Our Ethical Standard

Ethics may be defined as right conduct.  Each profession has its own ethical code.  There is no single code of ethics governing all Psychologists.  A commitment to the principle of ethical conduct and its reflection in behaviour as well as essential.


  The popular definition of confidentiality is “keep your mouth shut and don’t blab your client’s personal affairs”.  At any context, our psychologists do not leak information shared by his client, including the client’s name.  They hold honest and sincere in keeping the information.  However absolute or total confidentiality may not always be possible or available.  It is often relative.  Our Psychologist may have to consult with an expert; confidentiality may be maintained only within the permissible legal limits.  There must be an extremely good reason for breaking confidentiality. Our Psychologist ensures the confidentiality in all possible ways under normal circumstances including possible leakage from his office.

  We have kept all the case records or the notes with utmost care and keep safely under lock.

Standardized Test

  A test may be defined as a task or series of tasks used to obtained systematic observations presumed to be representative of psychological traits or attributes.  Tests are administered with the expectation that measurements derived from them will be helpful in making decisions with a minimum of risk.  The extent to which tests minimize risk and increase the probability of effective decisions is a function of the amount of dependable knowledge the test provides beyond the counsellor’s current information.  Using a test implies that there is a relationship between measurements and the ability to make effective decisions.  A standardized test which has been subjected to thorough empirical tryout and analysis and which provides time limits, instructions, scoring standards, reliability and validity coefficients, and norms.  We always use this standardized test for assessing a client and finding good results for identify his problem.

Rights of the Clients

    The clients have the right to be treated with dignity and respects.  They have the right to be informed about the goals or purpose of the counseling relationship.  The Psychologists needs to be open to his clients.  Psychological service is not a mysterious process.  It involves the application of effective communication and problem solving skills.  Our clients are respected and treated well.  One way of showing respect to the client is keeping the appointment already fixed.  If that appointment cannot be kept up for some reasons, we informed the clients in advance.  Our Psychologist shows interest in assisting in the resolution of the client’s problem(s).

Cost effectiveness, quality, speed and client’s delight are the themes sung at Spa Psycho Center day in and day out

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