Interview with Al Bielek

AB: Alfred Bielek
SS: Sovereign Scribe
TC: Tracy Cooper
DG: Danielle Graham
(Date unknown; Source: Matrix III)

SS: I have a basic question which might be a good starting off point. Could you give me a thumb-nail sketch of how you make a battleship disappear? I know it takes generators ... now what do you do?

AB: A thumb-nail sketch is you have to distort the normal time field. In the case of what they were doing, they were rotating the time field in which the ship itself sat. If you rotate it at about 45 degrees it becomes invisible, if you rotate it 90 degrees it drops out of our reality and that's not what they wanted to do. The basic technique, just in thumb-nail, is that you rotate the time field. Consequently radar signals will pass right through it like it doesn't exist. If you rotate it far enough, optically it doesn't exist. It would not be visible to the eye under normal observation.

SS: What is the time field?

AB: The time field is an extension of our physical reality. According to Einstein it is a physical dimension. In other words it's the fourth dimension.

SS: And can be moved?

AB: It can be manipulated, let's put it that way. It can be interfaced, it can be manipulated. You can do things with it. Consequently you do things with whatever is in that area of field that you're manipulating.

SS: Are you moving it with magnets?

Ab: You're moving it with electromagnetic fields and R.F. fields, however the means of modulation of those fields are such that it generates higher order fields. In other words, you're not going to affect the time fields with a plain, ordinary electromagnetic radiation.

SS: What's an R.F. field?

AB: Radio Frequency. The same thing as a radio of TV or whatever.

SS: So it takes a combination of the two.

R.F. field interacting in a certain manner and with additional equipment to produce higher order fields which will rotate the time field.

SS: If an object or a person is either brought forward or backward through a time tunnel, doesn't this create a "paradox" because of the object not belonging to that particular time?

AB: Yes, you do.

SS: Was that a problem?

AB: No it w as not a problem, so far as I know. I can only speak about Montauk. They regularly sent people through the time tunnels and brought them back. They did send some objects through the time tunnels with no intention of bringing them back at that time. Sort of like storage at a distance. I understand from what Dr. Herman Entenman said, was that on some of those occasions they lost what they sent out because the tunnel collapsed due to failure of the equipment. So the tunnel collapses and disintegrates. Whatever is out there is just atoms lost in eternity, so to speak. But other than that, no, they had no problems in sending something out and later retrieving it, whether it was a person or an object. The real problem came when you made deliberate attempts, which were done, to alter the past history and alter what happened to certain people. That had an inroad effect on me. Something was done involving an alien that was shipped backwards in time; roughly 100,000 years ago. And also to my brother, I'm not sure what the time period was. I would estimate from what he said, about 12,000 years ago, maybe less, wherein something from a more recent time was forced back upon him and changed his whole nature.

SS: Where did the writers of the movie The Philadelphia Experiment get their information?

AB: That is a very long and interesting story. I wondered about that myself and we assumed, for a period of time, that that information came in mostly as speculation on the pan of the actual producer. I know who it is, but his name does not appear on the credits and he doesn't want his name known. But he asked Preston (Nichols) over a period of time from 1982 to 1983 a lot of questions about the Philadelphia Experiment, and Preston knew quite a bit about it, at that time, he finally admitted it, and answered this guy's 1001 questions, as it were. And this guy became the actual director of the film. We assumed that he expanded with his own speculation on this because some of it in there is not true, but it was based largely on Preston's information and his own expansion on it.

Turns out that wasn't the case at all. We did a lecture in New York in 1989. Preston, Duncan and myself were invited to talk about the Phoenix Project and the Philadelphia Experiment, which we did. Officially it was not video taped, but it privately it was. A copy of this thing somehow wound up over in England and got to EMI Thorn and got to someone in archives.

Well, they came to New York and looked up Preston. They found Preston's address and came to his home one evening and said, "We've finally found you." Preston says, "What do you mean?" He says, 'Well we've been looking for you for quite a while. You're the fourth man in the picture."

Preston says, "What picture are you talking about?" He showed him a photograph of a family portrait that was made in 1890 of the Thorn brothers of Thorn Industries. One of the backers of the organization was none other than Aliester Crowley and this fourth person who was apparently a bit older. The fourth person was identical to Preston except he looked approximately 10 years older than Preston looked, say a year ago. And they knew that this fourth person was important and Crowley insisted at that time that this man was not of their time, meaning the time of 1890. He was out of the future, and this guy gave him the whole history of the boat experiment and it had been in the archives of EMI Thorn since 1890.

