Welcome to the NEW PC Slow Down Page!
The NEW PC Slow Down Page!

Do you have the latest computer? A P27 with 2 Terrabytes of RAM and a 900 gig HD? Great! But what happens when you try to play an old PC game? Wham-O! Those starfighters you used to kill in your sleep are suddenly zooming past you like supersonic space-zappers on hyper warp drive! Enter the solution. As a public service I have accumlated all the slow-down programs I could find and put them here. Download the one you think best and try it out. If it doesn't work, come back here and try another one! Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: All programs on this page have been scanned for computer viruses. You should, however, always scan new downloads before using them. I am not responsible for the use or misuse of any of the programs on this page! If you find a virus, break your PC, have a heart attack, lose a finger, are forced to buy a new hard disk, or *whatever* I AM NOT responsible! DOWNLOAD THESE FILES AND USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK. With that said, enjoy the files! :) Please note that the files hosted here are NOT frequently updated. ALWAYS check the author's home pages for the latest versions of their software. If you need it, you can get free anti-virus software by clicking this link.

The following software should work on most modern processors (Pentium 3 or later):

DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, (modem)?, etc., necessary for running many old DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems (Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Apple OS X, Linux and FreeBSD are supported). DOSBox has a built in "slow down" mechanism and should work on a wide variety of software. Please note that this program is only useful if you are trying to run old DOS games.

Advanced_Game_Loader V uses a control-thread to slow down software. This thread controls the processes and interacts with the AGL-Software using messages. Control-Messages can be sent by using predefined hotkeys. You can find the latest version on the author's home page here.

The MS DirectShow SDK CPU Grabber utility can be used to slow CPUs down on Win9x - WinXP systems. It features a small slider to control CPU usage. Run it first and then run your game. You can find out more about Microsoft's DirectX technology here.

Exult is a freely downloadable Ultima 7 port that runs the game on all popular operating systems (including: Windows XP, Apple OS X, and Linux). Slow down routines should be built in. Note that this software will ONLY run Ultima 7!

Mo'Slo slows specific programs, not the entire system. There are three Mo'Slo products: basic, Deluxe and 4BIZ. Basic and Deluxe slow DOS programs in MS-DOS and Windows, with 2 methods, plus cache disabling with Deluxe. Mo'Slo 4BIZ has a Windows interface and slows both DOS and Windows programs, with 3 Win32 methods and 2 DOS methods. All products let you specify slowdown from 99.99% to 0.01% of normal system speed, and 4BIZ also has a system-independent emulation speed. Mo'Slo basic can be downloaded here.

CPU Killer 3 is the successor of cpukiller with plenty of new features: selectable slow down algorithm, hyperthreading/multiprocessor support, realtime CPU monitor, completely configurable interface, cool graphics, automatic link generator for scripting purposes, command-line interface, OSD support, hotkey support and much more. It has been tested on all Windows versions from Windows 95 to Windows 2003 (including Windows XP).

SpeedswitchXP is a small applet that sits in the system tray and allows dynamic switching of the frequencies of mobile Intel and mobile AMD CPUs under Windows XP. Some users have reported having good luck in using SpeedswitchXP with old games that attempt to ascertain the speed of the CPU before playing. Try it and see! Note: This software requires Windows XP.

The following utilities may work on modern CPUs, but they were written for much earlier processors.

Bremze (Latvian for 'brake') slows down PC performance by controlling the speed of execution of programs. It has documentation (in english). BREMZE "sits" on interrupt 08h and 18 times each second runs a blank cycle, the size of which depends on the "braking coefficient" and position, thereby consuming processor time. Bremze home page.

Turbo is a software "Turbo Switch". You may set the effective CPU speed anywhere from 1 to 100% of full speed. All programs will execute at the reduced CPU speed set by Turbo. Works with Win/9x and Win/NT. Freeware.

SlowDown ! This program comes with no text documentation. I do not know if it is freeware or shareware. There are no nag-screens, however. It has command line documentation, and lets the userdefine a rate of "slowness". Be warned, when I ran this program, it took a "whopping" 76k of conventional memory!

Delay ! This freely distributable program will slow your computer down. Written in the 80's, it may not function well on today's machines. It comes with .asm source, some documentation, and only takes 1k when resident in memory. To change the amount of delay in this program, you must edit and recompile the source. Still, if other slow-down programs fail, this one may work!

Slo ! This slowdown program (version 1.4) is from Granite Mountain Software and has a $5 shareware fee. It also has an annoying nag-screen delay, but is probably the most configurable slow-down program of the bunch. It allows you to set the "slowness" of your pc, has an uninstall from memory option, comes with text file documentation, and has several other features. Once installed, I found it to take up about 2k of conventional memory.

Varislow ! This slowdown program was written in the 80's, so it may not work well on today's machines. It has user-interactive "slowness" settings - allowing the user to hold down a key to determine how slow they want things to be. After installation, it took only 1k of conventional memory. Note that the shift keys are used to determine how slow programs run, so games that use those keys may not work with this program. A small text file is included for documentation, and no shareware fee is mentioned.

AT-Slow version 3.0. This is Another slow-down utility. AT-SLOW uses the AT's real time clock found at interrupt 70h to slowdown the PC's speed. There is a $10 registration feefor anyone interesting in registering. Without registration, there's a "push any key to continue" nag screen.

486 Cache Off/On Utilities These programs allow you to turn the 80486's internal cache on and off. Usually your cache should be left enabled, but some software may not work with caching enabled. In particular, Sierra and Dynamix games will not work correctly withthe CMS Sound Blaster if caching is enabled. Also, you can disable the cacheto slow down programs that run too fast on a 486.

Slow is a shareware program that, like all the others on this page, will slow your PC down in some manner. There appear to be several options to change for different values of "slowness". Registration is $5 US, or 25 "Francs" (sic).

Whoah! is an (apparently freeware) .com file that can be used to slow down an AT or faster PC. The source is included in assembly (.asm) along with an already compiled version. If all the other slow down programs have failed, try this one!

Turning off the secondary cache would slow your pc down as well as any of the above programs. Consult your PC manual to see if you can do this.

Do you know of a slow-down program that is not on this page? Is there a small utility that is asked for over and over again in usenet newsgroups? Tell me about it and I'll try to put it here as a public service. Please feel free to E-Mail me at: lostdragonREMOVETHISNOW2@gmail.com but PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME BINARIES VIA E-MAIL WITHOUT ASKING FIRST! Remember to delete REMOVETHISNOW2 from the address or the email will not work.

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