Website Idea - DripWorldWide

Summary - Shoe and clothing reselling business with the ability to trade items based on value. News on upcoming releases.

Content - The site will contain a trade feature which will allow people to trade their clothing or shoe items for other items based on value. Also, for selling we will be posting out own pictures and quality checks for people to see.

Competition - CoolKicksLa is one competitor that has great in person sales and they do not have a website yet. I do like how they have an app where they post items for below market value but you have to be a member to use the app. Another competitor that does well in person and sales through instagram is Kam's Kicks. He has a few employees now to hlep him with online sales but he also does not have a full working website yet. Coolkicks does allow for trades in store but no one has a trade online feature yet.

Purpose - Response No one has built a site where everyone can trade their items and be able to purchase solely online.

Desired Results - I hope that users will be able to buy/sell and be able to trade freely without worry. Everyone has something they are are looking for and something they don't wear as much anymore, so why not be able to trade with eachother?

Target Audience - People that will be visiting the site daily are ages 14-40, both genders, and mainly larger city areas around the world. I want everybody to eventually be able to know and use the site.