It was some time in the 60's or 70's EMI Corporation and Thorn Industries merged and they decided to do a movie. The decision to start it was in 1983 and they came to the US. to do the filming. But they said that they had the actual record of the experiment in their archives since 1890.

SS: And you're saying Preston brought it back?

AB: Preston brought it back according to the statement made by Crowley at that time and according to the records in the archives.

SS: We'd like to clarify some things from the presentation. How old are you now?

AB: By my birth certificate 63. By adding the additional years when I was actually born I would be 73. In terms of real time not counting age regression I'd be 63 plus 30 which is 93 plus the time I spent on various secret government projects such as the Phoenix Project where they were doing the right brain / left brain split type thing, a sort of conjugate personality thing. They do this now to get you to work on two different projects at two identical times practically as two different people.

SS: So you've lived over 93 years in a 63 year old body?

AB: yes.

SS: Were you speculating that the Philadelphia Experiment was a set up by the aliens?

AB: It very definitely was a set up. Right now it is very definite. There was speculation a couple of months ago 'cause some of the pieces were just beginning to come into view. The whole thing was a setup.

SS: What tipped you off that it was an alien setup?

AB: Finally getting some data on Roosevelt's agreements, where he signed an agreement with the aliens in 1934. I started looking in on this and it started to make some kind of sense.

The Pleiadians were turned down in 1953 again when they insisted one of the points they required if they were to work out a deal with the US. Government was that they must scrap all their nuclear weapons. Well the US. government was just not ready to do that, not in 1953. So they were turned down politely and along came the greys and they made an agreement with them.

But again back in 1933 was Roosevelt's agreement with the "K's" and because of that in 1934 the Pleiadians went over to Nazi Germany and worked something out with them. But there you had across the Atlantic two powers which were getting ready to fight each other. There was one ET-group on one side of the Atlantic passing us technical information, it's going to be fairly obvious that it's very likely that there's going to be another one on the other side of the Atlantic feeding information to try and keep some kind of a balance, particularly one of them was concerned with the survival of a major segment of the human race.

I finally got confirmation from a number of people. The original confirmation, I understand there are hard copy notes on this, comes from Billy Meyers in Switzerland.

TC: What does E=MC2C2 light reciprocal mean?

AB: That would be C to the 4th. That does not have meaning other than that would rotate you into one of these hyperspacial locations which is C to the 4th and you would be out of the electromagnetic and you would pass into one of the etheric domains.

TC: Would it be accurate to say that when they made the Eldridge disappear what they do is just rotate it into another dimension?

AB: That's what happened but that's not what was intended. What was intended was to rotate the time field so that there would be no reflections of either light energy or electromagnetic energy which is essentially the same as a matter of the frequency.

TC: So they isolated the time dimension.

AB: Yes, and rotated it and that was all they woe intending to do. But that of course is not all that happened.

TC: They ended up rotating the entire...

AB: ... localized field around the ship.

TC: How can you begin to understand that?

AB: Because I not only had all the physics training then but also the specialized training which came from von Neumann because he understood it. At the time when you graduate from the standard physics course even at the best universities today, even a Ph.D., you don't really know what's going on because that's information that's withheld. An understanding comes later. All that is a basis for laying the groundwork for understanding. The real understanding of what's happening has to come from private tutoring. This is why the Illuminati has survived so long because there is a hard basis of knowledge there, as well as ability. But von Neumann had figured it out, along with Hilbert, and his interface with Hilbert and perhaps Einstein and Levinson.

TC: What would you say to a person who had a physics background who wants to have a deeper understanding, how would they pin it?

AB: How? Hmmm. You would have to study currently some of the literature and information put out by Tom Bearden, for one example. But you have ,to be careful also about Tom Beardon because he also puts out some disinformation. You have to filter it very carefully. He does put out some good information but every so often he puts a corkscrew in there, and that's particularly true in some of his reference to the weather control generated by the Russians. It's not. We have our own. And some of the other things, some of the other basic physics which refers to the bouncing electron in the atomic shell that's real for a period of time and then virtual for a period of time. Well that aspect's correct. But he says when it becomes virtual, it goes into a reverse time universe, then it falls into the anti-matter universe. Anti-matter universe is NOT reverse time. There is a reverse time universe and there's an anti-matter universe. So that is disinformation right there. And what he describes is partially correct, but not fully correct.

TC: So where else would you look for more information?

