Radionic Evocation Machine

Radionic Evocation Machine
The FUTURE of Evocation!



Bring Success * Draw Love to You * Form Protective Walls Around You * Empower Your Business * Bring Wealth * Help You Contact Higher Beings * Bring Balancing Energies * Strengthen Your Aura * Help You Astral Project * Deactivate Implants * Energize Food and Drink * Bring Higher Conscioiusness * Drive Away Insects * Kill Plant diseases * Increase Subtle Energy Fields * Time travel * Increase Automobile Life * Analyze All subtle Energy Fields * Potentize * Make Homoeopathic Products * Stop Psychic Attack * And Much More...

Radioncs and Psychotronics are 25th Century technology.
Radionics is used to tap into the devine consciousness, the source of all knowledge that our modern scientists are now calling the Quantum Ocean (quantum physics) and our ancestors called the Mind of God.
It is a form of Mathematical Spiritual Healing which helps root out all causes of your problems, be they health, wealth or happiness.
It arouses the Vital Life Forces, that Divine Spark of information coming from the Quantum Ocean that activates the forces within the user to start the healing process, again be it health, wealth or happiness.
Psychotronics is a blend of Radionics and the advanced science of the Mind. The Psychic approach.
It addresses the intuitive energies of the operator. It is a blending of the physical and the mind acting together to effect changes for the better in your life.

Have you ever wanted to make contact with a Spirit? Did you ever fantasize about being able to communicate with a Non-Physical Entity (NPE)? What about the idea of being in contact with an invisible Spirit helper? Can you remember the first time the idea of making Spirit contact appealed to you?

Now just suppose you had a method or rather an instrument that could help you gain access to the Spirits, Djinn and other NPE’s! What would you ask them to do for you? Think it’s out of the realm of possibility like something out of 1,001 Arabian Nights? Not at all!

Centuries ago, clandestine monks, priests & bishops practiced an old form of Occultism known today as “Evocation”. These learned and cultured men of the cloth developed elaborate ceremonies and rites to summon non-physical entities from the netherworld to appear before them and grant their desires.

The big problem with this sort of Magic is that it is tedious work and often uses difficult to obtain items many of which are not only diabolical but also illegal. The real practitioners of this form of Magic delved deep into the art and science of Evocation and created many elaborate theories about where, when and how these NPE’s are to appear.

Many of these Magicians put down the gist of their knowledge for Evocation into books known as GRIMOIRES. This is a French term meaning “grammar” and the idea was there was not only a certain amount of tasks one had to do or tools one had to acquire but also a great deal of memorization involved to recite to get the NPE to come forth. It was/is VERY labor intensive.

Until now!.....the future is here…!


The instrument is a professionally designed Radionic unit engineered specifically for communicating with the unseen Spirit World. As the name implies, the Radionic Evocation Machine is a radionic machine that was engineered by Brother MOLOCH 969 for the specific purpose to make the practice of Evocation obtainable for ANYONE wanting to practice this ages old metaphysical art.

The Radionic Evocation Machine MK 2 (REM MK2) is the FIRST significant leap in arts of Evocational Magics in the last five hundred years!



As any ceremonial magician worth their salt will tell you, the art of Evocational Magics is first and foremost an art. This implies it takes talent to make it work. Much like some folks who are born musicians while others have to study and work at being a professional musician. And don't kid yourself either, even born musicians are those who have to continually practice and hone their craft.

Secondly, Evocational Magics is a very complex art. A successful Evocation hinges upon having the right tools handy, a variety of long passages of script memorized, a secret (or quiet) place to perform the ceremony, knowledge of Astrology, Alchemy, Demonology, Qabalistic formulae, etc; long hours of practice, helpers or assistants; etc.

Third, due to its inherent complexity, it is a very difficult to learn let alone practice. It took me several years to get “good” at it but I’ve not treated this as a “hobby” like many practitioners do.

