Do Not Tolerate Me!


I demand the burning fires of passion, the untamed conflagration of desire without constraint, of lust without limits. Love me with an energy that cannot be denied - or hate me with a fury so intense your glance could wither me were not my passions equal to your own - but DO NOT TOLERATE ME!
Toleration is a sickness of bourgeois society that smothers us in boredom - a cop inside our heads that keeps us passive in the name of social harmony. SHIT ON SOCIAL HARMONY! Let the hot, ecstatic energy of IMPASSIONED VIOLENCE burn through us! LET ALL THE GRAND, VOLCANIC ENERGY OF OUR REPRESSED PASSIONS ERUPT, A VIOLENT EXPLOSION OF HATRED AND LOVE, FURY AND ECSTASY, DESTROYING MEDIOCRITY - destroying all that bores us - BEFORE WE’RE BORED TO DEATH!!!
Those who choose to tolerate - to merely exist - will be BURIED IN THE FECAL MEDIOCRITY THAT TOLERATION CREATES - Let them drown in the boring shit they have chosen...But none of that for us who truly choose to live. Coursing through our veins are dreams and visions, passions and desires, the chaos that can birth a dancing star - don’t dam this wild and fiery flood with that disgusting cancer - toleration. Demand of every encounter amazement, wonder, ecstatic passion. AMAZE AND BE AMAZED!
I WILL NOT LET MY LIFE SLIP FROM MY GRASP IN PASSIVE BOREDOM! I WILL BURN - A CONFLAGRATION OF UNTAMED DESIRE! A SOARING PHOENIX IN FLAMES WHICH CANNOT BE IGNORED!!! I will live my life in a burning heat of untamed lust and passion! With a violent ecstasy, I will demand (of myself) - I will CREATE a world of wonder and amazement.
No more will free spirits put up with being bored and passive.
WE WILL BURN and in our burning, burn society to the ground.


We will not be appeased - All the rowdy, crazed, laughing, dancing, raging, free spirited rebels WILL NOT BE APPEASED, for we will have nothing less than our LIVES TO THE FULL, each moment burning with our uncouth passions! We will not tolerate what does not make us DANCE WITH JOY, ROAR WITH RAGE, WEEP WITH SORROW, HOWL IN ECSTASY OR QUAKE IN TERROR!!!
And we will not wait around for our lives to begin. WE ARE CREATORS!!! We will make the world the way we want without waiting for the old world to fall! On the edge of society, joyfully outcast, we dance. We are hidden from the powerful, yet they know we exist - AND THEY TREMBLE!
For from our hidden realms, we flash forth like LIGHTNING, leaving our mark, our crazed message that a life of INTENSE PLEASURE and WILD ADVENTURE is possible EVEN NOW for those who dare to create it!
We are OUTLAWS and RENEGADES - and this is our strength! Already, we are freeing ourselves of the chains with which society shackled us. Already, we are learning to live our lives FOR OURSELVES!!! We need no ideologies or dogmas, no masks or disguises. We face society with ourselves - BOLDLY - as its enemies. Our passions, our desires are the energy with which we live our lives - HOW CAN WE LOSE!?!
For, indeed, it is our lightning-bolts of SPONTANEOUS, CHAOTIC, EROTIC ENERGY, these flashes of FREE LIFE, that could spark a fire of REBELLIOUS PASSION that will raze society to the ground!!!


Free spirited rebels cannot tolerate economy. Wherever it exists, constraint exists. Its demands that we pay, that we sacrifice, that we work, that we accept less than the fullness of life which we desire nauseate us! But we will not let ourselves be passively sickened by this vampire, sucked dry of real life. NO! For while we live within its midst, we will be ROBIN HOODS - stealing what we can for our own pleasure and to share as we desire, breaking down property and exchange in festive games of theft and free sharing. We will NOT tolerate the half life which economy offers nor allow ourselves to be made into pawns in its game.
For economy sucks the wonder out of life and steals its beauty. All that would be vibrant, dancing, burning with WILD PASSION, it has strangled with a price tag. Where there could be a world of wondrous lovers, mad adventurerers and amazing monsters who NEVER COUNT THE COST, instead we find commodities for sale. But we will not offer ourselves to the sacrificial altar of the market. Nor will we passively watch as the world is transformed into a market place. With all the FIERY PASSION of those who dare to CREATE THEIR OWN LIVES, we will BURN all that has made WILD AND AMAZING MONSTERS into mere commodities for sale TO THE GROUND! And we will FREELY SHARE and FREELY GIVE and FREELY TAKE as we are moved by our UNBOUND DESIRES!!!

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