AB: Where else? I'd say look into some of Von Neuman's works. He has a list of 15 books and some of them are not at all relative to this. He does have some of the information and some of the works which definitely tie back to the theoretical approach which was made.

TC: But there's no way we can get ahold of the time equations, is that correct?

AB: Most likely, no. It is highly classified.

DG: Regarding the boat experiment, was it because they generated too much energy that it took them beyond their anticipated results or was there an alien manipulation that actually generated the field in such a way that they went beyond their expected results?

AB: No, just the rotation of the field itself would not create the problem. It was the fact that they locked up with another experiment which brought them far beyond the 6th level which they were capable of generating on the Eldridge. They had to be capable of generating 6 levels in order to get 5, and 5 is what they had to have in order to rotate the time fields. Uh, you lose one in there, so to speak. You manipulate from the highest level what is below, that's why they had to go to 6 to get manipulation of the 5th. But that of itself would not have done what happened. You have to have additional orders and you have to have other factors which cause the lock up.

DG: One of the things that's really interesting about this video that we've seen is you and your brother's unique approach to understanding time, since you have experienced time in a very nonlinear fashion. When you've created a loop like the loop that was created between 1943 and 1983 with regards to locking up of the two different experiments, how does that loop ever break?

AB: It doesn't. It is there and it remains there but after a certain period of time it probably won't have any effect. When you get 20 years past 1983 it's not likely to have any problem at all anymore. You don't lose it, you don't remove it. It just doesn't have any effect anymore. It's already had its effect by the transit and when you come back.

DG: Does it disperse?

AB: No, it's just something that stays there and exists like a smoke trail in the sky. It's there and they slowly dissipate over a long period of time.

(Regarding the boat experiment) Nothing was told to us about travel, only what we were doing in terms of that experiment. We had no expectation of anything like that happening. It was neither planned and wanted, or expected. It just plain happened.

I don't regret that aspect. The only thing I have sometimes thought about and question whether I have regrets about it is whether or not we might have all been better off if instead of letting Duncan go back to 1983. I'd held him there on the ship so he couldn't jump overboard the second time, until the ship returned to normal space/time. He wouldn't have been back through that experience and dead. Things would have been different. Whether or not they would have been better is a wild speculation, and strictly speculation. But it definitely would have been different. I was not in a position to really anticipate what he was going to do. He gave no warning he was going to do it. The movie says otherwise, but of course the movie has a lot of speculation in it that he planned to go back because of his girlfriend. Well there was no girlfriend in the other end, in fact, it was a disaster for him.

TC: What is your understanding of anti-matter?

AB: Oh, that comes out of Von Neumann. Von Neumann was very much aware of it. And there is a lot of work done on it now. Today we deal in speculation in physics about antimatter. And, of course, there is discussion, both in the realm of science fiction and in physics about what you could do to create energy from a matter/anti-matter interface without creating an unbelievably powerful bomb which could be very, very disastrous. But there's a lot of speculation on that now as to the two universes, and if you got matter from one into the other what would happen? Can you control the reaction and how much energy could it create? That is speculative at the present time.

In addition to that, it's a little bit more than speculative because you have the aspects of the U.F.O. ships that have been turned over to our government out in Nevada. That has been discussed.

Bob Lazar has discussed the business of the element 115 and the fact that they use it to generate anti-matter and the anti-matter generator source and from that they amplify gravity waves and this is what they use for their drive system. Now there's no technology like this on earth. He says that there's no way we can replicate it. He said furthermore, there's no way we can come up with atomic element 115 in any quantities because it requires a totally different physical environment to produce it. Though he says our government has perhaps some 500 pounds of the stuff. And it is incredibly powerful.

He said he was hired because of what they called an "unscheduled nuclear event", in which a number of scientists were vaporized. They had to go out and hire replacements for them. And he got the word. He was at Los Alamos working as a physicists. He heard about this and went down and talked to EG and G and apparently he was accepted and then he was actually put on the Navy payroll, is what he says, then he went to Los Alamos and eventually wound up working on the UFO's and UFO problems and related things.

His comment was that they don't have enough really qualified people. They don't understand what's going on. They don't really understand what's going on with this, and he says it's also impossible to produce element 115 on Earth. This had to have been brought in. Yet they have this technology them. He says its definitely not built there. He says he can say that very flatly as a physicist. Ther's no way we can build this, not in this century. 50 years from now, who knows. Maybe 20 years from now.

