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Volume 4, number 1, Winter 2003





Eastern England (October 23, 2002)— Prisoners rioted at  Lincoln Prison, 135 miles northeast of London, smashing windows and setting fires before being subdued by hundreds of police and prison guards.


Lancaster, CA (November 5, 2002)—Inmates at the state prison attacked two guards - the second such incident in the past three months. Correctional officers Nicole Hawthorne and Henry Romo were attacked by two cellmates early in the day while escorting prisoners to breakfast, a prison spokesman said.


Red Bluff, CA (November 19, 2002)—A cop was shot and killed while putting gas in his car. Andrew McCrea, 23, claimed the shooting, saying he did it in protest of growing police state tactics and “corporate irresponsibility”. He was arrested in New Hampshire.


Amsterdam, Netherlands (December 4, 2002)—Two bombs were found in outlets of the IKEA home goods chain, and two police explosives experts were wounded when one of the devices detonated as they tried to disarm it. All ten stores in the Netherlands belonging to the Swedish-based company were closed while police searched for more explosives.


Genoa, Italy (December 9, 2002)—In the middle of the night (after the garden was closed), two bombs exploded in the public garden next to the police station in Genoa. The first was weak and the second much stronger. There were no injuries. On December 10, a group calling itself  "Brigade XX July" claimed responsibility for the attack. July 20 is the day Carlo Giuliani was murdered.


Athens, Greece (December 14, 2002)— A car mechanic shot at Athens Mayor-elect Dora Bakoyianni in the back seat of her car at the foot of the Acropolis yesterday afternoon, but the conservative MP was saved from serious injury by an unconscious move to rummage through her handbag.


Athens, Greece (January 11, 2003)—A gunman made off with 17,000 euros yesterday after robbing a bank in the Athenian district of Halandri. The unidentified robber fled on a motorcycle which, police later confirmed, had been stolen from the same area last week.


Northern Italy (January 17, 2003)—Sixty ATMs in dozens of locations throughout northern Italy were vandalized. Messages claiming the attacks appeared sometimes at the sites of the attacks, sometimes in anonymous messages to the Digos (special political police). The flyers claiming the attacks spoke of the repressive nature of prisons, solidarity with the people arrested in relation to the Genoa G8 demonstrations and various other matters. The actions are attributed to individuals of “the extreme area of the anarchist archipelago, that of the insurrectionalists”.


Oakland, CA (January 19, 2003)—Celebrations by fans of the Oakland Raiders turned into riots when police tried to quiet the partying. People attacked cops with stones and bottles, broke windows and attacked vehicles, including several cop cars.


Indianapolis, Indiana (January 23, 2003)—Offices of the Coast Guard and Army Recruitment were trashed. The walls were spray-painted with "Fuck Your War" and about ten large office windows were broken. Two government vehicles were spray-painted and the windows broken.


El Paso, Texas (January 29, 2003)—A protest by about one thousand high school students over the length of classes turned into a riot. The students walked out in protest in the morning. They attacked school security guards and cops with rocks and bottles. The police used tear gas against the crowd.






* There is a technology device currently in widespread use that can also help police in tracking someone down. I am speaking of the cellular phone. Although it apparently cannot lead the police directly to on individual, with the right technology they can discover someone’s general vicinity. This helped cops make an arrest in St. Louis last November.




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