...I Absolutely Love Her...

Name and Age Mezoti, 8 years old
Race Norcadian
Family and Friends Mezoti's true family are unknown;
on Voyager she is part of a Mini-Collective
along with the other rescued Borg, Seven of Nine,
Icheb, and the twins.

Mezoti is also friends with Naomi Wildman and
Harry Kim.

Who's Mezoti? Mezoti is certainly the most mischevous and
rebellious of the Borg children and in that is the
most like Seven...however, she has a certain
quiet charm and innocene that Seven prefers to
hide. Far from simply a
Mini-Seven, Mezoti is
bright, curious, creative and inquisitive.
Portrayed by Marley S. McClean
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"My designation is Mezoti...it's...pretty.."

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