(Regarding time tampering, its implications and free will:) ...Things could be manipulated in our future basis to alter the time line, as it were. Again to alter it on a major basis, it would be a minor thing for an individual. If it be a major basis it would affect the whole planet, depending on what effect it had. Now free will still plays, then the (time) line shifts and the whole reality scenario changes, after it changes you still have free will but, I understand the basis of your question: is it sort of like a higher order reality coming down and hitting you over the head and after the stroke is over you go back to playing your little game of reality as you know it, or as I know it or anybody else knows it. It does raise some serious questions, yes. And how much free will do we really have? In other words, who else ... lets say, who else has more free will than us?

TC: Back to this time limit, they isolated the time field with the Eldridge, would you agree with Bearden that the time dimension is the connection with other dimensions, with the higher order dimensions?

AB: Yes, basically.

TC: How so?

AB: Time dimensions involve the 4th and 5th dimensions but your anti-matter universe is also locked in, but it's not locked in that way, it's locked in the 6th dimensional level and also the 11th. And you get throught his whole, strange arrangement, you get into, through higher order time manipulation, you get into areas of other universes. Now that's not completely answering your question in terms of what Bearden is saying. But, like I say, he's correct at least as far as I understand what he's saying, and I'm not sure I understand all of what he's saying because I haven't read it all.

Time is, in a larger sense, in reality, a dimension. But it is not something which we, in our level here, really understand, and we certainly don't see it. We only see the effects.

(Regarding Bearden) ... his real job now is still defense analysis and strategy analysis; the same thing he did in the military he's doing for private corporations. And he also appears to be still connected with Intelligence. He says he's retired but I have my own personal doubts about that because of certain things he says. But most of the research and he said this he has had to make dear at his public lectures, when he starts talking about the Russian work, the UFO's and the weather modification and all of what he said, this is my own research, it has not come out of government classified sources, it is not infringing on government classified information or privileged information. He said, this is my own research; it's totally separate. He's quite clear about this and I'm sure he's quite correct because he would be in an awful pile of trouble.

There's only one area where he stuck his nose out and he's gotten himself in trouble, and that was when he spoke out about AIDS, the causes and cures of AIDS. He has his book: AIDS: Biological Warfare; and it's a bombshell. And he got more than got his wrists slapped over that because he stated very flatly the causes and the potential cures, (accurately,) for the most part. He alluded to the electromagnetic cures but he also did not point out, though I haven't read the book in full, he accurately states there is no electromagnetic connection. There certainly is in so far as the triggering mechanisms are concerned. The virus gets into the body. The body, if it's working at all, and you're not already 3/4 dead, the immune system automatically puts up a defense to the virus and isolates it. And then it sits there in the body for "umpteen" periods of time. It may run 6 months, it may run 10 years and nothing happens. Sometimes it never happens with a person. They've got the virus in them all this time. They'll get an HIV plus reaction on the test because of the antibody reaction with the chemicals they use in the testing. But that doesn't mean the person automatically is going to come down with the disease. Its not automatic.

There are other factors involved. The weakening of the immune system and triggering the mechanism of the reproduction of the virus. Anything that triggers it such as pulsed electromagnetic fields will start it going, that's why most of your AIDS cases are in the big cities, and very little in the rural are". You go well north of Denver there are no charted cases as such.

SS: Why is that, because there are just free floating electromagnetic waves?

AB: It's because of the concentrated electromagnetic pollution in our big cities. The major problem seems to be our TV stations. The fact that they use pulsed transmission, class D transmission for higher efficiency and to get a better picture out further and also to avoid some of the problem in reception. They also additionally use circular polarization. But the pulsed transmission as characteristics of a TV, they can do this on AM, they can not do it on FM. It's very, very complex and very difficult. But with the signal for TV, which is AM, or for the Voice of America AM broadcasting facilities which are all over Africa and various places around the world, which are now running megawatts of power, there are also class D pulse modulation. And this stuff generates enormous harmonies and is very disruptive to the body's physiology. This may be the key to what's going on with the AIDS, the rise of the cases in the cities.

But he (Beardon) got into this and he got into the fact that the government knows the cause and they probably know the cure and boy, they came down on him. It's part of the government policy, they don't want a cure for AIDS - it's part of the population control program. The Navy did a private estimate a couple of years ago on a classified study how many people were likely to come down with AIDS by the year 2000, as an example. Their computer studies said by the year 2000 there will not be man or beast, vertabrea beast, on the face of the earth that doesn't have the virus in him. And they don't know how many will succumb or how long it will be if there will even be a human race left.

