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200.wavNabiki: Wow! And here I wouldn't have guessed a day over 200! Cologne: [laughs]60KB5 sec.
akane1.wavHapposai: Okay then, I'll make you a deal. Hows-about a pair of Akane's panties? Ranma: What are you, nuts? Why would I want that tomboy's panties? Akane: Who're you calling a tomboy?191KB8 sec.
Akane2.wavAkane: What're you doing? [Ranma gets punched]94KB1 sec.
Akane3.wavRanma: So what the heck's the matter with you this time? Akane: Don't tease me, they were right there! Ranma: Huh? Akane: Those scary ghosts, you idiot, back there!188KB8 sec.
AkaneSoundClip.wavAkane: I am not jealous! Ugh, you- ugh!70KB3 sec.
akndolt.wavAkane: You dolt.24KB1 sec.
aknhurt.wavAkane: Back off. Or you'll get hurt.50KB2 sec.
aknjeez.wavAkane: Honestly. I get so tired of this sometimes. [Kuno and Onna-Ranma fighting (well, Onna-Ranma fighting) in bkg, bonk sound (mallet)] Onna-Ranma: Aw, jeeez.155KB7 sec.
aknwarn.wavAkane: I'm warning you. Interfere with me and you won't live to regret it.101KB4 sec.
aknxpln.wavAkane: Don't you think I deserve some kind of an explanation for all this?67KB3 sec.
around.wavRyoga: No one hurts Akane when I'm around! When I'm around, that is, which isn't very often...143KB6 sec.
baddog.wavOnna-Ranma: No! No, don't eat that! Bad doggie!35KB3 sec.
beat.wavRyoga: There's one thing I've got to do first: Beat the hell outta you, Ranma!50KB4 sec.
beatup.wavShampoo: Shampoo love Ranma best. Ranma! Beat up Grandmother!45KB4 sec.
beg.wavRyoga: Today for sure I'm gonna knock you to the ground and make you beg for mercy.45KB4 sec.
betterbe.wavUkyo: This better be good.15KB1 sec.
brain.wavRanma: I thought I was gonna die, okay? My brain must've been workin' overtime.40KB3 sec.
cabbage.wavShampoo: Even cabbage more sense than you!22KB2 sec.
charelottoe.wavAzusa: My Charlette! Ryoga: Huh? Azusa: You're Azusa's little Charlette! Ryoga: W..w..what? Don't be rediculous! And don't distract me in the middle of a match! Azusa: Oh, no! Azusa knows her little Charlette, look, that's her little collar! Ryoga: There must be some sort of a horrible misunderstanding, or- waaah! Azusa: [giggle] No, no, no, no! There's no mistake! Look at this! Azusa knows, cause she locked it with her little key! That makes you my little Charlette for sure! Ryoga: I am not Charlette! You're confused, thats all! I'll tell you my real name! Onna-Ranma: Its P-chan! Ryoga: That's right. Who you calling P-chan?! Onna-Ranma: Do you like Charlette better then?562KB52 sec.
chiken.wavPoor wittle Ranma, afraid of the kittycats? I'd say you were chick-chick-chicken!89KB8 sec.
close.wavRanma: Waaah! Shampoo, don't come so close to me! Nooo! Shampoo, don't!166KB7 sec.
comeback.wavAkane: Come back here!17KB1 sec.
crash.wavUkyo: Oh no, they're gonna crash!16KB1 sec.
cure.wavKasumi: Mr. Saotome? Is there really no way poor Ranma's fears of cats can be cured?49KB4 sec.
curse.wavRyoga: Curse you, Ranma!22KB1 sec.
cute.wavNabiki: Oh, how cute.13KB1 sec.
daughter.wavUkyo: I will be the most dutiful daughter who ever lived.32KB2 sec.
defend.wavNabiki: Hey, why are you defending him?21KB1 sec.
didtoo.wavKuno: Did too! Ranma: Did not! Kuno: Did too. Did too, did too, did too, (etc)88KB8 sec.
dizzy.wavAzusa: Oh, lil' Azusa is so dizzy! Oh! Lookit the little... Mikado: I'm sure every bone in his body must be crushed.74KB6 sec.
