(November 11, 2000)"There were three successful bomb attacks against banks in Athens, and a fourth bomb was defused by police. All four bombs were placed by the group "Revolutionary Cores." Such attacks are a means of struggle used commonly by anarchists in Greece. In the weeks preceding these bombings, there were several others expressing solidarity with imprisoned anarchists N. Maziotis and S. Seisidis.


(November 13, 2000)"Forty to fifty anarchists disrupted a speech by the Mexican ambassador at the university "Macedonia". The anarchists threw eggs and shouted slogans supporting the rebels in Chiapas.


(November 29, 2000)"Sometime before dawn, unknowns attacked nine Starbucks outlets. They broke windows at a couple of outlets, glued locks and left spray painted messages and circle-A's on others. Because these actions were taken in the night by small affinity groups before the public commemorative demonstration, none of those involved in these actions were arrested.


Eduardo Garcia and Estafania Maurete were arrested in mid-November in connection with seven bomb parcels sent to different fascist newspapers under the name of Los Anarquistas. Several houses were raided in conjunction with these arrests, and the media began a campaign of vilification against these two comrades and various groups with which they are associated. Eduardo was released on parole, but rearrested on November 17 due to complaints from ministers, prosecutors, police, judges and other authorities. He is being in the prison at Soto del Real, charged with terrorism, membership in an armed group and attempt. Estefania was released without charges, but her whereabouts are not known. Though the two hardly knew each other, the authorities accused them of belonging to the same anarchist "cell" in spite of the fact that no such thing exists. It is thought that Estafania was, in fact, arrested because of her relationship with a prisoner, Santiago Cobos, who is held in one of the harshest prisons in Spain, the prison at Jaen. He has endured beatings and recently took part in a prison mutiny. The attempt to criminalize Estafania may thus be an attempt to break his morale.

The authorities have tried to create the image of a conspiracy between certain FIES prisoners (prisoners in solitary confinement) and Estefania and Eduardo to do these bombings. This comes at a time when fierce struggles against the FIES are going on within and outside of the prisons. It is clearly an attempt by the authorities to weaken these struggles. In Jerez, unknown comrades took action in solidarity with the two and with the struggles of prisoners. They sabotaged the door of the PSOE and left graffitied messages of solidarity with the anarchist comrades. The statue of Alvar Nuez Cabeza de Vaca, slaughterer of Native Americans, was covered in red paint and the plaque of his statue defaced. Further messages were left on the walls of a nearby book fair.

As the state moves to repress our struggle to make our lives our own, we must continue to take action, no matter how small, attacking the state and its repressive apparatus, making it clear that we will not back down.


(November 27, 2000)"Individuals using the name ELF claimed responsibility for burning the Legend Ridge mansion, a newly built, unoccupied house in the Longmont vicinity. The fire caused $2.5 million in damages. The fire occurred in the 160 acre Legend Ridge development. By now it is clear that continuous development is harmful to the natural environment and to human interaction, and such actions are reasonable, autonomous responses to this situation that move beyond the endless cycle of demands to those in power begging them to act in our place.


(December 1, 2000)"During the early morning hours, individuals using the name Earth Liberation Front (ELF) attacked a development site. They smashed over 200 windows in houses that were already built, pulled up survey stakes to delay clear-cutting, painted each structure with slogans against urban sprawl and sabotaged twelve vehicles including backhoes, bulldozers and the like that were being used in the development.


(December 2, 2000)"Comrades here took various actions in solidarity with an ongoing hunger strike by prisoners locked in the FIES in Spain. The immediate demands of the hunger strike include the end of the FIES regime, the liberation of sick woman prisoners and the end of the practise of isolating "troublesome" prisoners by keeping them in institutions far from their homes and reducing friendship and solidarity among prisoners by means of frequent transfers. The actions taken in Latina in solidarity with the hunger strikers include: --placing stickers against the Spanish state and prisons around the city; --setting 15 trash cans on fire; --attacking ATMs and windows with eggs filled with red paint: --attacking the windows of a Rental Worker Agency on which the graffiti "exploiters of misery" appeared; --placing a banner at a downtown terrace which read: "Solidarity with FIES prisoners."