That was the Navy's study. It was highly classified. A friend leaked it and the Navy couldn't quite kick him out bemuse of that. He was violating security but they didn't want to do it on that basis because you see if they fire him for violating security he has the right to know why and he can make it public. And that was not something they wanted public. So they didn't fire him over that. They found another means and they got rid of him, killed his clearance and dumped him. But he went public on that thing and that was the Navy's study and Beardon is saying the same thing. It's going to start increasing at a geometric progression rate, and he says it will be getting in the next 5 years way out of hand. It's already way out of hand in Africa.

TC: These class D pulse modulations, do you have to have a TV to process it in order for it to be harmful?

AB: No, it has nothing to do with the receiver. It's the transmitting signal itself. If you're sitting close to a transmitter or within reasonable distance; you would have to establish a criteria of field strength, and I don't know what that threshold is on this, but if you're radiated by the signals from the transmitter, if you're reasonably close to the actual physical tower, the transmitter, you're getting radiated, it's going to affect you physiologically.

Now there's a very good example of this. Measurements were made of this in Portland, Oregon. Oregon is perhaps unique in this in that they have all of their FM, AM, and TV transmitters upon Mt. Olympia, and it's an ungodly collection of transmitters in one location. Right next to this transmitter site are all kinds of residences, people living there.

The rate of leukemia is very high in Portland in that area; and one private doctor did a private study on this to try and correlate what is doing this, what's going on, looked back in the case histories, the family histories, etc.. He found out that people that lived in the vicinity of those transmitters came down with this particularly nasty form of leukemia and he finally determined that if they lived there long enough the rate of succumbing to leukemia was 100%. There were no exceptions. If they moved away from that area they would recover as long as they didn't have it fatally already.

The physiological symptoms in the sites of the transmitter within a mile or so were severe, very severe. The people knew it, in some cases and they just got the sense and said, "I don't like it here, let's go somewhere else," and they go someplace else and they get over it.

I was up in that site once with a friend Bill who was working as a chief engineer down at the local AM, FM and TV stations in Portland and he'd have to go up and do maintenance occasionally in that tower in the transmitter section. He says he hated to go up there. He says you're up there half an hour and your brain just scrambles, you can't think straight anymore.

You walk in the door and they have this fluorescent tube over the door, it glows day and night He told me, he says, "That's not wired to anything." I say, "What do you mean it's not wired to anything?" He says, "There's no connections. You can hold that thing in your hands and it will light up like a Christmas tree. That's how much RF is coming out of this building. We're subjected to that as long as we're in here., They have problems occasionally where the equipment just fries itself, particularly some of the solid state components which are highly susceptible to this sort of thing. He said, "You don't want to stay up here very long. I don't want to. I have to come up here to do maintenance. When go home I have quite a time getting over it. It takes overnight." It just scrambles the normal function of his brain. He can't think anymore as to what he's doing, what he's up there for, what tools to pick up, what he's actually working on. The continuity of thought is lost.

TC: This class D pulse modulation, is it scalar?

AB: No. It produces RF sidebands and harmonic sidebands which are damaging and it may produce some scalar components. I don't think anybody's done a good study on that. But it's not doing this deliberately if it is. See, all tube-type transmitters, and all of these are great big transmitter tubes, all produce some of the higher order energies, and some solar-type transmission without it being intended. This is one of the reasons why, any ordinary AM transmitter produces some of those higher order energies, and if you want overseas reception you have to use tube-type receivers particularly the types designed by T. Henry Morey and Tesla in the 1930's, to get a consistent reception from overseas. The solid state receivers are worth the powder to blow them for the most part, not the commercial ones. They do not work that well. They lose part of the components. They lose all the higher order energies which you need to reinsert in the processing in the signal in order to prevent the very severe fading effects which normally occur.

TC: Can they put the subliminal messages on CD's and cassette tapes ?

AB: Not readily on magnetic tape bemuse you have a very limited frequency range in which they work. They could probably do it on laser discs. They couldn't do it on a CD audio disc because your frequency range is too limited them

SS: Are there any things you can use to protect yourself from ELFs and these waves?

AB: Yes there, are devices available and I have one that might be one of them. I have not examined it, it's the first time I saw it. We'll have it measure it to see what it's putting out, take it apart and look at it. But there are devices that have been available and are still available that do help. There's more than one approach. The 7.83 hertz human resonance thing is one of the most reliable. It's only about 35% effective. It does not help everybody, but it is helpful.

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