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Haris Koumaras was born in Athens on 20th of June 1980. He started playing the piano at the age of nine at the National Conservatory. He later continued his studies with tutor the pianist George Tryfonas, who helped him to discover his passion for music. In 1992 the pianist Christos Kouridakis unveiled to him another site from the world of music: Composition. With his help Haris composed his first piano pieces and attended music theory lessons from A. Zaxari, and piano lessons from Margarita Theodorakaki at Musical Education Conservatory (Piraeus). In 1994 he composed the piano piece Anthos tou Gialou, which music was based on a fiction by A. Papadiamantis. This was a special task to him and the first time that he performed his work publicly. In the same year he was ranked at the intermediate level of? piano course by official greek critics and attended some piano lessons with J. Halliker. The next year he enrolled at Attiko Conservatory and continued his studies with pianist Dionyssis Mallouhos and attended Harmony lessons with Ioannis Christofilos, the principal of the conservatory. The creative cooperation between him and his tutors helped him to attain his hopes and discover new techniques not only at the piano performance, but also in the use of Harmony. He graduated in 1999 from the Department of Theory and Harmony of Music of Attiko Conservatory, and passed the final exams for the Harmony Diploma with Excellent with Honors. He also attends chamber music lessons with viollocelist Sotiris Tahiatis. Till now he has participated in many piano concerts and he has completed many compositions, including piano pieces and quartets. Under the guidance of the worldwide famous pianist Dionyssis Mallouhos, he passed the piano degree exams in January 2002 with grade Excellent with Honors. He also holds a BSc in Physics, a MSc and a PhD in Informatics.

Disclaimer: The site form will not be updated to a more contemporary format -despite the fact that the owner is familiar to the latest web editing technologies- as an action of respect to the emotional memories that accompany this version of the site
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