My Crabitat:

an ever changing habitat for my crabs


This was the first crabitat I made.  Then I found out that painted pots were probably not a good idea

My second Habitat.  Added some greenery and tried a different subtrate, play sand, since it was cheaper.  I left the calcisand/EE with the iso tank.


I built a second level which Winnie really enjoyed.


9/27/04:  My present crabitat.  The wooden level didn't work out well.  Mold was present!  Also got rid of the play sand after I found maggots in it!!! EWWWW!!!   I had even baked the stuff before I put it in.  I am trying a half calcisand, half EE subtrate.  Using legos to divide them.  

Side view of crabitat

Other side view.

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