Finally, the literature of Evocational Magics is sparse with the how-to directions being at the whim of the author. Some authors totally throw away traditional Evocations (as outlined in the medieval grimoires) by citing various reasons for cutting out large portions of the rites as unnecessary while others slavishly follow the instructions given in those grimoires without any deviation. Neither side has proven to have any advantage over the other.

What it all boils down to is this: Evocation is purely a subjective experience!


I got involved in Radionics just a couple of years after I discovered the metaphysial world back in 1987. I bought a copy of a popular Radionics book which was out on the market at the time & built the shoebox instrument for under $40 and was on the road to ‘low level’ fun! I say low level because as I later learned the cheaply built shoebox units just do not have the wallop that a professionally engineered instrument does. It’s like the difference between a home made bicycle versus a professional model used in the Tour de France. The home made one will (eventually) get you where you’re going BUT the professional unit is better engineered and thus will be less likely to break down as well as need less maintenance.

I learned that many project builders of Radionic boxes were just using drawn patterns and then attaching wires to these patterns. This is nothing more than a psychological crutch. The patterns themselves generate no energy though they do trigger energy within the subject holding the pendulum. A pattern is EXACTLY like the Seal of a Spirit-Entity OR a sigil of a Planetary Talisman - there is NOTHING that is magical about it UNTIL the practitioner activates the Seal/Sigil! Same thing with the pattern. The pattern itself gives off no energy whatsoever. This is a long held mistaken belief that many shoe-box advocates claim. IF the pattern itself gave off energy, then merely having it sit around would be enough to cause all manner of chaos within one’s environment. This reminds me of the superstitious beliefs of the Medieval Magicians who feared leaving a grimoire open as it would summon demons OR some fool reading the words and inadverdently summoning a demon.

Brief History of Radionics

Rather than take the traditional approach of using just a 3, 6, 9 or 12 dial instruments, I opted to make the REM MK2 a 4 dial which allows an ease of dialing versus precise tuning.

You see, one of radionic’s biggest roadblocks is the misguided notion that to be precise, one needs “more dials”. This only serves to slow down the tuning process because you have MORE dials to tune! In fact, the operator sitting in front of his/her radionic unit needs to take time and accurately tune the instrument. Having to do it this way is a tediously slow process. So why 4 dials instead of 3? Well a 3 dial unit just does not provide the needed tuning capacity when dealing with the NPE’s of the Spirit world.

Furthermore, many radionic manufacturers tend to believe that the more dials is put onto a radionic instrument, the more money it should cost. I disagree. Why? Because “dials” do not necessarily equate to success. In fact, it is the skill of the instrument’s operator tuning the unit to the rate (the final numbers you get off the dials once the tuning process is completed) of the Spirit desired that makes all the difference. Again adding more dials simply slows down the rate taking process.

With my 4 dial instrument, tuning into a Spirit is simple, easy and quicker than having to twiddle 6, 9, 12 or (egads!) 15 dials! The goal with the REM MK2 is to help you by replacing the tedious rituals of summoning NOT produce an expert rate taker! Furthermore MOST radionic units manufactured out there on the market use 0-10 dials which are typically cheaply made potentiometers obtained from your local neighborhood electronics retailer. ALL OF MY units use the factory calibrated 0-100 Vernier dials and these are superior because one Vernier dial is equal to TEN 1-10 potentiometer! Thus with the REM, you have a finer tuning equal to FORTY (40) dials! My competitor would have to use 40 of their dials to equal the tuning capacity my REM MK2 unit is capable of!

Now, after one dials into the NPE, one can open up dialogue with the Spirit and ask what you will of the NPE according to its nature. Yes it is that simple!


First off the REM MK2 is a 4 dial instrument. Ease of operation is stressed while maximum tuning ability is maintained. This is a harmonic balance that I strove to retain. It does not help anyone to make an instrument that is as complicated as performing a traditional Evocation right out of the grimoires.

