants of nation, party and all Lao people  
    7. To mobilize youth participation in national tasks  
    8. To generate income for supporting youth movements  

Development Plan

The 2001 - 2005 Development Plan of LPRYU

    In order to sucessfully implement its duties, meet youth demands and follow the grovernment social economic development plan from 2001-2005, LPRYU will rapidly realise its eight priority plans.  
    1 The First Plan  
      Youth - Child revolutionary attributes and ideological education.  
Objective : To make youth trust in a bright national future, develop a patriotic spirit and striving for National development as well as believe in individual effort and families, and pay more attention to overcome negative social impact.
Main tasks : To organise national tradition and history studies and get togethers. To educate young people to appreciate working and be prudent, and make them recognise and understand the right values.
    2. The Second Plan  
      Youth -Child technology, technical Science and cultural upgrading plan.  
Objective : To eliminate illiteracy amongst youth and children. Compulsory for children to at least graduate at primary school and upgrade youth intelligence.
Main tasks :
- Encourage youth in literacy education.
- Promote talented youth to study at higher levels.
- Organise youth task forces to repair and build some schools for producing educational materials.
    3. The Third Plan  
      Vocational training employment skills training and upgrade culture and the arts amongst youth.  
Objective : To provide youth with knowledge for employment and upgrading their skills and working ethics.
Main tasks : Collect information data on the labour market.
- Coordinate with ministries concerned to find jobs for youth .
- Restore and build youth development center at central and local levels.
- Protect workers' interests and oppose child labour exploitation
- Organise mobile training units for grassroot youth.
    4. The Fourth Plan  
      Youth physical and mental health care and prevention of social negative impact among youth and children.  
Objective : To provide for youth mentally and physically, and prevent and solve drug abuse.
Main tasks : Implement government population policy.
- Conduct clean-up process, health care, basic diseases elimination prevent new diseases such as: HIV / AIDS and STD (sexually tranmitted diseases)
- Plan projects and activities against drug abuse.
- Disseminate information on nutrition to youth and children.
- Encourage various sports activities among youth.
- Participate and support young artist clubs, and fight against pornography.
    5. The Fifth Plan  
      Young pioneers, juvenile organizational improvement.  
Objective : To build strong young pioneers, juvenile units and become the reserve force of LPRYU.
Main tasks : Educate and lead young pioneers, juveniles in conducting various activities based on the slogan "Three Excellences Four Obediences" and teaching the "six loves three hates" plan against drug abuse,
- Encouge young pioneers & juveniles to love study, reading and composition.
- Provide children with favourable conditions for practicing and upgrading national and international art performance.
- Support to various talented children.
- Improve the young pioneers unit organisation to become the agency for protecting child rights.
- Hold get-together activities, set up young pioneers and juvenile development foundation.
    6. The Sixth Plan  
      Infrastructure construction for serving youth - child development.  
Objective : To make LPRYU the center for infratructure and funding for serving youth child benefits.
Main tasks :
- Build a youth development center at central and local levels.
- Build youth arts-sports club and other sports facilities.
- Build recreation centers and youth exhibition hall.
    7. The Seventh Plan  
      Income generation for serving youth-child development  
Objective : To help LPRYU have sufficient funding for conducting its activities and reduce government financial support.
Main tasks :
- Carry out agricultural, handicraft production and other services.
- Make contracts with the government on priority projects.
- Enhance and promote young businessmen and younth developers.
- Establish a youth development foundation.
    8. The Eight Plan  
      Plan the International relations of LPRYU.  
Objective : To increase cooperation with youth organisations from friendly countries and international organisations to attract support for national development.
Main tasks :
- Develop friendly relations with youth organisations from friendly countries such as: Ho Chi Minh Youth Union, Chinese Communist Youth League, Cuba Communist Youth Union, Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth Leagues and youth organisations from ASEAN countries.
- Actively contribute to the struggle for peace, friendship, cooperation and development .
- Actively attract assistance from international organisations, for Lao youth- child Development.

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