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   On Wednesday, December 19, at 1pm, Carlo Tesseri and Horst Fantazzini were arrested near a bank in Bologna, Italy and charged with attempted aggravated robbery. Apparently, they were stopped while on bicycles and were in possession of materials the cops found suspect.

   A few hours later, the cops searched their houses and confiscated books, flyers, stickers and other forms of anarchist propaganda, as well as personal letters, notebooks, a computer and cash.

   After 32 years in prison, Horst had obtained partial liberty a few months earlier with his punishment scheduled to end in 2022.

   Carlo was released in July after seven years in prison. Both are anarchist comrades who have lived lives characterized by rebellion and the passion for anarchy, in pursuit of true freedom.

   At last the media was onto the story of Horst—rather wretchedly as usual—transforming it into a little tale of colorful gossip and making it into a film.

   The few newspapers that mentioned the arrests described it in terms of the usual hateful and miserable script of the “romantic anarchist” arrested during yet another attack.

   Not a word on the persecution Horst had suffered, not to mention Carlo (both were among those investigated by public prosecutor Marini in the major investigation and subsequent trial against seventy people for allegedly being part of an “armed gang”).

   On the evening of December 24, comrades in Italy were informed that Horst had died in the shower due to complications from a heart attack.

   The next day they learned that he had been beaten severely by the cops as was evidence by the bruises on his body.

   To anarchists in Italy who have lost another comrade, I con only offer condolences, and to the cops who killed him, and all other cops, my undying hatred.


[I based this text on one written by comrades from El Paso Occupato in Italy.]





   In this hour of rage and anguish at the death of our comrade, Horst Fantazzini, many questions are still left unanswered. They told us that Horst died of cardiac arrest. But what caused this heart attack? Above all, who stopped his heart? His children noticed bruises on his body. Was it a beating or the return to prison itself that caused his death? The only thing of which we can be certain is that Horsts death is simply another one of the many murders perpetrated by the state against an anarchist who intended to live without respite struggling against capital, against the prisons in which he lived for half his life and against every form of authority. Death in prison had already been planned for Horst, seeing that his sentence would have ended in 2022, but they had already tried to eliminate him in the past, riddling him with bullets during an attempted escape. On December 24, after having spent 32 years in prison, our comrade died in their hands, locked away in the states prison! We hold the Bolognese prosecutors, Orso and Pescatore directly responsible, not to mention the prison director and all the wretches who work in the prison at Dozza.


   Our thoughts turn to our comrade, Carlo Tesseri now as well. He is still locked up in the prison at Dozza. He is a long-time friend and comrade of Horst, arrested with him on December 19. Since then, he has been denied conversation with his family. His partner has already asked prosecutor Orso for an urgent visit and has been denied over and over again. On the morning of December 25, she went before the vice-director of Dozza, Cardiano, who refused to let her meet with Carlo, stating that Horsts death was not sufficiently serious to allow them to speak.

   We consider it important to draw ourselves close around Carlo, so that he feels our affection and solidarity.




Anarchist Black Cross (Italy),

Anarchist Group

for Global Direct Action






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