Secondly, it is assembled and placed into a ‘wooden’ box unlike manufacturers who charge ridiculous sums of money for a ‘metal’ or (worse) ‘plastic’ box, the REM MK2’s box is made of oak and it is harvested and manufactured right here in the United States of America by Americans!

Third, the dials are not the cheap pots (a.k.a. potentiometers) found at your local electronics retailer. Rather these are professional quality Vernier Dials which have the numbers 0 to 100 imprinted right on the dial itself thus you do not have a mere pointer on the dial and the number printed on the box. And each dial has increments of “1” which helps precise tuning. Thus each Vernier dial is equal to TEN 0-10 dials found on another manufacturer's unit! This gives you far more flexibilty and finer tuning capacity.

Next the REM MK2 has an active amplifier circuit with the amplifier made of the highest quality European components! The amplifiers used in other companies’ Radionic devices are the typical run-of-the-mill cheaply made amps from factories in the Orient using the cheapest components to “keep production costs down”.

Next, the wiring inside is all pure copper for better conductivity and the Witness & Sending plates on top of the unit are both pure copper. No brass or stainless stell here both of which hinder the subtle energy fields.

Next, the REM MK2 has not one but TWO Orgone Generators! As you will note, there is an Orgone Generator in the shape of a pyramid sitting on top of the machine in the center. This is located in between the Witness & Sending Plates. This antenna broadcasts the instrument’s output many, many times over!

Now the secret of Super Orgone Generation is built into the REM MK2. Alchemical White Gold now added to the Orgone Generators because it is the finest accumulator of Orgone Energy known!

Included is a special Crystal Tachyon Orgone antenna that radiates these subtle energies far more efficiently giving you more power to your target! No other manufacturer offers this technology!

Inside the instrument, is the Orgone Generator hooked directly into the amplifier circuitry and the antenna can be seen coming out of the right side of the instrument. This serves to double the output and function of the Orgone Energy helping you to facilitate better Spirit-Entity contact.

FINALLY, each unit has a special encoded talisman that has been created, empowered, consecrated and charged by me and is attached to the unit itself! This is a metaphysical talisman engineered by myself to help garner both more power as well as facilitate communciation between the operator and the NPE! NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS! ALL this is what truly makes the REM YOUR CUSTOM UNIT!

No other unit on the market has all that! None! In fact, what you are getting here with my REM is equivalent to buying a Mercedes Benz at a Buick price! No one else has this type of unit available! NO ONE!

HOLD ON! The new REM MK2 design has been upgraded!

I have just added a special Spirit Manifestation Crystal Energy Ball to my already powerful Spirit drawing unit. This specially made Crystal Energy Ball draws the Spirit into the Ball and works like a Scrying Mirror!

Now you can actually see the Spirit enter the Unit by staring into the Crystal Ball. Sometimes the Spirit manifests as a light in the ball, other times you see it very clearly for a second or two, sometimes you see a beam of dark energy flow out of the Ball. It's amazing!!

You need to watch carefully and sometimes the Spirit appears so quickly that you must look very quickly at the Crystal Ball. It is used like a Scrying Mirror & the Spirits love it!! (This activation is made possible through a special secret ritual that I conjure over the Crystal Ball) You'll notice the Crystal Ball is not your ordinary Ball because it's specially made to draw Spirits.

The Crystal Ball sits on a Tube of Power that has Alchemical White Gold in it! (The most powerful Metaphysical Substance known to mankind!) It's been proven to assist in creating immortality and when used in Evocation draws in HUGE AMOUNTS of Astral Energies so the Spirit can actually manifest in the Crystal Ball. There's nothing else in the world like this!

I have also added the Special Stone Pyramids to the REM MK2. Each has a Spirit Guide charged directly in the Unit by a Secret Order I work with. These are Spirit Guides that DRAW IN Spirits to the REM MK2. The Guides let the Spirits know they're both Safe AND Welcome. The Guides are the "MISSING LINK" that only a few Secret Orders know about.

