This section contains pictures of Left Eye's tattoos as well as descritions of what they are and what they mean.

Left Eye's 80 tattoo started out with no 80 at all. The tattoo was just
an eagle with a knife through its back, which was meant to symbolize freedom (the eagle) and not having freedom (the knife). Left Eye explained this contrast of emotions represented how she felt at the time.
In 1994 Left Eye added the 80, her boyfriend Andre Rison's football number at the time. The eagle could also double as a falcon, Andre's then-team mascot.

Left Eye's smallest tattoo is actually found on her left eyelobe. It's very hard to see, but it's actually a simple eye with a left arrow on-top of it. The eye is actually tattooed around her ear piercing, so when she wore diamond stud earrings, it looked as if the diamond were the iris of the eye.

To my knowledge Left Eye's tattoo of a crescent moon, and music staff adorned with notes and hearts was never explained. However, my interpretation was this was another tattoo for Andre Rison, being that his nickname was "Bad Moon". Plus the music staff could most likely represent Left Eye, and the hearts need no explaination. This is also my favorite tattoo of hers and in my opinion the most creative.

Left Eye's last tattoo on her right arm was dedicated to her step-brother who died in the summer of 1997 in a jet-ski accident during a party left Eye was hosting. His name encircles a ring of thorns and wooden cross driven through a blue heart. It's easily her biggest and most detailed tattoo.

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