Strange to me, the strivers after "species being" - acid-adled hippy oneness mystics or ultra-left commie fringe groups...They don't see that "species being" is capitalist, which is to say, the social goal...

Overcoming capitalism is overcoming "species being," and this is the play of the unique one.

The unique one - the one who has gone beyond her meaningless humanity - the banalities he shares with every human - to create her own life, his own world, for herself...

For this is authenticity - to actively author one's own life. The unique one lives without guilt, morals,excuses apologies, humanity, identity, past, future.

The unique one knows no regret for things not done, because always the risk is taken. She knows no guilt or shame for what is done, because he does it all intentionally.

All interactions are consciously created - with intention - the only reason: to increase the pleasure and intensity of life.

To some, the unique one appears to be an anarchist, because he defies authority in all its forms whenever it gets in her way.

To others, she appears to be an elitist, because he refuses to keep herself down because of the weakness or stupidity of others or because of liberal, moralistic demands for mediocre equality.

The rebellion of the unique one is aristocratic in the Nietzchian sense - a rebellion of squandering, of taking for oneself the full enjoyment of life in all its aspects - including the enjoyment of others' enjoyment.

It is not a rebellion of sacrifice, for the unique one will give up nothing for any cause...

Nor is it a rebellion of ressentiment - The unique one never demands that anyone pull herself down to the lowest common denominator of humanity - Who wants the communal, democratic "self-management" of misery and mediocrity when one could experience the intensity and passion of the loves and hates, the unions and conflicts of unique ones creating their desire?

The unique one is motivated by a "will to power" - a will to excercise the power of perpetual self-creation for her own enjoyment. The social context parodies this will with the will to exercise the power of domination and manipulation - the will to control other's lives because one lacks the courage to create one's own. The unique one knows that social domination is not a form of self-creation, but is merely enslavement to a social role.

The unique one will not fall for any of the half-measures offered by society: financial "wealth" which is just another face of poverty; political "power" which is just another face of weakness; romantic "love" and sentimentality which are the pallid faces of passionless pre-made social interactions... For her greed for life is boundless and will encompass the universe.

- The Anomalous Union of Schizoversive Egoists

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