By having Three Powerful Spirit Guides to direct the Spirits to the REM MK2you will experience Spirit contact like a Master Magus! Spirits will drawn into the REM MK2 at such a powerful force that you need to take GREAT CARE in what Spirit you call upon.


As I said before, Evocational Magic is a extremely difficult subject to grasp let alone practice & radionics also has its own learning curve that often takes many years to get good at. So why combine the two? Does this make the goal TWO TIMES AS HARD to master? Not for a Master Practitioner as myself! Read on!

I am now unleashing my personal store of Evocation Software - known as Moloch’s Talismanic Templates - that I’ve engineered to work in harmony with my REM MK2. This software will not work on any other machine. Why? Radionic rates are highly selective for the specific instruments they are taken on. For instance, if you bought an original Drown 9 Dial Unit and used Drown’s Atlas of Rates to help you cure a toothache, that rate will work on the Drown machine only because it was originally taken on a Drown 9 Dial Unit! But if you tried it on an Asgard 9 Dial Unit, that same rate will NOT work... nor will any rate taken on an Asgard 9 Dial Unit work on a Drown 9 Dial Unit. Odd? No. Why?

Because the radionic unis themselves are each engineered differently AND given the fact that the operators of each unit are working from a subjective approach. Thus what you may tune a rate for may be far different than what I tune one for. So why bother with my Templates? Simple: I engineered my REM MK2 and I’ve been the one using it for contacting NPE’s successfully. So all you have to do is get my templates and use them as instructed.

Also when I was developing these templates, I factored into each one that they must only work on REM MK2 unit! In fact, they won’t work on any other unit regardless of WHO makes it. Software is highly individualistic - just like computer software is because after all Macintosh software doesn’t work on IBM and vice-versa. I have taken pains to make sure this unit works and works well with the Talismanic Templates.

Each piece of software, called a Template, has one Entity listed on it. There is the Entity’s signature (a.k.a. its Seal), the name of the NPE spelled out in English in block letters, and finally the REM MK2’s rate for the NPE.

To use, you simply put the Template on the REM MK2’s Witness Plate, place a picture & place this on the REM MK2’s Sending Plate, turn each dial in order until you obtain the corresponding number, take the Template from the Witness Plate and place it on top of your picture on the Sending Plate and use The Call to summon the NPE. Once you know the Spirit has arrived, you may then begin to talk to the Spirit.

YES! It’s THAT simple!

Each REM MK2 unit will come with 4 free Templates to get you started. One will be for a Spirit who can help you with Love, another will be for Prosperity, another for Success and another for Luck.

I have Templates for Entities from many different grimoires as well as ones I have encountered during my forays into the nether realms of the Astral Plane which I can offer you to experiment with as well. Go here Talismanic Templates

Think about it! The opportunity of a lifetime to own your very own Radionic Evocational Machine MK2! There’s no need for you to go broke buying tons of Radionic devices from so many different manufacturers. And until now as the REM MK2 is released, there wasn’t any other Spirit Communication instrument that offered such tremendous possibilities! In fact, you really don’t need to be aware of any other Radionic manufacturer out there – bar none! The REM MK2 HAS IT ALL! And to use this device, it’s not necessary that you have an engineering degree! I mean I don’t know if you can see yourself successfully using this instrument in the privacy of your home tucked away in your private room tuning into an otherworld being without having to burn incense, candles or chanting long forgotten rites. Now you can be discreet and use the REM MK2 as needed and keep it tucked away in a dresser drawer, the top shelf of your closet or under your bed without anyone else being the wiser.

Of course, the beginner must work with the REM MK2 for a time to experience this awesome power. But, most beginners see spirits in the Crystal Ball with in a few days of regular, sustained use!


Sooner or later, you’ll want to take the next step in Magical effectiveness by getting your very own Radionic Evocational Machine MK2. And how will you know when you reach that next level of effectiveness? I mean have you found yourself thinking about all you can have in life?

