Kakuro Puzzles


1.This solves Kakuro problems of size 10x10 or less.
2.Select number of rows and columns.Press Show.The grid will appear.
3.Enter the clues in the form 5/ for column total 5, /3 for row total 3 and 16/10 for column total 16 and row total 10.
4.If a clue square is blank, mark that square as /
5.Leave all the squares where answers are to be filled as blank.
6.Click Solve after making and verifying all entries.Only / sign is to be used. The sign \ is not to be used. Be very careful.The clue squares will turn pink.
7.This solver can solve properly formed problems of easy and medium complexity. In very complex problems,the applet will stop after some time due to memory problem.
8.This may not work properly in browsers other than IE.

Model Entry
/5/4/ /
/9  /

General Rules of Kakuro for manual solving

1. The grid is to be filled up so that each run of squares (white squares to the right of the clue or white squares down the clue) adds up to the total in the box to the left or above it. Empty coloured squares are dummies. The clue squares are coloured squares with entries like 5/, /3, 16/10. 5/ means column total is 5, /3 means row total is 3 and 16/10 means column total is 16 and row total is 10.
2. Only numbers 1-9 are to be used but the same number should not be used more than once in each run. A number can, however, be used again in the same row or column, if it is not in the same run.
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