doodle.wavAzusa: Oh! You're right. He's fainted. [giggle] Lets doodle on him!174KB8 sec.
donlook.wavAnnouncer: And the rink is destroyed! Azusa: Don't look at Azusa!55KB5 sec.
door.wavKuno: Sasuke. Sasuke: Master? Kuno: You may enter. Sasuke: Yes, Master Kuno. Kuno: Blaaah! I meant through the door, you blithering idiot!95KB8 sec.
evil.wavSasuke: Look at its eyes! Its.. evil. Uuuuh!188KB4 sec.
fat.wavRanma [sobbing] I can't go out in public like this! Every skirt and dress I own makes me look fat!155KB7 sec.
feeling.wavNabiki: Are you sure you're feeling okay, Ranma?24KB2 sec.
Femran1.wavOnna-Ranma: You're a joke, Akane. Why don't you just give up? Akane: Look who's talking, Lancho.104KB4 sec.
Femran2.wavAkane: Just pop 'em in the microwave. [bink] Ranma: Hey, stupid, you can't put raw eggs in there, they'll- Akane: What? [boom-shriek]185KB8 sec.
fiances.wavRanma: How many more fiances do I have, anyway?41KB3 sec.
fiend.wavKuno: Ranma Saotome, you fiend. Sasuke: Calm down, master, you'll agrigate your injuries! Kuno: I won't! I won't, I won't! I won't allow it, its unforgivable!152KB14 sec.
find.wavMikado: Heheheh... Here I - wha! Azusa: My Charlette has dissapeared! Mikado: What're you doing, you fool?! Azusa: You help find Charlette!136KB12 sec.
getin.wavKasumi: Hello, Shampoo. Its been a long time. Did you just get in? Shampoo: Nihao!59KB5 sec.
girlstalk.wavUkyo: Ranma-honey! Ranma-honey, is it true? Are you really going away to live with your mother? Shampoo: Someday, she be Shampoo mother too, why you no introduce us for, Ranma?122KB11 sec.
glass.wavRyoga: If the rumors I've heard are true, you've done something horrible to Akane. Simply my poor heart of glass... can't bear to hear without shattering into pieces!124KB11 sec.
good.wavKasumi: Oh my, she's good. Nabiki: Very impressive.31KB2 sec.
guide1.wavJusenkyo Guide: Sirs, you are very strange ones, no?36KB3 sec.
hate.wavKuno: You realize that I hate you. Nabiki: Oh, I'm so scared.48KB4 sec.
hatehim.wavAkane: Not me. Nabiki: Oh? Akane: I... hate him!105KB4 sec.
haul.wavHapposai: What a haul, what a haul!80KB3 sec.
hit.wavRanma: You sold me for one crummy little stinking fish, huh? Genma: He also threw in the rice and two pickles, hehe! [fighting noises]101KB9 sec.
innazuke.wavRanma (Japanese): [translates to:] Akane is my fiance! You touch her, and I'll kill you!62KB5 sec.
ivelost.wavRanma: I've... I've... I've lost!81KB7 sec.
jigup.wavNabiki: Come on. The jig is up, Mr. Saotome.28KB2 sec.
karuta10.mp2[Nabiki sings a song (Japanese) about 'Kuno-chan', saying 'hentai' more than once. ^_^; its also an mp2, not a wav]301KB76 sec.
kasbbye.wavKasumi: Bye bye, birdie! Nabiki: ~Please~ stop that.99KB4 sec.
kasbbye2.wavKasumi: Bye bye, birdie! Nabiki: Okay, sis. You win. I give up already. Kasumi: Bye bye birdie!259KB12 sec.
kascute.wavKasumi: Its so cute!39KB1 sec.
kasevil.wavKasumi: Oh...oh...oh dear. I think I'm about to do something evil again.160KB7 sec.
kasevil2.wavKasumi: I just did something evil, didn't I...KB sec.
kittykitty.wavKasumi: But Mr. Saotome, if Ranma got used to them, maybe he wouldn't be afraid of them any more. Here, kitty kitty!70KB6 sec.
kuncurse.wavKuno: Curse you. Now look what you've done!93KB4 sec.