Spirits are an efficient and effective method of gaining what you want in life. By taking the next step in your spiritual evolution, you’ll be standing miles above the competition who simply stick with the old ways of candles, incense, private chambers, rote memorization of incantations, etc, when all YOU need to do is dial in the Entity you wish to communicate your wishes too and talk with it. Period!

You really shouldn’t click this PayPal button unless you’re committed to furthering your Metaphysical effectiveness many times over. I know you’re wondering if the REM MK2 is really worth the price AND I know you’re wondering if the REM MK2 can get you into contact with real Spirit Entities. Well as you continue to explore and use the REM MK2, you’ll notice the ease at which you can gain communication with the NPE. Why? Because the more you work with the REM MK2, the easier it becomes. Like anything it does take practice BUT I’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you with the Moloch Spirit Templates! How can anyone ask for more?

The REM MK2 is only $805.00 plus $35.00 for shipping & handling in the US, Canada & Mexico and the instrument is shipped & insured by UPS Ground to a street address (ONLY!) thus requiring a signature. If shipped overseas, $80.00 is the total S&H cost.

There are units out there with price tags that are up to THREE TIMES the amount (some more!) than what the REM MK2 retails for AND they do not have even half of what I’m offering including the testing, calibration and blessing ceremony each REM MK2 unit comes with! Who else does this? No one! For a few dollars more than mine, one competitor offers you TWO dials (from surplus suppliers) and Alchemical White Gold powder. Then in a pale imitation of trying to match my unit, he's added TWO more dials for another several hundred dollars! OUCH!

Now ask yourself, “Why should I settle for something that wasn’t intended for Spirit Contact to begin with?” Cheap shoebox units nor crappy black plastic boxes won’t get you the results you’re looking for with Evocation. For that you need to go to an instrument that was engineered specifically for Spirit Communication AND that is EXACTLY what the REM MK2!!


They will work together! The REM MK2 is fully functional as a stand alone instrument OR you can use it in conjunction with any other Radionic device out there on the market because the REM MK2 has Input and Output jacks – 2 each! – to plug other devices such as hand grips, helmets, headbands, stick pads, wish machines, etc.

PLUS you can leave your original unit tuned for whatever else you’re working on and use the REM MK2 instrument to work solely in the field of Spirit-Entity contact! These machines cannot work on more than one thing at a time thus by having the REM MK2 for your Evocational workings handy, you free up your other machines to perform other projects for you!

Once you've made contact with the NPE and are ready to shut it off, you should then clear your REM MK2. This is done the old fashioned way by either washing a pure quartz crystal in cold water for several minutes and scrubbing it with sea salt then laying it on the witness plate of the REM MK2 for several hours to neutralize the NPE energies. If you're not interested in standing at the sink with sea salt and cold water, then try using one of the Harmonizing Boards by place it under your REM MK2 (or any radionic device) and letting it set there for as little as FIVE MINUTES! Read up on the Harmonizing Board by going to the link. You'll want at least one for yourself.


What would happen if you purchased one of these REM MK2 units because you wanted to increase your personal, Metaphysical Power? Just suppose you did and you began getting results that really mean something to you. Perhaps you managed to make contact with some Spirit Entity that someone else said no one could make contact with. THAT would be terrific wouldn’t it? Or you found a NPE who helped you learn a new foreign language or helped you to understand math and science. The uses are endless!

Okay so you want to make changes in your life and you have at least one goal to focus on now – getting your own REM MK2. You’ve got the wherewithal to obtain one of these instruments direct from me and now you’re ready to order the instrument before you delay longer!

Since each REM MK2 is hand made here in the US by Americans, please allow 2-6 weeks for assembly, testing and shipment. Each unit MUST be tested before you get it because if it's found to be defective, it's scrapped and another is made! THAT is the level of quality control I’m willing to go to meet your high expectations.

Please Note: ALL Radionic machines have Shipping & Handling prices for UNITED STATES ONLY! Thus if you live outside of the US, please contact me to learn what the cost of the shipping & handling charges actually are for your country.



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