Why Not P/T?

"'mahk'tah' it's Klingon for bad match..."
~B'Elanna, "Drive"

Sometimes it seems TPTB are playing with us...why set up P/T for years...give us "Day of Honor", a passable if not fully realized P/T Dream...and then do nothing nothing nothing with it? Then, having finally realized their mistake they give us a quickie wedding in the middle of B'Elanna's Relationship Crisis and then force Tom to say "My Wife" in every single subsequent episode just to ram what i like to call one big botched romance down our throats!?!?
Sigh. It's almost enough to make me give up completely (but then, see Why P/T?). Non-PTB related reasons to be Anti-P/T exist too:
Infrequent Chemistry (i.e., not a complete lack of chemistry (it is there) but a loss every so often) or more specifically Better Chemistry with Everyone Else (J/P, J/Kes, C/T and K/T are standouts); a Clash of Two Too Similar Personalities; and Obvious Couple is Usually the Boring Couple Syndrome (but that's kinda PTB-related).

Episodes That Make Me Give Up on P/T:

  • The Killing Game - ugh, the pseudo-P/T bit in this otherwise thouroughly enjoyable epi is just cringe-worthy
  • Extreme Risk - way to make my Tommy look like an oblivious fool, this is the Prime Example of "what is up with those PTB?"
  • Course Oblivion - get me all worked up about a wedding only for it to rival TNG's Death of the Chrystalline Entity ("Silicon Avatar") as Most Depressing Episode Ever!!!
  • Drive - i really really really wanted to LOVE this episode...P/T Resolution and some cool Racing Hijinks!! but nooooo, B'Elanna-the-Sweet-Soft-Anti-Klingon (Who-Yet-Quotes- Klingon) makes an important decision to discuss what's wrong but is waylaid by some pretty pathetic mushy-stuff...i mean, he tries, but who writes this stuff? it seemed they got married not because they love eachother or even because they'd reached the zenith in their unmarried relationship but just to shut all those like ME up once and for all (reminisient of "Attached" the Almost-P/C Episode of TNG) ohhhh it made me so mad!!

Anti P/T Songs

"Cause I'm nothing girl and nothing hurts when you're with me
And you're
broken boy and all your dreams are broken toys
And I'll take your love and turn it into
nothingness like me"
~Broken Boy

Set a course...

Heart and Soul



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