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Check out the articles in, FedNews Online, and 12 Now on our June, 2001, panel discussion on Domestic Partner Benefits in the Federal Government ... a part of our 2001 Gay Pride Month activities.

Photo of Rep. Barney Frank
at DOLRep. Barney Frank was the featured speaker at a panel discussion on domestic patner benefits for Federal employees. The panel was a part of Labor GLOBE's 2001 GLBT awareness month observances.

We have developed a form so that Labor-GLOBE can communicate clearly and directly with DOL management about the DOL environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees. The form enables employees to report their positive and negative experiences in their own words. This should minimize errors in translation and delays that might have resulted when using the previous process, as reports will be made regularly. (In the previous process, employees provided verbal reports to Labor-GLOBE officers who then told DOL management about the incidents).

We have two versions of the form available on-line at this time.
  • Version #1 is an interactive form that can be completed on-line and also submitted on-line.
  • Version #2 is a .jpg file for those who may not want to complete/submit a form on-line.
Submit the completed form to:
Diane Herz
[email protected]
2 Massachusetts Ave. #4675
Washington, DC 20212


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