Kuno.wavKuno: Greetings! As of this summer, construction of Tatewaki Kuno's very own luxury yacht, Bincense is now complete. I come to extend personal invitations for her maiden voyage to both the pigtailed girl and to Akane Tendo.279KB12 sec.
Kuno1.wavKuno: I, Takewaki Kuno, offer my unconditional assistance! Nabiki: Hey, Kuno-baby, the door? Kuno: Be silent, woman!165KB7 sec.
kunoevil.wavKuno: Why, Saotome? Why am I seized with evil impulse? Why has this once loving heart turned to hate?151KB6 sec.
kunoprce.wavKuno: What? Come, name your price.131KB6 sec.
laughing.wavKodachi: [her crazy, messed up laugh]194KB8 sec.
manly.wavGuys: He must be set free! Girls: He must be kept here! Guys: Give him liberty! Or give death, it don't matter, cause it works either way! All for one and one for all! We guys gotta stick together! Ukyo: Will you please-!132KB12 sec.
Map.wavUkyo: Leave it to that ~jackass~ Ryoga to draw me a map that leads me through half of Tokyo before coming here.85KB7 sec.
moveon.wavUkyo: What're we all waitin' around for, then? Lets hurry and get a move on!40KB3 sec.
Nabiki.wavNabiki: The laws of the Amazon Tribe are as follows: In the event that an Amazon is defeated by an outsider, and if that outsider is a woman, the Amazon must give the Kiss of Death and kill without delay. However, if that outsider is a man...she must marry him.404KB18 sec.
Nabiki2.wavNabiki: Do I look like the kind of girl who would joke about a thing like this? Ranma: Maaybe. Nabiki: Do go on.126KB5 sec.
Nabiki3.wavNabiki: Read Chinese? Of course I can't. Ranma: Aha! Then you were joking then. Nabiki: Wrong. I don't joke. Look, its written in Japanese right here.204KB9 sec.
Nabiki4.wavNabiki: With tax, your total is 5000 yen. Onna-Ranma: Hey... kinda steep, isn't it? Nabiki: Do you want it, or... don't you? [splashing sounds] Onna-Ranma: Aah! Ok, I'll take it! Don't pour it out! Give it to me, hurry!235KB10 sec.
nabstop.wavNabiki: ~Please~ stop that. [from kasbbye.wav]36KB1 sec.
nbkicamp.wavNabiki: What is this, some kind of daycamp?42KB1 sec.
nbkidoor.wavNabiki: Hey, Kuno-baby, the door? Kuno: Be silent, woman!80KB3 sec.
nbkipathetic.wavNabiki: Good grief. You're pathetic.KB sec.
Newman.wavOnna-Ranma: Oooh, its so cold! It'll make a new man out of you, Ryoga. Come on! Come on, come on, come on! Ryoga: How dare-!154KB7 sec.
normal.wavRanma: This is-! ..its normal.96KB4 sec.
NotEnemiesRIVALS.wavRanma: Ryoga, listen to me: We're not just enemies, we're ~rivals~. Ryoga: Hmm? We are? Ranma: Of course we are! We else would we be fighting all the time, huh?221KB10 sec.
ohhoney.wavShampoo: Ranma, Shampoo so happy! You no real girl, you real man after all, Ranma! Wo ai ni!79KB7 sec.
OinkOink.wavRyoga: [pigform, squeals] Ranma: Oink-oink to you too.48KB4 sec.
pdot.wavRanma: And there's something that I think you ought to know. Those polkadotted panties don't reallys uit you. Akana: [horror-gasp]116KB5 sec.
pity.wavRyoga: Oh no, Akane, don't look at me like that! Please don't... pity me!60KB5 sec.
poem.wavKuno: They love least, but let them know their love. Maids say no to that which they'd have bestrued. I-I follow my love, into the depths of hell itself!203KB9 sec.
Ppp-chan.wavRanma: P-p-p-p-chan, the little pig go oink oink.86KB3 sec.
presesnt.wavNabiki: Ooh, a present. For me? Kasumi: No, its for Ranma!32KB2 sec.
randull.wavOnna-Ranma: Hey! Don't you know that all work and no play makes Ryoga a dull boy?164KB7 sec.
ranheck.wavOnna-Ranma: Aw man, what the heck did I do now?52KB2 sec.
ranjerk.wavOnna-Ranma: Hold it right there, you jerk!47KB2 sec.
