The Markabian/Orion Scenario for Planetary Control

Typically, the overall purpose or goal is TOTAL ONE WORLD DOMINATION AND CONTROL - the operative policy is "the end justifies the means.". Note: Cultural derivation from Darwinian/Hobbesian/Malthusian dictates

To fully grasp what is and has been going on here on this planet, it is necessary to realize that life is basically a game with the attendant "freedoms","barriers" and "purposes", as well as the fact that the game is played at several levels simultaneously. There are larger and larger spheres of influence, and this becomes very obvious as your consciousness grows and your viewpoint expands. You also begin to see everything from multiple perspectives simultaneously.

As was inferred in previous books, the farther you go back into someone's existence (through the many "lifetimes" of experience), the larger the game appears. Going back all the way, you discover a large grouping of fun-loving beings who created mock-ups of games which involved planets, forms, colors, sounds, and lots of action and sensation - ultimately you reach the awareness that it is consciousness itself which arranged the "master game", but that's another story.

To deny that higher level games are going on in the present time is only an admission of how far such a person having this viewpoint has come down the spiral. Such a person's reality level, level of confrontation, level of ethics, and overall level of responsibility are not up to the task. Such people remain pawns of the various games, mere robotic vestiges of what they could be and are totally incapable of affectation in any way at all. Of course, this is precisely the position that anyone who denies you knowledge or tries you to keep "finding out for yourself" intends you to be in.

The game of planetary control on Earth (and elsewhere) has been going on for a very very long time. It is not the game of Communism vs. Capitalism, East vs.West, Catholic vs. Heretics, Islam vs. Infidels, or Black vs. White.

Those games and others like them are tailor made "red herrings" and are well publicized and used by the scenario makers, and seem like the biggest, most attention-grabbing, problematic, dangerous, involved, revelatory, expensive, fearful and significant games and conflicts around. People "believe" in them, play them, live and die in them, hate them, love them, and try to escape from them. They are very "real" and are continually made to seem so my constant mass-media coverage.

A Little Background

The planetary control game remains hidden behind the glitter and blare of the latest social, political, religious, and "scientific" news. As mentioned originally in Matrix II, many of the leaders of planetary suppression on Earth simply leap from body to body as the bodies age and die and continue to perpetrate acts of suppression on the population. This specific process has been going on here on Earth for hundreds of years. Refer to Matrix II pages 102,103,370A and 370B. I will not intentionally be redundant and repeat the same data.

These "cosmic players" view humans (as do their controllers from different star systems) as a race to be subjugated and enslaved. This is one of their "eternal" secrets. The cosmic players have been referred to as the "Markabians/Orion Group/Reptilian Groups" in Matrix II, and they are status and control oriented, demand conformity. Their apparent intention is to add Earth to their list of controlled planets. They favor government extension and influence by mind control as the "solution" to the "problems" (wars, pollution, terrorism, catastrophes and other scenarios) that they have in fact created.

Non-conformity within their own ranks results in notable political assassination, bankruptcies, and power plays within the group of "insiders". Ultimately, these "insiders" are the players of the game(s), and they are quite aware that they are not bodies but immortal beings. The people who are the game pieces, within this context, are bound to body consciousness and do not realize who they are or their own nature. They represent the majority of the population of the planet. As mentioned in Matrix II, it is one of these players who apparently ordered the nuclear blasting of Earth 75 million years ago (although it was not in behalf of the Markabians at the time). He was subsequently imprisoned by escaped and now is within the Markabian scenario. Xenu was his name, and terror was his game.

The event of the nuclear blasting of Earth 75 million years ago has been referred to as the "wall of fire", and a layer of dust remains in rock strata which is radioactive - geologists are quite aware of it but offer no quot;explanation", other than "intense volcanic activity about 70 million years ago". According to all evidence that is currently obtainable, Earth was then declared "off limits" and labeled a "restricted zone". It was later re-seeded with new life

forms, most of which were transported to Earth from other systems within this sector and evolved as stable flora and fauna after the radioactivity levels died down to normal and mutation was no longer a serious problem.

Although the continents drifted apart rather rapidly, attempts were apparently made to duplicate previous conditions. Thus, in the southern half of Africa, which had been a wildlife park, we today find a tremendous diversity of life which obviously could not have "evolved" there, as this extreme variety occurs nowhere else on the planet. Other game "players" that came along later, situated the black-skinned humanoid race in that same area, as they possessed certain genetic aspects which the "controllers" wanted to keep suppressed - sticking them in the middle of a wild game preserve had the function of suppressing development of those aspects, whatever they were.

At the time of the "wall of fire", Earth had apparently been a beautiful planet with a population of billions and large jeweled cities. After the destruction had passed and other life forms were seeded on the Earth, initial stocks of humanoid body types were brought to Earth, and those became the "races of man".


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