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End of February 2002


To the comrades,

To the authority of repression,

   On the 18th of April, Iíll have served a sentence of 12 years in Italy and Iíll be extradited to Switzerland to be submitted to various trials with accusations that carry life sentences too.

   I do not recognize any legitimacy for government and the repressive machine, consequently Iíll exclude any statements in front of this machine and its representatives, except perhaps spontaneously in public, before the court.

   I warn the repressive body not to repeat the extortion of false statements from my family, especially from my elderly mother and from my brother, both not able to be interrogated due to health reasons, through pressure and coercion, as happened after the death of a member of the Swiss Financial Police in 1989, for which Iím charged.

   Due to personal reasons, like being too old, prejudiced health and social responsibilities and needs, it would not be possible and responsible for me and that long before, to take up arms and underground life again, in the antiauthoritarian struggle. But I continue to vindicate the necessity of a radical antiauthoritarian struggle against rule and exploitation always more aggressive and destructive (now through technological capitalism and its total war against individuals, societies, cultures and environments of the Earth community) and for ANOTHER NECESSARY WORLD, necessarily based on solidarity and antiauthoritarian and fair relationships among all individuals and communities of things, the non-human and human lives, that form the terrestrial community.

Marco Camenisch

viale dei tigli 14

13900 Biella





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