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Klingon Knives

D'k tahg


There are many kinds of Klingon knives, but due to the availability of images to work from, I have focused on the d'k tahg. As I discover additional images this section will grow.

Klingon d'k tahg knives vary frequently, this may be due to designs based on the House served, Fleet served, the rank, the family, or personal preference of the individual. I am aware of no standard for these knives.

Some of the differences are subtle, such as changes in the shape of the blood line, others are drastic, such as changes in the shape of the handle.

Generally speaking, all the knives share this in common, they are approx. 13 - 16 inches (33.02 - 40.64 cm) long, the blades are approx. 3/16 of an inch ( 4.7625 mm) thick and 2 inches (5.08 cm) wide at the widest point. From my examination of an actual prop, and discussions with custom knife collectors, the I believe that the main portion of the handle is 7/8 of an inch (22.225 mm) thick. Finger grips and hilt add an additional 1/8 of an inch (3.175 mm) to the thickness/side, and any other details add no more than an additional 1/4 of an inch (6.35 mm) to the thickness/side. So, overall, the knife would be 1-1/8 inches (2.8575 cm) thick, and 1-5/8 inch (4.1275 cm) at its widest point.

NOTES: Images are not to scale, the d'k tahgs and the mevak were custom made for Paramount (except for figure 4), while Figures 5, and 6 are commercially available.


Figure 1 represents the first d'k tahg introduced in "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock". Used to kill David Marcus. The knife had a rust colored hilt and pommel, with a black handle (including finger grips).


Length: approx. 14 inches
Side blades: Opposing sides of main blade
Trigger: Finger activated, inline with main blade
Original Image Source: "The Star Trek Encyclopedia, revised edition"


Figure 2 represents the second version of the d'k tahg seen. Issued to Kurn, and later to Captain Picard while serving as Worf's cha'DIch ("Sins of the Father" [TNG]). It wasn't seen with side blades retracted until "Son's and Daughters" [DS9]. The handle and hilt are black with rust colored details (including pommel)


Length: approx. 16 inches
Side Blades: Opposing sides of main blade
Trigger: Thumb activated, along the side of the main blade
Original Image Source: Online


Figure 3 represents Gowron's weapon. Used by him to return the name of the House of Mog to the High Council ("Redemption" [TNG]). Overall, the handle was black, except for the hilt details, pommel, and finger grips (which were rust colored).


Length: approx. 14 inches
Side blades: Opposing sides of main blade
Trigger: finger activated, inline with main blade
Original Image Source: "Star Trek: The Continuing Mission"


Figure 4 represents a knife that was briefly seen in "Star Trek: Generations". Manufactured by United Cutlery under the name of "Phoenix" or the older "Bird of Prey".


Length: 13 inches
Side Blades: same side of main blade
Trigger: Thumb activated, along the side of the main blade

Original Image Source: Online


Figure 5 represents the mevak, the ceremonial dagger used in the Mauk to'Vor ritual. This ritual is where the Honor of an individual is restored by the one responsible for the loss of honor. The restoration of honor involves the killing of the dishonored individual with this dagger. Kurn sought such a restoration of honor from Worf after the loss of honor caused by Worf's refusing to support Gowron in the invasion of Cardassia in 2372. ("Sons of Mogh" [DS9])


Length: approx. 14 inches
Original Image Source: "Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models International #37"


Figure 6 is Gil Hibben's "Raptor" knife and is making inroads into Klingon personal weapons, a mirror universe's Jadzia Dax used it to threaten Captain Sisko ("Through the Looking Glass" [DS9]. I spied what I believe to be the knife among Worf's collection of blades (only the handle is recognizable) in "Afterimage" [DS9]. Further evidence of the use of this particular knife is offered in Blade Magazine's January 1999 issue, in an article that covers Gil Hibben, United Cutlery, and Star Trek's involvement with each other.


Length: 13-7/8 inches
Original Image Source: Online


Figure 7 was used by B'Etor to threaten Soran soon after his beaming over to the Duras Sister's BOP ("Star Trek: Generations"). This knife is currently found in the Star Trek: The Experience museum in Las Vegas. The knife is a modified "Raven" knife from Gil Hibben. While the handle remains basically unchanged from the Raven with the exception of the addition of a spike on the pommel and some painted details, the blade was highly altered, including the saw cuts on the top edge, a change of shape to the cutting edge, and cutout shapes in the blade. This image is drawn from a photograph of the "Raven" with my own intrepretation of the modifications, it is not completely accurate (a new image is pending). Gil Hibben (in Klingon garb) is seen holding a second variant of this knife in the January 1999 Blade Magazine article.


Length: 12-3/8+ inches
Side Blades: N/A
Trigger: N/A
Original Image Source: Online






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