Ranlagh.wavRanma: [crazed laugh, kitty meows in background]144KB6 sec.
Ranma1.wavRanma: You're built like a stick! Your face makes me sick! Your thighs are too thick, you can't even kick! You're dumb as a brick, you talk like a hick, your hair's a cowlick! You itch like a tick! [gets punched by Ryoga]266KB12 sec.
ranma4.wavRanma (Japanese): [translates to:] You're really cute when you smile...35KB3 sec.
ranma13.wavRanma: I'm -uh- Ranma Saotome. Sorry about this.KB sec.
ranma14.wavRanma: I'm Ranma Saotome, of the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. Here, hold my bag a sec.73KB6 sec.
ranma22.wavGuys: You WHAT?! Genma: You really didn't destroy the spring, did you? Ryoga: The truth, Ranma! Mousse: Your fate depends on how you answer.136KB12 sec.
ranmacom.wav['Ranma' being sung, (from beginning of episodes and commercial breaks)]57KB5 sec.
ranmahair.wavRanma: I wanted to tell you... your hair really does look cute.51KB4 sec.
ranmissed.wavOnna-Ranma: Nyah nyah ya missed me! Come and get me if ya can!80KB3 sec.
ranpig.wavRyoga: [pigform, squeals a lot] Ranma: Butt out, bacon breath!150KB6 sec.
ranquit.wavRanma: Hey, quit it, will ya?!135KB6 sec.
ranstnt.wavOnna-Ranma: You and your crazy stunts.53KB2 sec.
ranstpd.wavRanma: Man, is that stupid-looking or what?48KB2 sec.
rantrble.wavOnna-Ranma: Whatd'you think? We gonna get in trouble for all this mess? Ryoga: [squeal that sounds like 'i dunno']135KB6 sec.
rest.wavUkyo: Must be a nightmare... poor guy. Only one thing to do. Rest in peace, my friend!77KB7 sec.
rnmasory.wavRanma: Sorry 'bout this. (note: same as the ending to ranma13.wav)12KB1 sec.
rryoga.wavRyoga: I think I'll go off and do something really evil.82KB3 sec.
run.wavRanma: Saotome Anything Goes Martial Arts final attack! Akane/Ryoga: What? Saotome final attack?! Ranma: Ready, set... Run away! Ryoga: Huh? Wha-?187KB17 sec.
ryog.wavRyoga: Oh, Akane... Why is it I seem to here your voice, everywhere I go?85KB3 sec.
Ryoga1.wavRyoga: There's really no need for us to worry, its not like she can leave. I'm sure she'll be back any minute. Ranma: I can't believe how thick your head is sometimes, Ryoga. Listen up, numbskull, if Kasumi doesn't come back by dinnertime, we're gonna have to eat Akane's cooking, get it dimwit? We eat that and man-oh-man we're all gonna wish we'd died at sea. [pow] Akane: I heard that.488KB22 sec.
Ryoga2.wavRyoga: That poor girl. Defeated by male Ranma this time. Ranma: Huh? It was an accident! Ryoga: Yah. You beat her fair and square, all right.253KB11 sec.
Ryoga3.wavRyoga: If you killed me right now, I'd die a happy man. Ukyo: You ~jackass~.84KB3 sec.
RyogaBlameRanma.wavRyoga: Its Ranma who's the source of all this trouble. Even though he's got an incredible fiance like Akane, he's not satisfied, he's always chasing after other women! He's a teenage Casanova! He'd do anything to win a fight! He's petty, he's cheap, he's got a bad personality! He's ~stupid~! He loses his temper of the silliest things! He's also a ~pervert~ who acts like a ~girl~ half the time!222KB20 sec.
