Why P/T?

"you're the most important person in the world to me"
~Tom to B'Elanna, "Drive"

There is a lot of love between Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres. But let's break it down; there's attraction, passsion, connection. Attraction is relatively easy when you've got Tom-the-Stud and B'Elanna-the-Vixen... Passion is what Rebel-Tom and Angry-Klingon-B'Elanna do best...but Connection is where they shine. When the connection is there it's a thing of beauty, when it's not (see Why Not P/T?) I lose all hope in the relationship. Because what really drives (sic) Tom and B'Elanna is Love.

Episodes That Make Me Believe in P/T:

  • Faces - an early season gem that first brings the distraught B'Elanna Tom deals with so well ito focus
  • Blood Fever - again Tom takes care of B'Elanna, and the turbolift scene at the end always gets me
  • Hunters - awww, that hug says EVERYTHING
  • Barge of the Dead - my fave P/T epi has everything...B'Elanna angst, Tom the Caretaker and that Connection I was talking about in spades
  • Unamatrix Zero Part One - He'd never hold her back, but he never wants to let go
  • Prophecy - an "awwww" epi, finally they were acting like a loving, caring, happy couple

Patented P/T Epi's ("Day of Honor", "Scientific Method", "Alice", "Drive") tend to fail me...it's the little moments in "Hunters" and "UZ1" that make me swoon....



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