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Title Version Size Last Edit Description
Lalim Smiley Face 1.9.0 57kb 30/05/2005 A comprehensive collection of more than 200 of the ubiquitous keyboard symbol compilations
Lalim DVD Player  1.0.2 336kb 29/05/2007 DVD player 
Lalim VCD Player  2.2.2 37kb 30/05/2005 VCD player specially designed to play MTV files
Lalim MP3  Player 3.0.0 29kb 05/07/2005 A basic Mp3 player that display lyric
Lalim Compact Player 2.3.0 173kb 20/04/2008 Auto start VCD and DVD player 
  Windows Utilities:        
Lalim PopUp Killer  1.0.0 1.5mb 20/04/2008 Get rid of annoying advertising popup windows.
Lalim File Rename  1.1.0 58kb 20/04/2008 Rename your file case fast and easy.
Lalim Help File Decompile  1.0.0 36kb 20/04/2008 Decompile html help file (chm) .
Lalim PowerPoint Image Recovery 1.0.0 28kb  20/04/2008 Recover PowerPoint Image files 
  Password Utilities:        
Lalim Email Password Recovery  1.1.0 264kb 20/04/2008 Recover Outlook Express and Windows Mail password.
Lalim Windows Mail Password Recovery  1.0.0 264kb 20/04/2008 Recover Windows Mail password (version 6.x).
Lalim Outlook Express Password Recovery  1.1.0 264kb 20/04/2008 Recover Outlook Express password (version 6.x).
Lalim IE Password Recovery  1.1.0 45kb 20/04/2008 Recover Internet Explorer password (version 6.x).
Lalim VBA password Recovery  1.3.0 117kb 20/04/2008 Recover your MS Office (95-2003) VBA password.
Lalim Access Password Recovery  1.3.0 30kb 20/04/2008 Recover Access (95-2003) database password. 
Lalim Dial-up Password Recovery 1.1.0 35kb 20/04/2008 Recover Dial-up (9x,XP,Vista) password. 
Lalim MYOB Password Recovery 1.4.0 122kb 20/04/2008 Recover MYOB Accounting password. (version 17 )
Lalim Excel Password Recovery 1.1.0 156kb 20/04/2008 Recover Excel (95-2007) password. 
Lalim Word Password Recovery 1.1.0 152kb 20/04/2008 Recover Word (95-2007) password. 
Lalim Phone Excuse 1.1.0 227kb 20/04/2008 Will make your excuse believable
  Electronic :        
Parallel Port Control 3.5.0 321kb 28/05/2007 Use your printer port to control hardware



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