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   The state kills, and we are told this is just, for the “peace of all”!

   The state steals, and we are told that it is legal, and therefore just!

   The state imposes the order of such slaughters and robberies, with laws, judges, cops who continue to terrorize those who suffer these slaughters and robberies. It is the law, and so it is just!


   Anyone who escapes being slaughtered either submits to the will of the law or is arrested, locked up in a cell, tortured: weeks, months, years, decades, the rest of her life.

   It is justice as materialized by the politicians who make the laws, the judges who establish to whom they do and don’t apply, the cops who impose the behavior established by those who command upon people by force of arms!


   But who really commands?

   All those who have the capability, which is to say the force, to compel others to obey.

   But such force and capability are not just the cops, the weapons, the bombs… They are also the ideas, the conceptions of every man and woman about what “just” does or does not mean.

   If the state robs and kills, it is a murderer.

   If it terrorizes, it is a terrorist!


   Those who believe and defend what the justice of the state requires are terrorist or terrorized.

   But the state could not exist without the men and women that embody it and make it function; And such men and women are made of flesh and blood like everyone else. They live in houses that are more or less distant from ours; they eat like us and have interests and feelings like all of us.

   It’s just that their interests coincide with “the interests of the state”.


   So when the interests of the state, of justice, of laws are the interests of those who command, those who hold capital, those who are privileged in whatever manner and portray their own interests as “the interests of all”.

   But what interests could those who command and those who are forced to obey, those who own everything and those who have nothing, those who slaughter and those who are slaughtered, masters and slaves, the robbers and the robbed have in common?

   Nothing! They have nothing in common!


   And then? And then what everyone does is in his or her own interests, without appealing to what’s fair, much less to justice.

   Everyone lives the life they choose to live: there are those who live in subordination, exploitation, submission, material and spiritual poverty who want to remain there or hope that things will change on their own to create a better life; and there are those who rebel against the institutions and against those who try to impose their will on everyone else; there are those who overturn, who relate to a better idea.

   Thus this is a world at war and the first to lose are the indifferent.


   And the others?

   The others win everything, because each of them has chosen to stake her existence in the way he desires: those on the side of power, of capital, of the state, of laws and of “justice”; or those on the side of the dignity of every person, who could freely dispose of themselves only in dignity.

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