The Political Gambit on Earth

The Political Gambit on Earth

The players who have as their object the suppression and domination of the planetary population on Earth have no concept of loyalty, honesty and justice. A typical game tactic is to take control of both "sides" of an apparently perceived "game" [as well as the middle) and have the controlled media assert to the population that those are the "only alternatives", thus creating a process which is designed to corral all free thought.

There is also the process of using "models". A "model" is a composite of several scenarios that have a definite purpose, and underlying the concept of a "model" is the concept of a "stable datum". In other words, to gain control of an area you must observe it, and if there is stability you create confusion if it is confused you create stability.

The "authoritarian false datum" is another mind control game used to cover true intentions. One of the games in that context is that people are made (and conditioned) to "believe" that they "are bodies" who "live only one lifetime", while the controllers plan their actions over several lifetimes and have procedures for switching from one body (chosen for its position and influence) to another.

Another important "authoritarian false datum" is that GOLD is "just another commodity", while in fact the key players have been amassing it, knowing full well that GOLD is a valued currency in Galactic trade and exchange. When Earth is again free to trade and communicate with other species, the key players plan on having all the wealth.


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