Educational & Vocational Guidance

Guidance with the educational system is to aid the pupils in understanding the variety, depth and breadth of personal experiences and opportunities available to them.  It is help understand the choices open to them.  It is also to enable them recognize, interpret and to act on their own personal strengths and resources.  In other words, the basic function of guidance is to facilitate the personal development of the pupils. 

Guidance is an integral part of the total educational programme.  To be effective, it must be a continuous process from the child’s first contact with the school.  Guidance in the elementary school is based on the concept of continuous development emphasizing prevention and good mental hygiene.

  Early help towards adjustment can help development of mental hygiene.  The preventive measures that need to be taken depend on the resources available.  When schools do not have guidance workers, sharing the services of our guidance worker/psychologist to solve the problem.  This is based on the need for understanding of the psychology of human development.

1.     The child is flexible in his early years and has had less time for any problems to become deep-rooted.

2.     The parents are actively associated with the school and their cooperation and help could be obtained.

3.     Many years of successful development lie ahead for the child to grow and develop.

The secondary school is the delta stage where several options are open to the youth.  They may pursue an academic career or enter a vocational school or leave school or enter a trade school or leave school to enter the world of work as relatively unskilled workers.  At this stage, the young people have not acquired any skills of proficiencies, which can be traded.

Our counsellor has hold first aim broadening the vision of the pupils with regard to the world of work.  Next we do systematically help them to find out the requirements or qualifications for different types of occupations.  Next we will encourage the pupils to think about the different kinds of occupations that suit them.  The last step is preparing the pupils to make wise choices from increased self-understanding of the occupational world.

  Our counsellor also helps the young pupil understand the importance of good manners and cultural behaviour.


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