RyogaFantasy.wavRyoga: Now's my chance. If I can show Akane what a reliable guy I am, she'll fall all over me saying 'Oh Ryoga, whatever would I do without you?' Fear not Akane, leave it to me to find Kasumi and- ..wha-?127KB11 sec.
ryolook.wavRyoga: [gasp] Lookit this! Akane: [gasp] Lookit that!142KB6 sec.
ryoogacare.wavCologne: Did he faint again? I've told him over and over, see with the mind and not the eyes. Akane: But don't you think he's had quite enough for one day? Cologne: If you're so worried about the poor boy's wellfare, why don't you give up on Ranma and devote yourself to Ryoga? Akane: Excuse me? Oh, Ryoga! Ryoga: Old woman... don't interfere where you're not wanted, got that?252KB23 sec.
ryugabm.wavRyoga: Baksai Tenketsu!35KB3 sec.
safe.wavRanma: Akane! Thats right! How could I- its not over! Not until I save you! Not until you're safe!97KB8 sec.
shamhaiya.wavShampoo: Haiyaaa!67KB3 sec.
shamhmph.wavShampoo: Hmmph! Shampoo want nothing to do with you!63KB2 sec.
shampoo.wavShampoo: People who play with woman's heart go very bad place.28KB2 sec.
Shampoo2.wavShampoo: That right. Which one you eat?39KB1 sec.
Shampoo2.wavShampoo: Ranma, we go back now, yes?42KB1 sec.
Shampoo4.wavShampoo: [giggle/laugh] Haiya! Shampoo go take ramen to Ranma, is ok, yes? Shampoo sure hope you hungry!185KB8 sec.
Shampoo_Airen_worried01.wavShampoo: Airen!39KB1 sec.
Shampoo_Aiya_Aiya_cute.wavShampoo: [giggling softly] Aiya... aiya!194KB4 sec.
Shampoo_Aiyaaaa.wavShampoo: [screams] Aiyaaaa!196KB4 sec.
Shampoo_AllAlone.wavShampoo: [giggling, Japanese, something like: All alone with Ranma in dark!]499KB11 sec.
Shampoo_Intro.wav[music, someone says 'Ranma']287KB6 sec.
Shampoo_like_boy_type.auShampoo: Shampoo love boy-type Ranma! Maybe pervert girl like only girl-type Ranma? Tell truth now! Akane: Who're you calling a pervert girl?! Shampoo: Calling you. Akane: I am not! [note: AU Format, not WAV]217KB9 sec.
Shampoo_Nihao01.wavShampoo: ...Nihao...?41KB1 sec.
Shampoo_Woaini_Kasumi.wavShampoo: Wo ai ni? Kasumi: Anatawa aisuru?156KB3 sec.
shamstpd.wavShampoo: This is stupid!33KB1 sec.
shutup.wavLychee): Shut up!24KB1 sec.
smite.wavKuno: I shall smite thee!97KB2 sec.
spatula.wavUkyo: Would you ~please~ be quite, before I hit you upside the head with my spatula?45KB4 sec.
takeat.wavRanma (Japanese): [translates to:] ...Akane is my fiance! And she's engaged to me!76KB7 sec.
terd.wavUkyo: This is all your fault, you disgusting little terd. Take that! And that! And that!75KB6 sec.
thankyou.wavRanma (Japanese voice, said in English): Akane, thankyou.26KB2 sec.
theory.wavNabiki: Well, there's an interesting theory.23KB2 sec.
toture.wavRanma: Haven't you tortured me enough?!25KB2 sec.
TripleOh.wavAkane: Oh, Ryoga! Ryoga: Oh, Akane... Ukyo: Oh, I'm gonna be sick!80KB7 sec.
ttomboy.wavRanma: G-g-girl did this t-to me. Real t-tomboy type. [smack]299KB13 sec.
Uhhum.wavOnna-Ranma: Uh... um... eheh... Akane: Why you...you... uuugh! [slap]180KB8 sec.
Ukyo1.wavUkyo: Keep away from him, you hussy! Shampoo: Keep hands to self, spatula girl!78KB3 sec.
Ukyo2.wavUkyo: Akane? Shampoo: Ranma? Ukyo/Shampoo: We wouldn't dream of seperating you two.162KB7 sec.
ukyofanny.wavUkyo: You're such a pain in the fanny sometimes.52KB2 sec.
ukyojass.wavUkyo: Whatcha do that for, ya jackass?!41KB1 sec.
ukyostpd.wavUkyo: Were you born stupid or did you just grow that way?!57KB2 sec.
ukyougirl.wavUkyo: What a lucky girl I am, to have a mother who cares for me so!66KB6 sec.

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