The Markabian/Orion Model of Earth's Future

The only "investigation" of models and scenarios for the Markab control datum were conducted for the projected period from 1984 to 1991. Obviously, we are beyond that date now, but let's examine what the original projections were:

"In the near future, they plan to have a Markabian political leader as head of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. That position is chosen by political representatives of the European nations who are nearly all under control by (the groups listed in Matrix II and in Dr John Colemans Conspiracy of the 300). Opinion leaders in each country, including the United States, are being heavily touted and built up by the controlled press, and from the fields of science, philosophy, and letters. These non-political leaders

will all say that the President of the European Parliament is their opinion leader - at the appropriate time. Also in 1984 the Markabians worked flat-out to defeat President Reagan (USA) and Prime Minister Thatcher (UK) who both oppose excessive control. A crash of the dollar is planned with gold rising to $700 per ounce or more. A big "conventional weapons" war is planned for the Middle East. There will be threats of the use of atomic, biological and chemical weapons [this occurred in 1990]. Markabian political leaders will press for more "controls and emergency measures". Freedoms still existing will be abrogated. The world bankers will fluctuate currencies wildly.

The media will cry "doom" but advise everyone to "be calm". The One-World Police State will arrive and even be welcomed by those who have learned to desire control and conformity.

Then, the "stable datum" will appear as a communication from an extra-terrestrial civilization (Markab) offering peace, friendship, new technology, trade, and economic and political alignment. This message will be scientifically obtained - maybe through a radio or biological telescope receiver. The message will be given to the President of the European Parliament who will thereafter "act" as the official communication relay point between Markab and Earth. The previously prepared national opinion leaders will say, "listen to him. He is wise". He will propose and end to war to consider this great chance for Man, and the world bankers (Markab) who financed war will withdraw their offers to lend money and sell arms. The war will stop. A press and media campaign will begin to convince everyone to support the alignment to Markab.

Anyone wishing to stay free and independent from Markab will be sharply criticized, and the past history and problems (Markab created) will be brought up to illustrate that Earth cannot make it on its own. Religious leaders will support the effort to avoid "apocalypse". A world vote will be taken, and if the referendum passes, Earth will lose its freedom and its chance for an exciting, independent, expanding future, and will become a slave planet subject again to the same being, Xenu, who was responsible for destroying it 75 million years ago."

A chilling scenario, but quite within the realm of possibility,when you consider all the scenarios we have heard over the last five years, combined with what is known to be happening now.


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