Working to protect Lake Bosomtwe, a unique natural heritage of West Africa,



What is Friends of Lake Bosomtwe?


Friends of Lake Bosomtwe is a Ghana-based self-help group association � a non-governmental organization (NGO)- with Lake Bosomtwe and the surrounding communities as its target group. The organization is made up of Ghanaians and members from abroad. It has the main aim of protecting the fragile ecosystem of Lake Bosomtwe, training the youth of the area to be more useful, productive and therefore capable of helping themselves to improve upon their living conditions.



Why the need to work at Lake Bosomtwe?


Lake Bosomtwe is situated about 32 km southeast of Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti Region, Ghana. It occupies a meteorite impact crater that was formed about one million years ago. The formation of the crater by an extraterrestrial body makes Lake Bosomtwe a unique meteorite crater heritage site in West Africa.


The area has a rich geological and biodiversity information and is also endowed with historical and cultural information. These are all very educative to a visitor to the site, and they can be harnessed to provide the grounds for sustainable community-based ecotourism.


The formation of the crater by the meteorite impact has rendered the landscape very weak with shattered, fractured and faulted rocks dominating in the area. Weak zones are therefore prominent thus making the area susceptible to landslides and massive erosion that can cause a rapid siltation of the lake with disastrous consequences for the aquatic life. The lake could even dry up as a result.


The people living close to this beautiful natural resource generally have to cope with a very low standard of living. Their livelihoods depend mainly on fishing and subsistence farming. The farming practices adopted and the over dependence on fishing are having negative impacts on both the land and the lake. Agricultural activities such as slash and burn and shifting cultivation with very short fallow periods have resulted in land degradation. Illegal tree felling is threatening to destroy the last spots of rain forest in the area. The fish stock in the lake has been continuously decreasing since the last decades due to over fishing, destruction of reed zones and poor fishing methods such as the scooping of fingerlings and the use of small-sized nets.


There is therefore the strong need to look at alternative livelihoods for the people in order to protect this beautiful natural landscape for generations to come.



Aims and Objectives of Friends of Lake Bosomtwe


The aims and objectives of Friends of Lake Bosomtwe are geared towards helping the people living in the villages around Lake Bosomtwe through the following ways and means:


        Creating environmental protection awareness among the people to bring about sustainable developments in the lake area

        Identifying, documenting and protecting the rich cultural, historical and scientific information of Lake Bosomtwe, to promote its educational potential

        Packaging of the information to suite target groups (local communities, basic schools, students and the general public)

        Identifying and establishing three information centers around the Lake Basin (for example, near Mmorontuo, Amakom and near Lake View Rest House) to make available to visitors the rich educational and touristic aspects of Lake Bosomtwe

        Training of the target group and involving them to develop and manage a sustainable community based ecotourism projects that will contribute to a reduction of poverty in the area

        Carrying out self-help projects with active participation of the target communities; it is expected that the communities themselves identify the type of project and therefore the need for it.

        Facilitating the formation of Lake Bosomtwe Fishermen Association and enhancing its sustainability

        Establishment of a sustainable ecotourism programme

        Undertaking educative programmes in the following areas:

1.      child education

2.      sanitation and health

3.      human rights, etc.





Organizational Structure of Friends of Lake Bosomtwe (NGO)


Friends of Lake Bosomtwe is made up of Ghanaians and members from countries abroad, who have Lake Bosomtwe at heart and are working very hard to protect the lake for future generations. The NGO at the moment consists of core members who are working towards the realization of the objectives of the association. Some of the core members constitute the Executive Committee of the NGO. Membership is however open to other people who are ready to sacrifice their time and energy in respect of the aims and objectives of the NGO.


Office and Place of Meeting


Our office is located at the Department of Physics, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi., where all business transactions including projects planning take place. Efforts are being made to acquire an office close to Lake Bosomtwe in the future.




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Lake Bosomtwe Tourist Map and Guide

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