Shin Torimono no Densetsu
The World of The Criminal Museum of Meiji University's 'Nawa Collection'

(2) Restraining and hand-held arresting tools (Musubi to Nigirimono Hogu)

image 1
2-1 Marohoshi (collapsible arresting truncheon) - not in image
2-2 Ikkaku-ryu Tebo Mokuroku (Arresting weapon scroll of the Ikkaku Ryu) - not in image
2-3 Nanban-kagi (forked arresting tool) - image 1
2-4 Buki Nihyakuzu (reprint) - image 1

images 2 and 3
2-5 Goshiki Nawa (five colored arresting cords): Springtime use (blue) – Summertime use (red) – Autumn use (white) – Wintertime use (black) – Doyou (yellow)
* Cords displayed with two makimono scrolls - image 2
Image 3 depicts a number of hon-nawa ties with arresting cords identical to those of the art of Edomachikata Jutte Torinawa (from Tokugawa Bakufu Keiji Zusho) - image 3

images 4 and 5
2-6 Fundo-tsuki Nawa/Chokyakusan (weighted cord) - image 3
2-7 Tejo Kagi-tsuki (handcuffs and key) - image 3
2-8 Taihoji no Hayatejo (quick arrest cuff) - image 3
Image 5 depicts the scene of arrest using jutte/torinawa

I have reproduced some images taken with kind permission from the exhibition at the Criminal Museum of Meiji University here for your study and reference, and ask you please do not reproduce the following contents without the premission of this museum. Please enjoy the following pages of the Nawa Collection.

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