This was anonymous, widespread, spontaneous direct action. FIES is a "prison within the prison" instituted by the Spanish state to isolate "troublesome" prisoners--that is, those who refuse to give up their dignity and submit to the humiliation imposed on them. The FIES plays the specific role of discouraging prisoners from revolt for fear of finding themselves completely monitored and isolated from those they care. The above actions are expressions of solidarity with the vigor with which prisoners in the FIES, in the officially recognized prisons and in the prison which is this society refuse to tolerate their condition and fight to liberate themselves from it.


(December 7, 2000)"As the European summit opened in Nice, thousands of people took to the streets to demonstrate. They converged toward the convention center where the summit was being held with hopes of blocking access to the area and harassing summit participants. Though the various heads of state got through with little problem, in the streets demonstrators battled cops, blocking traffic in several parts of town. Two blocks from the convention center, a bank was set ablaze and some demonstrators attempted to block a fire truck that came to put out the fire. When the blaze was extinguished, people attacked a real estate office, smashing its windows. The next day was much calmer. The most outstanding actions this day were the "smelly-ball" attacks against banks, supermarkets and a Buffalo Grill restaurant, in which stink-causing devices were used.

It is not clear what the organizers of demonstrations such as this have in mind, but many of the participants are very clear--they choose to no longer make demands of power, but rather to attack it with the aim of destroying it.


(December 8, 2000)"During a protest against working conditions of Nicaraguan garment workers, four individuals dressed in Santa costumes entered Kohl's department store, spray-painted racks of clothing and released pepper spray, thus evacuating the store of customers. Damage is estimated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars.


(December 7, 2000)"Individuals using the names Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front attacked the corporate headquarters of McDonald's here, smashing over ten windows and spray-painting slogans.


(December, 2000)"Twice anarchists in this city have invaded the subways in costume, tactically defying authorities by escaping on to the trains while reading and handing out proclamations against work and the alienation of capitalist relations. The following texts were read and distributed (I have taken the liberty to correct grammatical errors and make the English read more smoothly): "Are we moles? Don't avert your eyes from the people across from you pretending to be indifferent. What if we talk about our boring everyday life? What we do for a living and what exhausts us? Let's talk about what we need to change. If you don't want to do that, just wink at someone of the opposite--or the same--sex who is attractive to you. Who knows? Maybe something will happen. Don't look at your tiny cell phone like a jerk, instead share some beers with the people you don't know on the train. We are like moles who are blind. As long as we remain blind, the fuckers with power love to chain us up. Thus we don't want to be moles any more. We're going to spend the rest of our lives in the subway! In thirty years, we are going to live in the subway station where we eat, sleep and have sex. So why don't we think about which line would be best for each of us? Having breakfast in line #1 which is quite old; reading papers in line #2 which is crowded; seeing friends in line #3 which is dim; making love in line #4 which is fairly quiet. Just thinking about it gets you really romantic, doesn't it?

Idleness is an important human freedom. To rush into the subway, to rush into the train to get a seat in the most comfortable place. And to keep sitting with a sad man's face. You might say there is a reason, a certain reason, to live with this routine. You might say you have some work to do, you have a reason to maintain your days. And you have to do it. You don't have any other choice. And you might say it's reality. But you have some choice! Look inside yourself; look at the world beyond your routine life. There are many things that happen here and there in the world. There are many problems. And those problems are related to your own surroundings, yourself, as you say.

As we come and go constantly through the subway, the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, the nature that we enjoy are being run to ruin. And more and more, society emphasizes function, efficiency. In this society our basic freedoms that we can enjoy have disappeared. And we see that world with insensibility.

It is said that to live in idleness, with free time is useless. That's the world. And we call it reality. So people just live following their rules like automatons; they are dependent on ghostly space like the shadow of skyscrapers. We want to resist that kind of world! We can enjoy our life. We can think about our world. We have the freedom of idleness. In that way, we can live more creatively, sensitively, more humanly. And in that way, We can grasp ourselves. We can understand the real world."

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