Who's Who of Aliens Visiting/Living on Earth

Terrans (of Earth)

1.Human appearing - these are beings which are ostensibly physical in form, appear to be living on earth, in disguise or genuinely human but are recent colonists, covertly or overtly executing missions or learnings, unconsciously or consciously. They can be medically identical or just appear the same. You would not know it if you saw and spoke to one.

a) Earth humans masquerading as aliens

i) Secret government agency operations, -psychological warfare operations, anti-alien tactics, social control tactics, etc

ii) Humans under covert influence of aliens - either from aliens living on earth, or from aliens using remote mind control from craft or other dimensions

iii) 'Star-people' - from those people of the 'new age' type who are fashioning a relatively harmless identity, to real ones, to those who are trying to develop cult followings

1. Souls evolved from earth into human form are not star people

2. Soul's lived on other planets but have been on earth in humanity for numerous lifetimes are also not star people, strictly speaking

3. Souls lived on other planets and have only been on earth as human intermittently over the last many lifetimes - (semi)-star people type 1

4. Souls lived on other planets and been reincarnating on earth for just a few lifetimes consecutively - star person type 2

5. Souls lived on other planets and are here virtually for the first time but were born from an earth mother, and are here with some particular mission or self styled goal, study, learning, evolution - star person type 3

6. Souls from other planets who were not born on earth but rather happened to find a suitable human to 'walk in' and reside within, which human soul either left voluntarily or by force or is still in the body also - i.e. possession (positive or negative) - star person type 4

7. Souls who just 'visit' for a while in the body of a earth human, take it over, then release it back, usually on specific task assignment or experiment or study - star person type 5

8. Beyond this is 'channeling' and the human person is not 'hosting' the soul of any alien or entity but rather is receiving communication from them.

b) Aliens masquerading as humans

i) Pleiadeans - a common 'source' reference

ii) Gray controlled bio-drones, droids

iii) Gray controlled MIBS/holograms, projections

iv) Nordics - nordic/arian race forefathers

v) Koldasians - similar level of evolution

vi) Ashtarians - quite advanced technical

vii) Others - certainly there are more

c) Aliens who are unconscious social 'plants'

i) Pleiadeans - 'immaculate' embryo impants

ii) Ashtarians - 'Jesus Sananda' 'confederation'

iii) others

d) Aliens minding own business, isolated

i) Pleiadeans - Quetzal from Meier contacts

ii) Others - Nordics, Yeti, etc

e) Aliens minding our business, remoted

i) Pleiadeans - under Ashtarian command

ii) Kamagolians - 'Fatima' group

e) Earthkind descended from Aliens

i) Different races, yellow, black, white, red, etc

ii) Most recent - Basques

2.Humanoid appearing

a) Dwarfs
b) Reptilian
c) Yeti, Bigfoot
d) Bafath
e) Gray skin with large black eyes
f) Dark large headed insect-like

3.Non-humanoid Extra-terrestrials

1.Human appearing

a) Earth humans from another time/space
i) Future same space
ii) Future parallel world space
iii) Present parallel world space

b) Aliens looking as human
i) Koldasians
ii) Itibians
iii) Ashtarians
iv) Pleiadeans
v) Dals
vi) 'Nordics'
vii) Gray controlled bio-drones
viii) Droids
ix) Others

2.'Humanoid' appearing

a) Smooth skinned

i) Akartians
ii) Iargans
iii) Others
iv) Orion Betelgeuseans
v) Talls
vi) Oranges
vii) Kamagolians type 2
viii) Human/Gray interbreeds
ix) Dwarfs
x) Hairies (yeti type)
xi) Ummo's

b) Scaly supersmooth skinned (Saurian)

i) Zeta Reticulans
ii) Orion Betelgeuseans (big nosed, medium eyes)
iii) Gray big eyes, no nose, 5 feet or more
iv) Gray big eyes, no nose, 3 feet tall
v) Green big eyes, photosynthetic

c) Scaly rough skinned i) Reptilian slit nose
ii) Reptilian with nose
iii) Reptilian with various color skins

3.Non-humanoid - unknown


1.Human appearing

a) Earth humans from another time/space
b) Aliens disguised as human
c) Aliens from another time/space
d) Projections/holograms
e) Poltergeists

2.Humanoid appearing

a) Many of extraterrestrials with dimensional travel


a) Physical
i) unknown

b) Semi-physical
i) EM spectrum limited
ii) Can periodically 'manifest' as physical
iii) 'Refined' physical, maybe not visible to all

c) Non-physical
i) were humanoid/human at one time
ii) never humanoid, parallel dimension
iii) never physical, spiritual dimension


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