Darkness - I don't fear it - or at least I'm not terrorized by it. For darkness has its magic. It opens gates of the imagination that otherwise would remain closed. Streetlights, neon signs, floodlights - these are rapists of the darkness, tearing through it glaringly with their messages of fear or gaudy commercialism. So unlike the moon or stars whose b=gentle lights caress times, I feel that the deadening of imagination in modern society is due in part to the violent destruction of the night by artificial lights. For in the dark, the stark definition of all things breaks down, the rigid lines, the stiff separations disappear - anarchy breaks forth, the opening of all possibilities - the marvelous appears in the world as we create amazing monsters without imaginations. Those who wish to kill the darkness - to eradicate it completely - are enemies of the imagination. They have lost their own imaginations by using them to imagine only their worst fears - and now they are slaves to those fears. SO they rape the darkness, wage war on the marvelous, seek to drive away the wondrous monsters of our imagination. If it's war they want, it is war they shall have. Against their technology and impoverished imaginations, we shall come with stones and wrist rockets and al the strange and untamed creatures of our imaginations.

The forces of darkness gather, untamed chaos erupting forth, a volcano of passion. We are strong and heroic, for our own desires are our energy. The lust for life lived to the full, for burning passion and wild adventure fuels us. We will NOT be stopped! For where we are put down, always we rise again, the wild ones who will have nothing less than a world of wonder.


A world of wonder - one in which we bring forth the amazing monsters of our imaginations - will be a world in which terror exists...But not terror as we know it in the world of order.
Terrorism is an activity of the forces of order, or those who have or desire to have power. It has no interest in ecstatic terror, only in the subliminal terror of every day life - a terror which as it frightens us also bores us, because it is the substance of daily life in commodity hell. But in the realms of the "mind" that have become unconscious, our repressed passions and desires live - and these are amazing monsters. At times, these monsters, when brought to light, will fill us with terror - but they are not terrorists - they do not want to try to compel us to obey. The terror they evoke is ecstatic terror that breaks us out of the normal flow and opens us to the marvelous. This terror is brought on by the opening up of all possibilities, the breaking forth of the total of the total abandon of free play, the birth of anarchy. If we flee from this terror, we return to our cages and the boring, rational terror of authority. Instead, we need to abandon our selves to the ecstatic terror, the convulsive beauty of delirious anarchy, to immerse ourselves in it, to bring ourselves through it and make it OURS. Then the amazing monsters we've so long repressed will freely dance within us. We will be the most energetic, ecstatic and lusty outlaws. The authorities may call us mad - lunatic terrorists - but the terror we unleash will be a terror that sets free - our insane monsters daring to break all cages - and too bad if the creatures inside cringe back in fear! - That will not stop our wild and joyful rampage - our ecstatic war against all the forces of order. The chaos of our desires - the passion to open all possibilities and live life to the full will break forth in the light of day - a brilliant shadow eclipsing all the forces of order.


Society would lock me in its cages, chained and kept down, but I will not belittle my self to fit its molds. I explode forth, a fiery meteor, into infinity. I MAKE LOVE TO CHAOS! Within the hidden realms, beyond the knowledge of order - there we meet - the wild ones, the free spirits. We dance, we sing, we feast, we make love freely. We break down the walls of civilization so that free life can spread. Where we live cannot be named, for all names are lies. It has no boundaries - it exists wherever we are. Authority has no control within our realm for we are beyond all rule. We are chaotic outlaws, creating free life in the cracks of society through the untamed play of pleasure.

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